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News posted 9th October, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Mindstorms has launched a website hosting service for any klikkers looking for a host, called Downloadz!. What's on offer?

  • 12 MB of Space
  • Fast Servers
  • for your domain address
  • for your own e-mail

    Plus, once there are some members, there will have promotions where ads for your games or your groups or whatever can go on the network.

    Click here to visit Downloadz!

  • Posted by Tigerworks 9th October, 2003

    When signing up for the free version, you have to agree to accept spam emails, popup ads and banners over your site.
    Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 9th October, 2003

    that's no better than other free providers
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th October, 2003

    If you're just using it for file storage, that won't affect you (apart from the spam, of course, and I get so much of that that any extra will be unnoticeable). The only problem I can see is the fact that they decided to pluralise it with a "z".
    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    LOL, I offer way better hosting than that! XD 100mb Space, Loads of bandwith (unmetered), mySQL, cgi, php, apache, mod_perl and more capabilities. Free email address, a domain, Fast server in whole, no ads AT ALL, full secruity, ftp and possible online access. The server runs on a: Gateway 7000+ 2.6Ghz, 1024Mb Ram, 512Mb Bus Ram etc.. So overall its bloody cool!! oh and sorry for the ad! :P
    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    *predicts a swarm of people who need hosting* heh, not everyone will be able to get hosted, I've made a limit so heh..
    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    what my site?
    Posted by Pkeod 9th October, 2003

    Downloadz, Jon dont talk about hosting :D I asked you a while ago and you said you were not takeing any more... no more adds
    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    I am actually, I'm just not taking you :)
    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    oh and its "ads" not "adds"
    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    Posted by Smeggy 9th October, 2003

    oh his site, heh..
    Posted by Astral_86 9th October, 2003

    aaah I need this...prepare to get GREAT games from me!!! :D
    Posted by Marine 9th October, 2003

    I might try this but I'm not sure yet.
    Posted by Mindstorms 9th October, 2003

    Ya...some explaining: The "promotional emails" are from the network, about services and stuff, not from other parties. The design of the main page was wipped up really quick, so expect a better design for that in the future. As for all other pages, those i really cant change, because the hosting service is in conjunction with another company, and they dont allow me to change too much of the look.
    Posted by Radix 9th October, 2003

    Sounds good, I'll use it just for game hosting, I guess. I'm worried my current host is going to get pissed off at me for wasting all her bandwidth with game downloads.
    Posted by Zimtower 9th October, 2003

    RIP OFF, this site always asks me for a credit card number and the free trial ad keeps popping up preventing me from getting the free service
    Posted by eyeangle 10th October, 2003

    Doesn't allow screen shots to be shown on DC!!!
    Posted by Jack Galilee 10th October, 2003

    this piece of shit for a website wont even let me sign up says all the namesa are taken and they need to get a new layout it looks like a fuking 2 min virus website... and Smegsoft your site dosent even work for gods sake :@
    Posted by Smeggy 10th October, 2003

    it does: you idiot!
    Posted by Pkeod 10th October, 2003

    Its not that bad, considering it is meant to host games 0_o, also i uploaded my avatar to my free account and it works just fine! Although that may just be that it is a gif...


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