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GOTW#92 - Hamster Jam
News posted 12th June, 2004 by The Chris Street  
Ovine By Design have been on a bit of a role the past few months, as virtually every game they've submitted has won GOTW. This week is no exception. Stu's game Hamster Jam is the proud winner, so give him a round of applause! PS: Note the nice new tidy presentation for this weeks GOTW ;) Do you like it? Post comments please.

This Weeks GOTW Contenders:

  • Gladiator Simulator
  • Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse: Nightmare
  • Link Word Advance 2
  • Roll 'em All

    Eventful Moments Of This Past Week:

  • Someone made an awesome sounding game called The Day After Tomorrow. Got me all hyped up and ready to download. The description: "..just burn the book." Oh. That was it. Still, I got my revenge, as lots of DC points were deducted from this guy for the worlds shortest ever description XD
  • Nita's first game ever, called Puppy Revenge. Amazing grammar for a ten year old...
  • Don't forget, this Sunday, Shabs Klik and Play game making competition ends. You still have time to bosh together an entry, just make sure its in tomorrow! Click here for details

  • Posted by X_Sheep 12th June, 2004

    Hint: Never hype yourself up too much for a game you haven't heard of XD
    Posted by ChrisB 12th June, 2004

    I think I preferred GOTW when it had two entries which were both games, as opposed to four entries with 3 non-games and one game that pretends to be
    Posted by Strife 12th June, 2004

    Me too. Hey, since Ovine has won so many GOTW's, they should compete against Fallen Angel. Now THAT would be something. ;)
    Posted by ChrisB 12th June, 2004

    ooh, circy learnt how to use tables
    Posted by The Chris Street 12th June, 2004

    I always knew how to use tables ;) I just...uhh.. forgot that I could use them on TDC.
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 12th June, 2004

    we can use tables!? And Here I was thinking That I'd screw up the frontpage if I used them. I'm still not going to use them, but it's nice to know that they are there.
    Posted by Tigerworks 12th June, 2004

    It doesn't fill the gap under the image like last week's GOTW post :P
    Posted by Pete Nattress 12th June, 2004

    aww bless, he's commented it and everything...
    Posted by The Chris Street 12th June, 2004

    Commented to make it easy for another admin to copy if they so desire.
    Posted by Shen 12th June, 2004

    'ten-year-old' should be hyphenated :P
    Posted by Andy H 12th June, 2004

    Woot ! Although I think we only have 2 GOTW now...maybe 3 if Imogen got it too - I can't remember. Stu did the coding on this one and I did the gfx :)
    Posted by ChrisB 12th June, 2004

    I still think the tablefree version was better. Oh well.
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 12th June, 2004

    Amazing grammar for a ten year old... She must have been educated properly, not like most kids these days, bah humbug.
    Posted by X_Sheep 13th June, 2004

    Hah bumhug. I think the tablefree version was better too. This one fills up more space on the front page :P
    Posted by ChrisB 13th June, 2004

    WCB: Yup. I had good grammar at 9, which is probably why I can't understand why all the 12-year-olds talk like they do here and on the Clickteam forums. :/
    Posted by Jamesbuc 14th June, 2004

    Im 14! so I have vEry g...oood grimmer (he he Ive actually got good grammar)
    Posted by Jamesbuc 14th June, 2004

    and the frount page did look better without tables.
    Posted by ChrisB 14th June, 2004

    btw. you said 'role', don't just give us excuses to mock your linguistic skillz
    Posted by Jamesbuc 15th June, 2004

    lol... damn I cant think of anything witty to say now :(


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