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New Game - Castlevania (Haunted Castle 2)
News posted 19th December, 2003 by The Chris Street  
Remember Lost Valley? It was one of the most under-rated games of 2003, which came out around August time. Well the author, MiG2, had uploaded a new fan game, this time based on the Castlevania series. Its name - CASTLEVANIA (Haunted Castle 2). Oh, and the author states that all the graphics are original as well! Comments from the Author:
"You are Trevor Belmont, and you must fight and defeat Dracula. Your travel starts in the little cemetery of Camilla, and finishes in the heart of CASTLEVANIA, the Demon's Castle. "

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Mr Coffee 19th December, 2003

TSE really IS the pinnacle of freeware, it truly is the best freeware RPG I have ever seen. SKS is probably the best online multiplayer klik game. So I don't think they were overrated.... I will have to try Lost Valley, I never got around to playing it.
Posted by ben_02 19th December, 2003

JonWog likes to criticise everything thats popular. Lost Valley may be overrated in terms of thumbs up, same with SKS. But in contrast to the everything else on the Daily Click, I think the top games are not unreasonable. SKS is only up the top because of rikus' hype and the multiplayer gimmick. Lost Valley is only second because most people probably couldn't tell the difference between ripped and original graphics, much less cared.
Posted by Rhys D 19th December, 2003

JonWog doesn't realise that his username contains a racial slur.
Posted by Teapot 20th December, 2003

I hated lost valley, this is just like silver katana and ninja densetu


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