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Danny Boy

7th November, 2003 at 17:54:31 -

I Know that many old games can not be run at the modern pc's, because they are to fast.
If you have an computer with 35 thz, and then try one of todays clickteams games, will they work?

Have someone tried?
I'm asking they who have a fast computer;
how fast it is, your computer? Does all your clickteam game work ok?
I got 3,3 ghz and it work fine...

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Mr Coffee

7th November, 2003 at 18:09:42 -

They will run on anything that can run Windows 3.1 (except MMF 1.5 requires at least Windows 95). Of course on a 35 MHZ computer they will probably run pretty poorly.......

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7th November, 2003 at 18:45:54 -

i have 866 mhz and xp
and just about every game runs fine,
but usually i close all other programs to get the maximum smoothness and RAM possibile for that game.

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7th November, 2003 at 19:31:43 -

I've got a 2.26 Ghz computer with Win XP, and I've never had any problems with Klik games aside from graphics animating too quickly in some of the old KnP programs.

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Possibly Insane

7th November, 2003 at 19:50:48 -

Yah, Clickteam software limit the rate of execution so they always run at the same maximum speed, so a game will never run "too fast" like some of the old DOS games do these days Of course the frame rate can drop below that max, but there isnt any way to prevent that


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7th November, 2003 at 20:04:37 -

my dads pc claims its a 533mhz but plays most click games slowly
games like furry play too slow and thats only 320x240
tgf games are fine up to 520x340

its a crappy pc anyway my 2gig works fine with any click game ive tried.

is there anyone that owns a 35mhz and uses it still?




7th November, 2003 at 21:28:39 -

I own a 486 laptop but it's super slow running Windows 95 - my old Pentium 90 wasn't exactly good for games, but when I started using TGF my processor was... 120-200mhz. It can run in slow environments, but games can't be too complex.



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8th November, 2003 at 00:08:57 -

I'm not sure exactly how many mhz my computer runs on but I do know that it can run almost all click games fine & most 3D games. Sometimes though my computer will hit a slow bump & everything stops & takes forever for things to start moving again. Robot Arena 2 is really the only 3D game I've had run 100% smooth the entire time I played it. Other then that, 3D games for me tend to jump every once in a while.

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8th November, 2003 at 04:10:01 -

well some people complained that SKELLETOR ran too slowly, so im trying to have a resolution option at the beginning. im not surte if this'll work.

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10th November, 2003 at 13:46:37 -

Insert to game ~6 Bullet Objects, then u will encounter slowing down, even on 3,3 GHz CPU.
I have 1,7 GHz and my game with 3 Bullet Object, and it is slowing down (to ~40 FPS) only when BIG battles are in progress.
Normally framerate in TGF/MMF = about 50 FPS.

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10th November, 2003 at 23:54:01 -

why not just "lower-clock" your computer

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11th November, 2003 at 19:20:51 -

some bios' dont allow that
mine doesnt


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11th November, 2003 at 23:07:02 -

My computer is 800Mhz and scrolling on click games slows the FR down very low. Unless you enable v-ram.

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12th November, 2003 at 00:02:53 -

Any game that uses the standard timer for a klik tool seems to be affected by the machine's speed (I'm unsure about MMF, but I made Pong Pack with TGF, and on slower machines, Dodge Pong's meteors all fall at the same time instead of at a rate). There would be no need for the "Machine Independant Speed" option if the game speed wasn't affected on some machines.




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12th November, 2003 at 05:16:30 -

I have an old pentium 166 lying about my house and most klik games run slow on it. My 2.6ghz laptop with win xp runs all klik game well.

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