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CASTLEVANIA (Haunted Castle 2)
Author: MIG2 Submitted: 16th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 646

Edited By MIG2 on 01/05/2006

CASTLEVANIA ( Haunted Castle 2 ) is the first game i made ( started in
1998 ).I never uploaded it until now, because of a disastrous engine.
But this week i rebuilt it, so it's ready now..

This game is not an existing Castlevania game ,but an original adventure
with original places,graphics,gameplay etc..

You are Trevor belmont , and you must fight and defeat Dracula.
Your travel start's in the little cemetery of Camilla,and finish in the heart
of CASTLEVANIA,the Demon's Castle.
You will find a lot of weapons on your road. Trevor will handle mains
weapons : whips,chains and swords. He can also use 4 secondary weapons
The holy water,the axe,the dagger and the cross.If you have 99 hearts
you will perform an item crash attack.
Don't forget to strike the decors in order to find hidden items.

The game is composed of 10 stages.The commands are inserted in the game
and are easy .

That game can be played with a Joypad (Cntrl + Y).
NO RIPPED graphs (In 1998 i didn't known that technic)

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Posted by MIG2 18th December, 2003

updated 18/12/03 Sound balance corrected Bugs corrected
Posted by 19th December, 2003

Looks great. I liked Lost Valley too...
Posted by 19th December, 2003

There is something strange with dying. the game gets stuck...
Posted by Nuutti 19th December, 2003

too scary...
Posted by Blackgaze 19th December, 2003

ripped graphics again, nothing wrong with it but I thought you did original graphics now MIG2?
Posted by Rhys D 19th December, 2003

its the first game he made you idiot.
Posted by Izzerg 19th December, 2003

Cool game! It's still kind of has that Clickteam "I can't jump correctly when standing next to an object error", but other than that I like it! Keep up the good work.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 19th December, 2003

Rhys> "NO RIPPED graphs (In 1998 i didn't known that technic)" Donno, but they look origional to me (because they really art commercial quality). I went and looked at screenies of almost every Castlevania and I couldn't find any of those sprites. See the site below...
Posted by Gaspy Conana 19th December, 2003

art = aren't*
Posted by James 19th December, 2003

Background graphic and gameplay style are nice
Posted by Astral_86 19th December, 2003

Omg a game from you MIG2 !!! Will you marry me?? O_O Haha no but serious your game rox will dl this now...!
Posted by X Member-453 19th December, 2003

eh, this should be inspired by CV and be a whole different game It doesn't FEEL like castlevania and it's kinda ugly, all the music was stolen from the GBA games.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 19th December, 2003

It feels a lot like the SNES ones to me
Posted by Spram 19th December, 2003

It's pretty difficult, without lives and all. THe engine is also slightly buggy but it's a mig2 game and it's fun.. and big. Well done. I havent beaten the first level so I cant say much yet.
Posted by Mr Coffee 19th December, 2003

The graphics are pretty decent, makes me wonder why you ripped them for Lost Valley if you can draw like that.
Posted by ben_02 19th December, 2003

Jesus christ man, super huge irritation and gameplay flaw: FALL DOWN PIT = GAME OVER. WHOOPS SLIP OF MY FINGERS NOW I HAVE TO START AGAIN Anyway, 'constructive criticism', um how about finding better sounds, these ones are all cut short and terrible quality. Unless you're aiming for an authentic clone of the original games.
Posted by Killerjedi 19th December, 2003

Cool game, but seriously, Mig2, are you a sadist? All of your games are so amazingly hard that they make you want to vomit onto your keyboard. But apart from the obscene difficulty, the game is great.
Posted by laguna 20th December, 2003

It's a shame that this game is so ridiculously difficult. No one will get to appreciate the time you put into this. I mean, come on... one life and no contimues? I would love to see the levels and bosses you made. But I'll never play this again, and never beat level 1. Cheat codes?
Posted by 20th December, 2003

The control wasnt so good, but the graphics were great!
Posted by MIG2 20th December, 2003

What do you says ? "no continues".It's impossible ,the game has infinite continues ...
Posted by Strife 20th December, 2003

Aaahhh, another MIG2 game. I was hoping you'd have BETTER SOUNDS, but it looks like it doesn't. Oh well, i'm a veteran at these types of games, so it shouldn't be difficult for me. Downloading...
Posted by Keatonian 20th December, 2003

How can you rip graphics from Lost Valley when you MADE Lost Valley! He OWNS those graphics! He can't rip them!
Posted by Keatonian 20th December, 2003

Nope. Not going to play anymore. The jumping is too "you jumped 1 pixel too inward on the ledge start over," and I FINALLY got to the boss and he killed me in one hit. That is way too expecting. Make the boss a new stage! Or make it so you get full health before the boss.
Posted by Keatonian 20th December, 2003

PS: I like my games with serious jumping ability (Castlevania included) so that you can overjump platforms.
Posted by Reaven Khali 20th December, 2003

Kinda resembles the sprites from
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 20th December, 2003

he ripped the graphics for lost valley. Just go check the download.
Posted by Va1entine 20th December, 2003

sorry mate didn't like your game, it looked really ugly!!!! nice game design and graphics though!
Posted by Jason Orme 21st December, 2003

Seems to be all graphics and no gameplay.. It would be a good game if you improved the following. 1) Jumping needs to be improved 2) Make It so that you continue on the current frame. Fix them and this game would be much better But all in all.. nice game
Posted by Harvy 21st December, 2003

This is long, but more of a critique than a review, so I'll post it here. I'm guessing that I've gotten the farthest on this game, even simply by virtue of the fact that I've beaten Level 1. Actually I've gotten to six. That's really sad, I know. I can only explain it by saying that parts of this game make me hate it so much that I am determined to beat them. For example, the pits that everyone hates so much. I hated the first one I fell into, but--folks, it only gets worse. WAY too much of the game is spent on avoiding pits that require literally perfect timing to cross. The walking graphings aren't really accurate enough to justify such things (it's hard to tell when you will actually fall off). You walk *incredibly slowly* and yet jump and fall *ridiculously fast*--not a great combination in a platform game. Some of the enemies have attacks that can only be described as "cheap"--unfair and often so buggy that they are difficult to evade. One particularly frustrating enemy was the Medusa head that shoots beams that kill you instantly (forcing you to restart the entire huge level and lose all progress since the beginning of the level including items, etc.)--another place where you must play perfectly to win. You could almost forget the life meter entirely, since most deaths occur from falling into pits in silly ways. Another thing I really didn't like was the constant influx of zig-zagging baddies from the side(s) of the screen. Particularly when, 90% of the way through a long level, a bat or skull appears and touches me in the air causing me to fall into a pit and restart the level. Items are not really that useful. I went through one level that had tons of hearts and no items for a long time. I would have used the item I had from the previous level, but wait--I fell down from the second to the first level, which killed me and took my item. That's another thing I disliked about this game: if you climb some stairs to a second or third floor and fall down a floor, you die instantly... Are we sensing a common theme here? Even from Level 1, and especially so in later levels, almost everything kills you instantly! Don't do that! This game reminds me a lot of Lost Valley in many ways (large and small), although despite its buggy nature, LV wasn't *quite* as bad in the cheapness department. Despite this long and largely negative post, I would like to offer a bit of constructive criticism. This game doesn't lack all that much! It's main problems are: 1) Tons of bugs 2) Really annoying platform movement and pits that kill you instantly etc. 3) You have to play perfectly to even have a chance at beating most levels How to fix it: 1) Debug it (part of programming any software) 2) Make your speed faster and possibly slower jump/gravity. Recover from pits after losing some life rather than instant death. 3) Take away a lot of the instant deaths. Make more useful items / place them in more useful locations. Create checkpoints or something. Perhaps you have five or ten lives before you have to go ALL THE WAY to the beginning of a level (after losing a life, you go back to a check point instead). That's not really that much to change. You put a lot of time into both this and LV, so I tried to play them both for a long time. If you only fixed these few things and debugged your games, they would be so much better. One more thing: I REALLY HATE the "crash" attack. I saved up 99 hearts and tried it with a dagger-- it wasted all 99 hearts (worth 99 normal daggers) to throw a single, sparkling dagger. I assume the dagger would have hurt a boss a lot, but I actually didn't even hit anything with it (since I didn't know what to expect). Then I was stuck with zero daggers and ended up losing even the dagger item. What a deal. After that, I wasted items to avoid ending up with 99 hearts (and be forced to "crash" and lose all 99). 1) Make crashes more useful (wide range or something) and 2) take less hearts (like 20 or something) since it takes so long to get 99.
Posted by Astral_86 22nd December, 2003

I was gonna make a review of this here too...but it seems that is already done. I've gotten to level 5...and that was a hard work! I say HARD WORK! Level 5 is a long stage, and I wasen't even with the end of the stage, for that matter. You get thru a long stage with much traps and enemies, and then in the end...WHOOPS! I fell down...I have to do it all again ^^. That is NOT good. Harvy, very good review there! I agree at all your opinions! :) MIG2 I think you should fix these little things 'cuz then the game will be great. :)
Posted by MIG2 23rd December, 2003

Ohh yes i see the game have a lot of flaws.It is 6 years old and i worked few days on it to render it "playable" but i see i need working more. Mainly complains about the difficulty. A detail the game was made first to be played in a single life...No continues . I think is a question of joypad.All my games are made to be played with a joypad so it's hard to determine a proper difficulty for the keyboarders/joypaders. I will increase ,the number of weapons and regenerating items I'll also improve jumps.
Posted by Va1entine 23rd December, 2003

narr! dude leave the game as it is!!! its way to borring mate!!!! i think you should start from scratch!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th December, 2003

Also keep in mind that in Castlevania, falling down a floor DID mean death. Hell load up the first castlevania (and I ain't talking Symphony, for all you yung uns) and do it, and try to jump on some stairs tomorrow.
Posted by 31st December, 2003

May i ask, how long did it take to make those GREAT graphics? =)
Posted by MIG2 8th January, 2004

Thanks for graphics!! I spendt 1 month to make the whole game's graphics.
Posted by M@ Alexander 29th March, 2004

Awesome, it's so rare to find a good home brew castlevania game these days. . . Like how you used the design of the skeletons from Haunted Castle. Thank god you didn't make it as rediculously hard as Haunted Castle.
Posted by Eric Lehto 3rd March, 2005

The Game is close to SNES Dracula X the SNES of Rondo of Blood, the Problem with the game is too many jumps, and nothing of real love Castlevia, but I really couldn't get through the first three Castlevia, My favorite was SOTN and freeform of the two Castle while in challege and things. The other thing is difficulty and the door with cross and fire, the problem is the bats need not be in the screen going and going, It's my pet pive with Return to Eygpt, not MIG2, but the madmen were out come and come, they didn't let get the key combanation, anyways, I'm a keyboard person, so please fix difficult. Beside that I'm great to see Haunted Castle 2 and 3, maybe you could make one like SOTN and the GBA games.
Posted by vrba79 17th March, 2007

I liked it, but I had to grade it a bit harshly...






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