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Daily Click 2 years!
News posted 16th March, 2003 by Rikus  
Greetings folks, i stopped by to tell you all that today: March 16th is the day the first update of the daily click 1 was made. Yep its been 2 years already and for a click site that's still a big thing in my opinion. For that special occasion i updated the top bar to the old dc1 style for a couple of days. I wanted to thank everyone new and old to the dc for visiting this site somewhere in these past 2 years, and i hope you continue to enjoy it. You can view the first updates to the dc right here who knows maybe you will see an old comment of yourself there. Happy Birthday to the Daily Click, i hope the site will keep going for a long, long time. Also a round of applause for all the editors and admins that keep the site alive! And give yourself an applause for visiting the site. This site is so great because of you all. Thanks folks! Oh and why not leave a comment to wish the daily click and its staff a happy 2nd birthday. Ps. I found it annoying that everytime you press the home button the banner pops back up even if you already saw it, so i fixed that so you now only get the banner when you enter the site. Have a great weekend.

Posted by TomH 16th March, 2003

Man that design brings back momories. To tell you the truth i like it more than the current one :P Anyway, Congrats to DC.
Posted by DaveC 16th March, 2003

yay, go dc!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 16th March, 2003

Well done, happy anniversary.
Posted by Shen 16th March, 2003

YaY Whee!
Posted by Silveraura 16th March, 2003

Though I wasn't here for a full year, it is prity cool to indor DC's second aniversary!
Posted by CYS 16th March, 2003

Woo...i have the same thought as you, TomH. Good memories... Those games... Especially the unbeatable fireworks
Posted by OOOPPPs 16th March, 2003

Great website, keep the good work up.. happy anniversary.
Posted by Mitch M 16th March, 2003

Mannnnnnnn Happy Dc memories!!! Keep up the VERY GOOD work!! GReets and cheers: Aku ( Mitch )
Posted by kreature 16th March, 2003

Congrats ! All DC admins etc. are doing a great job, keep it up ! And Wong Chung Bang, you're the addition to this site that i've noticed most. Great reviews !
Posted by RapidFlash 16th March, 2003

Yeah, go DC! Chant it with me: Daily Click! Daily Click! :) And it's good to see Rikus again. You know, I used to think that it was called DC because it had its roots with Destruction Carnival (as you see with DS Troy there). And I've been a member here for a year. I even visited the one-day DC site on
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

happy birthday daily click!
Posted by Galaxy613 16th March, 2003

Daily Click! Daily Click! Daily Click! Daily Click! Daily Click! Daily Click!
Posted by Villy 16th March, 2003

Daily Click! :)
Posted by Stian B. 16th March, 2003

Daily Click is the best click site on the net! Cheers to that!
Posted by Null 16th March, 2003

*Sniffle* ...I...I love you guys...
Posted by Razorshark Productions 16th March, 2003

Very nice... good work lads...:cool:
Posted by Mike G 16th March, 2003

I found it interesting to see, that most of the games in the main page back then, were (and probably are) so much better than most of the ones that make it in now days.
Posted by MattB 16th March, 2003

Seriously. That Factor X screen looks so awesome... even for the title screen. I'm gonna do a search for it RIGHT NOW.
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 16th March, 2003

Happy Birthday Daily Click!
Posted by Assault Andy 16th March, 2003

You Rock DC, You make me feeeeeeeel goooood, da nanaanan naaaaaaaaaaaa you make me feeeeel goood!
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 16th March, 2003

Excessive Daily Click! Effects. Go DC! :P
Posted by CYS 17th March, 2003

Heh...memories...i saw my old game there, the holy will... now i know how bad it is..
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 17th March, 2003

DC is the best!
Posted by AntiChrist 17th March, 2003

congrats to DC! Man two years fast the time can go by! although it only took me some days to get addicted to DC:-)))
Posted by RapidFlash 17th March, 2003

You should keep the old banner. I think the DC improved a lot due to the new people (1 year old or less) than posted a lot of stuff on the forums (Ashman, Wong Chung Bang, Paul Jeffries, me, etc.)
Posted by Kisguri 17th March, 2003

Two years and still tickin.... Remember If you really like Daily Click and enjoy wha they do than donate a little cash there way. Not trying to sound like a PBS drive (Local american Public access channels) but we need to work together to keep this and other community sites alive!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 17th March, 2003

Congratulation to the DC :D !!!!
Posted by The Chris Street 17th March, 2003

/me wonders if DC will be redesigned in the coming future
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 17th March, 2003

I think dc should go back to a colorful design,this design is kinda gloomy.
Posted by Ashman 17th March, 2003

YAY US!!!!
Posted by -Deleted Member- 18th March, 2003

First thing I noticed: Rikus posted this news! Hi Rikus! Yeah DC rocks! P.S Btw, u guys noticed i wasn't here for 3 months... I'm back!!!
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 18th March, 2003

congrats and heres to another 2 years at the top
Posted by AfterStar 18th March, 2003

DC extremely !COOL! Hope it stays alive forever.......
Posted by Joshtek 20th March, 2003

good old AP-Zone and Silkys. ah nostalgia aint what is used to be.
Posted by Rik 23rd March, 2003

wtf is with that pic of rey mysterio?? seems somewhat out of place :) long live DC. lets hope we can all be here saying the same in another 2 years!! :D
Posted by OMC 18th March, 2009



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