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New Clickteam Staff
News posted 23rd May, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Clickteam have two new staff members, who were regular community members! Well done to Jason Darby and Chris Carson (known also as Kisguri, the guy who makes the Klikdiscs). Congratulations for getting the jobs, and even though they're not full time, pester them both for money ;)

Comments from Clickteam
Chris Carson - Has been working with Clickteam for a couple months now -- developing a retail strategy for the USA market. He will also be a major presenter and factor in the upcoming UGExpo booth. Chris is also the editor of the very popular "Klik Disc".

Jason Darby - He will be the local point of contact for the UK media. Jason is one of driving forces behind the "click convention" and produced an excellent set of videos from the last convention.

Posted by Joshtek 23rd May, 2003

um, yay, *begs for money* XD
Posted by a1fie 24th May, 2003

Well done to Jason and Kisguri. Alfie


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