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Lost Valley
Author: MIG2 Submitted: 26th July, 2003 Favourites:5
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 3115
7th Place     (4.89 / 5)
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Hello dudes!!!

I release the most updated LOST VALLEY game..It has many

LOST VALLEY is an action/adventure game made with TGF but adapted on MMF it can be played with a joypad (ctrl+Y)the game is totally finished (2 years of work)

A zelda/golvellius like . It has adventure mode and action phases. You must enter LOST VALLEY and fight Zero in order to save your realm.for that you need the 12 crystals wich are hiddens in dungeons. You will find a lot of equipements (swords,armors,shields) and items will help you to progress in valley (aqua boots,compass,etc..)
You will also find "special technics" fireball,whirlwind attack,recovery power etc

life time is about 30 hours (the game have save files)
1184 screens on the map(screen by screen mode like in zelda) 12 dungeons full of traps, puzzles and monsters
you will fight tons of monsters and boss monsters.

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Posted by Hempuli 16th February, 2005
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Posted by Jason Orme 12th March, 2005
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I just re-downloaded this after playing wandering fighter.. its been nearly 2 years and I still love this game! A absolute masterpiece.
Posted by kjarom 23rd March, 2005

*PHEW* Anyone wanna write an FAQ? Heh, that'd be awesome if someone would write an FAQ... Oh, and props to MIG2 for this game! It was released a year ago and people are still playing and talking aobut it!! The gameplay is great; I have no idea how you could possibly make such a great game with TGF (man I bet it took awhile) but EXCELLENT job!
Posted by Tom 26th March, 2005

Just re-downloaded again. this game is MUCH bigger than i remember. Shame about the ripped gfx. still a cool game though. <:
Posted by Eric Lehto 28th March, 2005

Great Game, but very strange to be done; I struck the rock from East and South, but nothing happened; please help me. Second, Is their a walkthrough for this game?
Posted by Eric Lehto 29th March, 2005

I'm stuck, Do you have Pluntium Shield before or after the 7th Dungeon, Where do you get it?
Posted by Eric Lehto 31st March, 2005

I'm stuck again; Where is the compass, I've found the invisable walls, but nothing; I've kill the Sand Crusher and don't understand the guy message about find friend with Cold Mantle, Please help...
Posted by NEOLink 1st May, 2005

hi i need help i have the gorgon amulet and must kill the evil spirit i hafe attackt him 2 times and have buy in a cave the mhitryl shield whos it the 3rt time? THX!!! P.S. sorry for my bad english :D
Posted by maca 27th May, 2005

I have been searching for the walkthrough for this game and found nothing. Damn. You write here "walkthrough under construction" but it takes too much time I think. It is still under construction or freezed and discarded :( ? Or did I miss its release? If so, where can I get it. Thanks a lot, I definitely dont know where to go and I am completely lost. Thanks one more time for ANY walkthrough.
Posted by Skaven 9th June, 2005

I think I found something,that might interest you MIG...Got some random bug, which somehow deletes all sprites and only a background is left.Eg when it were some plains,river,trees etc.all that can be seen is green tiles and a blue ones.I'm on island with red butterflies.When it occurs I can go in every direction for about2screens,then I can't leave the place where I went. Appears only on main screen about once a day :).Any ideas? It's really stinky, because I must reload the game and I keep loosing those damned butterflies... :( Awaiting for answer...
Posted by MIG2 12th June, 2005

Ohhh strange bug !!!! . I will try to find and fix it. But i can't do nothing now :(
Posted by Skaven 13th June, 2005

MIG: Ok. Thx! It happens somewhere around "the carnivorous plant" If u want to, I'll send u my inventory/abilities etc. if it matters. I rarely browse through this page due to technical problems (eg. angry boss, really important work to to and other crap), but i'll keep looking at least once a week.
Posted by Gandilf 24th June, 2005

how to kill teh evil spirit in forest. I meet the spirit one times but it never hapenned.... where is it? please help me!!!!!!
Posted by ben mercer 13th July, 2005

I suppose it might get interesting later on, but due to the boring first few levels i quit this after about 20 minutes.
Posted by NUB 17th July, 2005

Your opening scene was.. off key, the background and people looked good, but the jelly in the sky? and the exploding fissure?
Posted by Benny 20th July, 2005

how to make the screen smaller? i hate fullscreen
Posted by Keatontech! 28th August, 2005

Where do you get claws? I need to get them to get medthic sword
Posted by 17th October, 2005

In lala land! great game lalalala
Posted by Jakob37 25th October, 2005

My armor is acting weird, before I had mithril armor but now I only have leatherarmor and when I try to buy mithril och silverarmor they say that my armor is better than that.
Posted by Proto Belmont 25th November, 2005

Like Istvan, I'm stuck at the grave and I've done the 1-4 2-3 3-1 4-6 5-3 starting from the left and I still cant get it to work.

I've spent an hou on this and I don't understand why it will not work. D;
Posted by Proto Belmont 25th November, 2005

Nevermind, I started a new game on slot 2 and it worked the first time through. yay!
Posted by Jason Orme 1st January, 2006
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I still come back and download lost valley from time to time. It has the replay value that any great classic has.
Posted by Jakob37 17th February, 2006

I have got the invisible ring. Can anyone tell me what I should do now?
Posted by Artturi Heikkilä 14th March, 2006

Can someone tell me where is latinia pieces and platinum shield?
Posted by Del Duio 4th May, 2006

I just downloaded this game last night, and I'll tell ya, from what I've seen so far this game absolutely deserves to be placed as high up on the list as it is. (Currently #2). You're about 40 or so votes away from #1, and I voted thumbs up to help.

It reminds me a ton of one of those old great Genesis RPG / Action games from the early 90's I used to love. I've read a few comments here that complain about the fairies not telling them "useful" information, but I don't agree. As an aside, the music that plays during these dialogue screens is great.

It's very Zelda-ish with its many secrets to be found, and I totally found one by myself without a hint and I was stoked! Another thing I liked about it was that your guy's attack power goes up a ton upon leveling up, and you can whup a lot of monster ass on bad guys that had your number back in the beginning.

And then, you have a whole new perspective with the 2d action mode that rules too! Holy crap, what am I doing here posting about it? I'm going to go play it again now LOL! Great Work!
Posted by Hare Marvin 14th May, 2006

Hey, MIG2, that's an excellent game you got there! Been playing nothing else since I started it, and for me that's something, I always play 2-3 games at once. The only problem I see is that you still didn't put out a walkthrough for it, 'cause this game can be damn HARD at times...

For example, right now I'm at Syn Lands, looking for that accursed tree to hit 5 times, and I can't find it! Browsing here I see some people had the same problem and you sent them the answer directly... so, can I have it too? Better yet, where is that walkthrough, man?

And since this is my first post, let me talk about the ripped graphics: we all know great games are made of gameplay, not graphics. And your game even has the merit of making all the graphics from different sources look like they were all drawn specifically for your game. So, all in all, you did a great job! Hope to see a LV2 soon!
Posted by Hare Marvin 14th May, 2006

Ok, never mind, I read more closely and found the anwser here... but someone should really consider writing a walkthrough...
Posted by Bo Fu 6th June, 2006

Wow, died on that stupid first ball-throwing enemy thing. Uninstalled in ten minutes.
Posted by Del Duio 9th July, 2006

I got stuck at the 7 gravestones that you need to hit X amount of times in a certain order to proceed. I found 6 of the 7 clues, and tried every possible combination I could think of to no avail.
Posted by Devernath 27th July, 2006

BUG: Z5-Z7, X5-X7, Y5-Y7, something is wrong with the music. Sometimes it plays the Lost Valley Theme, other times it plays the Feil Mountain Theme. It usually switches randomly during scrolling, using the subscreen, or entering a cave. Look into it.
BUG: The ocean near Feil Mountain. If you scroll around really fast, since theres few barriers, sometimes it messes up and randomly picks you up and puts you somewhere else.

Very nice game and graphics, though the music can get annoying, ESPECIALLY when its something you recognize (Oikos Valley, Dr.Wily's Stage from MegaMan VI). Some levels need new midis, like Oikos Grasslands should be different from Oikos Valley, PLEASE! That track is driving me crazy!! Though, I do like the track for Feil Mountain

Thank you
Posted by Devernath 27th July, 2006

Uhm, if this board is still active...i just beat the watcher. what do i do now? oh i was thinking about writing a walkthrough when i finish this game
Posted by Del Duio 30th July, 2006

I don't think he's going to go back and re-work any of the bugs, since it's been so long since its release Devernath. I haven't played this in awhile, since I got stuck with the gravestones thing.
Posted by Jason Orme 25th January, 2007
Rated :

Best Klik Game Ever!
Posted by Flaxo 26th May, 2007

*This message is in French, MIG2's language*
Bonjour MIG2! Ça m'étonnerait que tu te souviennes de moi mais bon... Tu n'auras qu'à chercher mes commentaires précédents pour te rappeler (en utilisant Ctrl+F et cherchant le mot "Flaxo"). Bref, je suis de retour après 3 ans! C'est moi le gars "nomis" (j'ai changé mon nom pour "Flaxo") qui te complimentait sur le jeu. Lorsque je jouais au jeu (en 2004), je ne l'avais pas encore complété. Mon ordinateur a été victime de milliers de virus et j'ai dû le nettoyer. Résultat: je ne me suis pas servis de mon ordinateur pendant un mois, puis ce que je pouvais faire était très limité: pas de jeux et pas de téléchargement au risque de réinfecter mon ordinateur. Plusieurs mois se sont passés avant que je puisse enfin bénificier d'un ordinateur fonctionnaire. Avec tout ca, j'ai oublié le jeu Lost Valley et... Daily Click! Je suis revenus et j'ai remarqué qu'avec l'aide de ton testeur, David Mascolo, tu as fait une nouvelle version du jeu. Je l'ai téléchargé et recommencé le jeu du début. Maintenant je suis rendu plus loin qu'avant (avec l'exception que je n'ai pas toutes les magies, on dirait bien qu'on ne peut plus faire des choses dans un mauvais ordre). C'est du bon travail et je suis heureux de rejouer au jeu, encore meilleur que jamais. Mais, malheureusement, même la nouvelle version n'est pas parfaite, j'ai rencontré certains bugs. Le premier se trouve à BB14, il est possible de se bloquer (obligeant le joueur à cliquer sur "A") entre le cactus et le mur. Le deuxième se trouve à R15, je me souviens qu'il était aussi dans l'ancienne version. L'arbre en haut et à gauche de l'écran n'est pas un obstacle, c'est-à-dire qu'on peut marcher dessus et que, si on continue vers le nord, on arrive à Q15 et il est impossible de bouger à nouveau, obligeant encore le joueur de cliquer à cliquer sur "A". Le troisième n'est pas si grave mais il reste un bug. Dans l'écran S35, il y a un ennemis (il est noir, rond, a un seul oeil et projète des anneaux qui te paralysent) qui est toujours coincé dans un arbre. Chaque fois que tu entres dans cet écran, c'est pareil, il fait plusieurs 360 sur place mais ça ne l'empêche pas d'attaquer. Parfois, mais c'est rare, il arrive à s'enlever de là, ça m'est arrivé qu'une seule fois par contre. Je n'ai pas trouvé d'autre bugs, mais je vais t'informer si j'en rencontre de nouveaux. À part ça, je n'arrive pas à trouver le Silver Shield, dans quel écran se trouve-t-il? Et encore merci pour ce jeu fantastique, tu devrais même en faire carrière, fonder ta propre compagnie et commercialiser tes jeux!
Posted by Flaxo 9th June, 2007

Where's the map for the swamps?

*The rest of this message is in French, MIG2's first language.*
C'est encore moi! Cet endroit a l'air mort, il n'y a personne à part moi... Mais juste au cas où tu (MIG2) te décides enfin de revenir, je reste encore là. En passant, laisse-faire pour le Silver Shield, je l'ai trouvé. J'ai rencontré une tonne de bugs, vraiment! Je les ai tous noté sur une feuille, attention, c'est long! La plupart sont des erreurs de grammaire en anglais, contrairement à mes premiers messages en 2004 sous le nom de "nomis", je suis devenu parfaitement bilingue, alors ait-confiance .

1. FF27: La fée dit "this prairies", on dit "these prairies".
2. L1: Il y a un arbre qu'on peut marcher dessus, mais ce bug ne te coince pas.
3. Q10: La fée dit "where is it", on dit "where it is".
4. CC31: La fée dit "i think", on dit "I think".
5. CC27 et CC30: La fée dit "Legend says", on dit "Legends say".
6. EE30: La fée dit "freedom long time ago", on dit "freedom a long time ago".
7. FF31: La fée dit "Nobody know", on dit "Nobody knows".
8. Le chef des fantomes a deux noms, ALCIBIADE et GENTO. Ceux-ci alternent de temps en temps pendant le combat.
9. K1: En entrant dans la grotte avec le mini-boss TSARKON, on voit les mots "LEVEL UP" appraîtrent ainsi que le son venant avec. Cela ne te fait pas monter de niveau pour vrai mais te regénère tout de même. On rencontre ce bug chaque fois que l'on entre dans la grotte, même après avoir tué TSARKON.
10. AA37: La fée dit "There are a some", on dit "There are some".
11. Similaire à celui que j'ai décris dans mon message précédent à propos de R15, on rencontre le même problème à EE22. On peut passer au travers des arbres et arriver à FF22 pour être bloqué.
12. Z21: La fée dit au début de la phrase "don't", on dit "Don't".
13. CC24: On peut se bloquer entre les arbres dans le chemin de droite.
14. P17: La fée dit "She strange statues", on dit "The strange statues".
15. Ce n'est pas vraiment un bug mais un concept du jeu assez illogique. Il peut arriver qu'un ennemi vraiment faible donne beaucoup plus d'EXP qu'un ennemi vraiment fort. Pour un exemple, va à L3, il y a des moustiques volant (ennemi faible) et un yeti (ennemi fort). J'avais une attaque de 307 et je pouvais tuer les moustiques en un seul coup et le yeti, en 4 coups. Les moustiques me donnaient 300 EXP et le yeti m'en donnait 25! Pas vraiment logique...

Wow, ça fait beaucoup d'erreurs et de bugs tout ça! Je suis certain qu'il y en a beaucoup d'autres, surtout des erreurs de grammaire d'anglais. Disons que tu devras faire des versions Finale 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Bon, assez d'être si négatif, j'ai aussi quelque chose de positif à dire: ce jeu est vraiment bon!!! Je viens tout juste d'avoir l'Orange Crystal et je m'amuse follement!
Posted by Hempuli 22nd September, 2007
Rated :

Meh heh heh heh heeh. Completed
Posted by Davide Mascolo 14th March, 2008

A long, long time ago, I said I was going to write a guide of this game. I never did it, until recently: during a new playthrough, I took dozens of pages and notes, and wrote down a guide. I know one already exists, but mine resulted in something incredibly extensive, with details on every single fairy I encountered! Only problem: right now it is in Italian only, it will take time before I can translate it in English...

Anyway, replaying the game I extensively tested after some years, I found it still incredibly fresh. Compared to more recent Click productions, it surely looks "rough" and unpolished, not only because of the ripped graphics, and you could pick out a lot of flaws. But it's incredibily immediate to play, and has so much content, it rivals even lots of commercial games. I've rarely seen a game so epic (despite the overall thin plot) and with lots of things to do even in such a large world: only a few times I resorted to stay in an area for a while to gain experience, my leveling up mostly happened while exploring or trying to conquer a new area. I still love some of the simple yet ingenious puzzles (remember the red butterflies?), great touches of class.

Nostalgia prompted me to search for Mig: he's doing well but, unfortunately, he's not dedicated to making games anymore, Double Dragon - Fists of Rage was the last. Someplace in my heart, I hoped to read him telling "I'm working on Lost Valley 2 now". I hope that, in the future, some spiritual successor will have the same dedication he put in his game
Posted by Proto Belmont 10th November, 2008

hmmm I decided to get back into this great game... but after reinstalling it and trying to play through it again, i crash to desktop every 5-15-30 minutes. :/

it happens when the hit detection must be activated. (i.e. getting shot/hit, hitting enemies, picking up objects) I never had lost valley crash last time playing through like this... and there hasn't been a problem with running the other older/newer click games. so I dunno what could be causing this, to bad for me I guess.
Posted by Hempuli 19th November, 2008
Rated :

This works still great on my computer, and I love it! Playing through the third time.
Posted by Jason Orme 9th July, 2009
Rated :

Going through the game again.
Posted by tonsku 24th July, 2009
Rated :

how can i take a screenshot of this game ? i cannot get right colours
Posted by UrbanMonk 31st July, 2009
Rated :

Still Great!
Posted by Sascha 21st October, 2009

Well, hi @ all, I don't know if this platform is still active but I hope so^^
Two Weeks ago I reinstalled Lost Valley and played it again. (It's still a great game ) but now I'm really stuck and maybe I found a bug-.- Just got the Swamp boots and went into the swamp. There's a fairy that tells you that there's an entrance that's closed because of a monster which went into this cave.
I killed the monster (it's the same like D.snail but harder) but the entrance doesn't reopen and I can't figure out how to go on.... Please help me I have no idea how to get on since three days. (btw the place where I think the cave should be is surrounded by plants and is in the southeastern egde of the swamp like the fairy tells (FF25))
Posted by KCEM 20th December, 2009
Rated :

I just downloaded the game again (I love it!). I've never played it out though, because I got stuck at the place where you have to get a little butterfly to follow you for several screens. The problem is that the game freezes for a millisecond when the music changes (when you enter a different area). This is not a problem in the rest of the game, but the butterfly takes this as its cue to leave. Does anyone know how to fix this? Just disabling the sound in the options menu doesn't work.
Posted by 3DRadius 11th June, 2011

I noticed a very strange bug in the game.It happened once I got Gold Medal.Once I opened Sub-screen I found out that I already have 4 Magic spells (Fireball,Whirlwind,Ice and Recovery).When I turned the game off and turned it on again and loaded my save,the spells weren't there but once I went to get the Gold Medal again,I opened sub-screen and I had the spells again.
Posted by Aloan Moreira 25th February, 2016

it is 2016 and I just played this game and I just have to say I am intrigued with KonamiG's commitment to that Arcade feel - it has the retro 240 vertical pixels to it! although most games were in 224! Hey Konamig, are you on any social site? twitter, facebook? please send me a PM, I don't come here often and would like to show you my work as well as talk about yours how you did them the way you did! I think it is awesome - I am also wondering how many years of experience do you have with click programs?
Posted by Dedg 25th April, 2017
Rated :

Salut Mig !

Un grand bravo pour ce super jeu !

La carte est immense, le gameplay génial, la bande son magique ! Un metroidvania comme je les adore !

On a passé un super moment devant ce jeu !

À la fin du jeu, après le The End, il est noté que quelque chose est déverrouillé, de quoi s'agit-il ?

On n'a pas compris !

Merci encore !


Quelques screens Image

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Posted by JOKERAMAN 10th March, 2018
Rated :

Where is the Save file of this game?? can anyone tell me the location??? Plz
Posted by Renan Harnack 11th September, 2018
Rated :

I can't beat Zero-X.

Any tips? A video would be very good!
Posted by Vjack 16th June, 2020

17 years later I started this for the first time, and I got pretty far before finally getting stuck on this puzzle: 3 floating crystals that shoots you when you approach them. Earlier you get a hint that says "Red---Sword" which I assume means hit the red one with sword, and any non-red ones with magic. Unfortunately it hasn't produced any results.

I'm surprised none of you guys mentioned how tough that green guardian is. The collision detection on that suplex is massive, that's just sloppy programming right there. Also what's with the flashing poison gas cave, what if someone's epileptic, think about that

So far Hempuli is the only one that has any gameplay videos on YouTube, but it only covers roughly a quarter of the game, and I don't know if he/she has beaten the game before. I'm going to keep trying to work it out, but would appreciate some help






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