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Addictive 247 Advertisment!
News posted 16th December, 2002 by The Chris Street  
Addictive 247 are looking for an excellent sprite artist to work on their latest game. Details of the game will be given out to whoever takes on the role. Just to give you an idea though we are looking for top-down sprites. There will probably be 2 main characters and a few 'bad-guys' to do.

If you are interested then please send examples of your work to us at We will be using MMF 1.2. If you've already got examples on a website then send us the url so we can see them.

The question everybody asks is "Will we get paid?". We would like everyone who applies to send us their rates. Basically send us how much money you would want per sprite. Having the lowest figure doesn't mean we will use you, we are looking for quality sprites.

Anybody who wants to work for free and has excellent artwork will of course be considered !!

We are also offering the person(s) who work with us the following:

1). Full credits on the game.
2). To test the game at its beta stage.
3). A full version of the game on CD.
4). A full version of Addictive 247's Mega Pack on CD (go to signed by the whole team
5). A very limited edition Addictive 247 T-shirt with the phrase "So playable you'll SHIFT yourself!" on the back.

So, it's over to you guys now. If you have any questions then please either PM us or preferably email us at

Posted by PeterG 16th December, 2002

Yay! A CD signed by the staff of Adictive 247!
Posted by OOOPPPs 16th December, 2002

Why dont you tell us wat the game is actually about? then we can decide whether we can/like to draw that specific type of sprites =)
Posted by Faithtoken 16th December, 2002

Im interested... but i like to know what style you are going to use? Futuristic? Fantasy? Cute? Nasty? Horror? Detailed? Cartooney?
Posted by Marc Georgeson 16th December, 2002

It will be a top down shooter with a futuristic feel to it. Think about a cross between Alien Breed and The Bitmap Brothers 'Chaos Engine'.
Posted by Muz 16th December, 2002

Oh...great. Just the type of sprites I was looking for(see Now I've got competition. And they've got a post on the front page! :|
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 16th December, 2002

Wow, this is almost as exciting as that news post you guys made a while ago when The Desolation Click opened. Oh, wait, that's right - you never made one.
Posted by Mindstorms 16th December, 2002

so hateful.........
Posted by Marc Georgeson 17th December, 2002

Mohr - what are you on about!?! Is that aimed at us or The Daily Click???
Posted by Shen 17th December, 2002

Oh yeah - you never made one.
Posted by Marc Georgeson 18th December, 2002

Thanks to everyone who has submitted sprites to us and showed an interest in working for us. The person we have picked is Ben Hull from New Zealand. The reason is that the style and detail of his sprites are exactly what we are looking for.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th December, 2002

why are addictive247 so big and rich.. they just make litle games like everybody else.. viper+ and entrance gate etc etc are quite better...
Posted by Marc Georgeson 18th December, 2002

Who said we're rich!?!


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