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New App - X-Volt Website Builder
News posted 27th February, 2003 by The Chris Street  
The trend for website creation programs continues. Simon Colmer has uploaded his version of such a program, and its called X-Volt Website Builder. Download, see if you like or not. Comments from the Author: "Along time ago I created this website builder for my website but nobody wanted it. As this was a stupid place to put it becuase it is a animation website! I have now changed it around abit and now is the X-Volt Website Builder."

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Danny Worth 1st March, 2003

Its runs supprisingly slow for me, and im using a P42.53ghz, maybe buggy code. Doesn't look too professional either you are limited on the inbuild commands, its actually alot easier to use Notepad, I'm very sorry i know how it feels when someone puts a downer on your software. Sorry again.
Posted by Simon Colmer 5th March, 2003

no problem i know its crap, im building a drag and drop webiste builder i hope that will be better


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