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New Game - Lost Valley
News posted 27th July, 2003 by The Chris Street  
It contains ripped graphics, so I thought it would suck. How wrong I was after I downloaded it. This game is one of the best to come out this year, and its from a new guy to the Daily Click! Created by MIG2, it's a French game which features exploration and action. Think Zelda combined with Golden Axe and you have...Lost Valley! I urge you to download this, it's as simple as that. Comments from the Author:
"You must enter LOST VALLEY and fight Zero in order to save your realm.for that you need the 12 crystals wich are hiddens in dungeons. you will find a lot of equipements (swords,armors,shields) and items will help you to progress"

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by - OLivier - 28th July, 2003

Posted by Even 29th July, 2003

good game! just wondering: how the HELL do i get better items? im stuck after killin the cyclop and gold medallion.
Posted by Kramy 29th July, 2003

Items are found in holes. There is a bridge in the desert after a small pass(for the golden medallion)...remember, any passage can be small, but it is still a passage! look around, level up, then continue on. After a while if you explore everywhere, you should find various item shops.
Posted by Even 30th July, 2003

I think I found a bug in this game. I was out looking for secret passages, and got stuck behind a cactus. I used the emergency game over button, and when i got on again, i suddently had both Bronze Shield and Longsword! And I havent found the hole where they sell Longsword yet, and 30 mins after, I find a hole saying, "You already hvae the Bronze Shield"! You should put out a walktrough for this game for ppl who cant get any further. Now i cant find those friggin boots or the Gorgon Amulet, or get any further from beach. And ive hit nearly every single item in the world i can go.
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003

Sit in the star circle for a while and the path will be cleared...
Posted by Even 30th July, 2003

I knew that. But what about the bug? And I cant get any further after "Having patience in the stars". I found that strange rock, but I NEED THE AQUA BOOTS.
Posted by Kramy 30th July, 2003



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