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New Preview: Mode 7 object
News posted 12th February, 2002 by Rikus  

Well Marcello is working on a new version of his new plugin called: Mode7. With the mode7 object its possible to create "Mario Kart" style games with it. While we are not there yet some cool example games are starting to be made with it. I suggest you try this game out called: The 3d racing game made by Tigerworks and witch is made with an older version. You can find more information about the new version mode 7 object at the mode7 site.

Posted by chrilley 12th February, 2002

Wow not bad at all!?much better then the ray-cast engine some guys made.... but I think your example could tell us a little more about your plugin... for example: It will be used for games such Mariokart, then can you use weapons? or can you bump into the opponent car ( I nevver catch him...
Posted by Marcello 13th February, 2002

Um, I should just say that the news post is completely wrong lol.

I have not released a new version of the game, and the 3d racing game is made with the old version.

I've opened a preview site for the new features in Mode 7 Ex which you can visit at
Posted by Bartman 13th February, 2002

I knew that was a bit odd. Since the images can now be saved in the MMF file =P But I still think that this example is excelent. But I am really really (REALLY) interested in the next version. Must....have....
Posted by Rikus 13th February, 2002

Ack whoops, it was late last night...etc etc. Fixed the news:-)
Posted by Zircon 13th February, 2002

WOW.. Sweet. The example is great. Very very nice example.
Posted by DrJake 13th February, 2002

I nice idea but still a beta? Well I hope it is cause it was kind'a grubby, but still an exellent idea that should still be worked on! Keep it up Marcello!
Posted by Marcello 13th February, 2002

Oh and I didn't make that demo, it's made by tigerworks.
Posted by Snakesoft 13th February, 2002

When Mode7 Ex will be ready? :P
Posted by Marcello 14th February, 2002

When I feel like it.
Posted by 14th February, 2002

Posted by Marcello 14th February, 2002

Hmmm, why does DC put the dates backwards? It looks so weird...
Posted by Muz 15th February, 2002

Wow....looks impressive indeed. Looks almost...too good to be true. Pretty picture.... Oh, and marcello, the dates do look nice to me. It's day/month/year. The systematic way :P.
Posted by Tigerworks 15th February, 2002

Eh?????????? I thought I was trying to get myself to beta test Mode7 Ex - I hadnt come on here in a while, then heres something I made last night up on the DC! The engine for the viewing of the car is totally weird from one angle, but I got lost in a tangle of backups and different formulas to get it to work, I dont know if that was the best formula for viewing the car or not. Oh well... this is the first time ive been mentioned in the news in DC, my three seconds of fame I guess. I scribbled that map as a test. I cant believe its actually up there.
Posted by Tigerworks 15th February, 2002

O yea and its not called 'The 3D racing game' its called: '3Dm7Test007' most likely. lol
Posted by Marcello 16th February, 2002

The only systematic way is year/month/day... day/month/year is just plain weird...
Posted by Mindstorms 20th February, 2002

month, day, year! thats the rite way. Y u ask? cuz thast what we use in the U.S. and we are always rite. lol. more like different, but different in a less conveninet way.


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