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New Game - Breakout Invaders
News posted 2nd October, 2003 by The Chris Street  
The man with the most tongue twisting name is back with a new game. Yes, Wong Chung Bang has uploaded a very promising breakout game, called Breakout Invaders. It features a ball movement with detectors, and henceforth should be a bit more advanced than most other Breakout clones. Comments from the Author:
"Everyone does a breakout game eventually. It's like death and taxes. However, this one - which is my fifth production for the site - has a difference. 20 years after the Space Invaders were defeated, a wormhole opened in the once peaceful world of Breakout, and now it's up to Paddle to defend the world from the Breakout Invaders! "

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Dark Mars Software 4th October, 2003

Excellent Game. I love it. You should add it to the cnet directory.


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