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18th September, 2004 at 14:08:10 -

Does anyone know how I can make it so that I can have enemies spawning when a player enters a spawning area & everyone see the same enemy, same animation, same health, & such. Making it possable for people to be able to go againced the same enemy at rates such as 3 vs 1 & such? I just cant for some reasion get it!

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19th September, 2004 at 08:13:24 -

Well, you have a 'data' file. And when a person enters the area the server sends the player the information telling that player where every monster is and it's health. For instance:

Player enters:
server > Send ini to player(getfromid)

Player recieves data file:
Load monsters.

Using loops to load would probabley be easiest.

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25th September, 2004 at 00:08:23 -

You should develop a server side client basically that controls all the NPC's in the game. That client has to verify itself with the server first, then it is allowed to send coordinates on a subchannle, any other client sends coordinates on that channel they get booted.


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