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Happy Birthday to.. me:)
News posted 29th January, 2004 by Rikus  

Ergm..Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to meee, happy birthday dear, Rikus!, Happy Birthday to Meeeeee. Wohoohohohoooooo! Yes folks today is my 24th birthday, hip hip hurray! Just wanted to let you all know that your admin got 1 year older. Enjoy the cake and balloons and leave a comment if you want so i can show them to my wife and convinse her that all the time i spend behind the computer is not wasted..hehehe. Enjoy this great thursday folks!:)Click here to visit the Island  <-- Shameless Plug

Posted by Tigerworks 29th January, 2004

Happy birthday! {celebrate}
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 29th January, 2004

Happy birthday! Yay!
Posted by Dark One 29th January, 2004

Happy Birthday Rikus!
Posted by Zircon 29th January, 2004

Happy 24th b-day
Posted by Joshtek 29th January, 2004

Did you get any good pressies (aside from Tigerworks thoughtful collection of balloons)?
Posted by Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) 29th January, 2004

Happy Birthday Rikus!
Posted by Shen 29th January, 2004

Posted by Monkey Soft 29th January, 2004

As we say here... Buon compleanno!
Posted by DeadmanDines 29th January, 2004

To Rikus' wife; You can't demand all Rikus' time!? Anyone'd think you were *married* to him...:P
Posted by DeadmanDines 29th January, 2004

Oh, and congrats Rikus. I don't celebrate birthdays, but 24 is a good age. Beware, however -- 25 is aged, and by 30 you'll be looking at charity shops and thinking 'Hmm, that's a nice 2nd hand cardigan...' BEWARE!
Posted by Smeggy 29th January, 2004

LOL chris.. Happy Bday man..
Posted by Mr.Mean 29th January, 2004

Happy birthday
Posted by Simen 29th January, 2004

Happy Birthday! Or "Gratulerer med dagen"!
Posted by Beeb 29th January, 2004

Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Lew 29th January, 2004

Posted by Deviant 29th January, 2004

Have a very Happy 24th birthday!!! from stranger no.8837
Posted by Strange Culture 29th January, 2004

Happy Birthday Rikus! Have a good one!
Posted by Pete Nattress 29th January, 2004

happy birthday rikus. wow, that was original.
Posted by Joe.H 29th January, 2004

no, he just put those words in there because he's oh so lonely at night
Posted by ChrisB 29th January, 2004

It's a strange concept, isn't it fire.
Posted by JohnsProgram 29th January, 2004

Happy brithday rikus!!
Posted by Keatonian 29th January, 2004

Happy Birthday!
Posted by - Yelnek - 29th January, 2004

I wanted to give you a different Happy Birthday than other the othe Happy Birthday's so I aaaaah.... Visited the Click Island ;) Happy Birthday Man!
Posted by Fire and Ice interactive 29th January, 2004

'To the wife'_ i also believe he spends too much time in front of the computer...NAH, who am i kidding.. Have a great day mate.. lol
Posted by Yuhkaz 29th January, 2004

:) I dont celebrate birthdays either likewise Dines but good for you mate! 24 IS a good age :P Just before people start calling you old hehehe
Posted by Nick Heffner 29th January, 2004

Happy 24th
Posted by Weston L 29th January, 2004

happy birthday !
Posted by Mr Icekirby 29th January, 2004

lolers! what a nice birthday tread type thing... but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY! admins are cool
Posted by Rik 29th January, 2004

i think birthday's need to be celebrated, to try to counteract the depression of getting older. happy birthday dude!
Posted by RapidFlash 29th January, 2004

Happy birthday, Rikus! And you have a wife?
Posted by Teapot 30th January, 2004

Happy b'day! You rule Rikus!!
Posted by HeadCreep 30th January, 2004

Congrats! It was my 20th birthday yesterday too, happy birthday to me.
Posted by HeadCreep 30th January, 2004

Congrats! It was my 20th birthday yesterday too, happy birthday to me.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 30th January, 2004

Happy Birthday! Nothing more to say...
Posted by Ashman 30th January, 2004

pyHap dayBirth To be a tad original at least.
Posted by Nuutti 30th January, 2004

Happy Birthday yea (im late)!
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 30th January, 2004

Lol dines, Happy B'day rikus, hope you had a great day!
Posted by Joshtek 30th January, 2004

So, how was your Birthday?
Posted by HOSJ 30th January, 2004

Happy birthday rikus! I shall now sing a song. Sunshiii#ne,On my shouldee#ers, makes# me sunburnt#!
Posted by Jack Galilee 30th January, 2004

...woo...hoo *erhem* again WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Appy Birthday!
Posted by Muz 30th January, 2004

Happy birthday, Rikus! It's good to see that people over the age of 21 are still enthusiastic about their birthdays in this hectic world ;). Hmm... 24, quite an early age to be married. Lucky you. If you're lucky, you can even be the kliker who has the most kids XD.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 30th January, 2004

Happy Birthday, Rikus!
Posted by Earwig 30th January, 2004

hope you had a good one
Posted by Assault Andy 31st January, 2004

Happy birthday to you!{celebrate}
Posted by Jetstar 31st January, 2004

Happy b-day!!
Posted by renneF 1st February, 2004

Hey happy birthday! It's also my birthday too :)
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 1st February, 2004

Posted by Rikus 1st February, 2004

Thanks to all the cool comments folks! Wow, thanks:) And happy birthday to you to Fenner:)
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st February, 2004

24 wow... and i thought i was cool when i knew an 18 year old when i was like 10 LOL congrats mate, many happy returns
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st February, 2004

Dammit, rikus has allready replied, which means he'll never look at the post again, lol, i'll have to say something original...hmm... Merry Birthday! (that'll do)


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