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News posted 14th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Ok before you freak out. YES we are back but not at full power just yet. Welcome back to the daily click. Thanks to the efforts of the great clubsoft we ca now bring you a more secure and stable version of this site. Most things are already working at the site but here is a list of things that still needs to be done: The Forum (for now we will use the old ubb forum)  The whos online page, review listing page, article page,deleting and editing stuff (so if you submit something be sure your spelling is correct;-) So what does work? Well almost everything else and some cool new enhancements. Like the new member rating system. Everytime you submit a game or make a review you will be awarded points to your member rating system. If you have enough points your member status will be upgraded to a new name. But if you make a crappy or flaming review or submit a false game it will be deleted and with that your member status will loose points. We also have a cool buddy system for your mail page. If you have any comments about the new site (good or bad) then this is the news item to do it in or yuo can go crazy at the forum. Thanks for waiting this long and we hope you enjoy the new site.

Posted by DrJake 14th May, 2002

Yes! The Daily Click is back! Don't you take it down now Rikus!!! Its fine the way it is!
Posted by Mark Hendriks 14th May, 2002

Yeah nice layout! Good work Club! Looking forward to more sections.
Posted by jast 14th May, 2002

Greeeeat! Just keep it up! I don't want nothing more than just a site that is up running!
Posted by skn3 14th May, 2002

WEll done mike You have done yourself proud. The site is looking spiffy :)
Posted by jast 14th May, 2002

Bug found: The numbers at the previews are not linked to other preview pages but to the download pages %) - and there is no preview part on that user admin site. Well, it's nothing bad, just wanted to tell yer.
Posted by Snakesoft 14th May, 2002

Whoa! :)
Posted by MasterM 14th May, 2002

YEAH!!It's back!!!! THANKS!!! Now life is normal again. Every day I need my click. My daily Click . Now I can get it every day. I hope this time DC will be there for more than 3 days. Big thanks again ;-)
Posted by 14th May, 2002

Nice alteration, except for one thing! PLEASE MAKE THE LINK OVERS BETTER! THEY SUCK! k bye
Posted by pixelscope 14th May, 2002

ah Clubsoft! I'd make you a poem if I had any writing skills.
Posted by Rikus 14th May, 2002

gotta love these new smilies|-)
Posted by Max 14th May, 2002

It's great to see DC back! Keep up the good job people, and Clubsoft, you're my god. :)
Posted by Rikus 14th May, 2002

Posted by Clubsoft 14th May, 2002

Thanks Lightbringer, fixed those two things (Hopefully ^o^)
Posted by Clubsoft 14th May, 2002

..oh, and thanks everybody else for your support :)
Posted by The Chris Street 14th May, 2002

Woah!!!! IM A FREAKING OUTT!!! nice site btw XD
Posted by Joshtek 14th May, 2002

mmm, shiny edges :) I want colored edit-boxes, if u want the HTML code just ask :)
Posted by Stian B. 14th May, 2002

Great work! Good to see this site online again ;) :) :p
Posted by Blade 14th May, 2002

Gfx r nice, but the layout & logo suck :( sorry!
Posted by 14th May, 2002

I'm just wondering one thing. The new rating system will give the members higher rank as they submit stuff. What about things submitted before this version of DC?
Posted by Rikus 14th May, 2002

They are already added Karl, woohoo:-)
Posted by 14th May, 2002

weeehiiiiii! :D
Posted by HiredGun 14th May, 2002

I can't access anything in the forum...
Posted by Rikus 14th May, 2002

hey hired give me a dc-mail about that. It seems to be working for everyone else.
Posted by Simdrone052 14th May, 2002

AHHHHHH HEY BLADE!!! The layout rulez, that is what i like most compared to cafelite!!!!!!!! Keep the yellow too, gets me in a good "Kliking mood" YAYAYAYAY!!!
Posted by Plasticow 14th May, 2002

Nice work on the design, whoever did it.
Posted by 14th May, 2002

Very Cool, dudes!
Posted by Joshtek 15th May, 2002

Now all we need is Hitlers in the forums and itll be just like old times.
Posted by Joshtek 15th May, 2002

Hey, how do I edit my comment?
Posted by 15th May, 2002

you can't
Posted by Rikus 15th May, 2002

Well not yet anyway, clubsoft is working on it:-)
Posted by DBack 17th May, 2002

Thank god you're back.
Posted by 20th May, 2002

Cool! DC is back and better than ever...


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