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Link Word Advance V2
Author: Bill Submitted: 8th June, 2004 Favourites:0
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Now I know this is not a game but I used MMF to make it and there are probaly quite a few students here so you may find it usefull. This is version two of the program with some new features including exstra options and colour cutomisation, I did try and impliment formated text but the list object is not compatible with this

Anway its a very simple program I use it to learn Japanese and the program comes with some lessons on this, all the data can be customised so you can add other subjects and new lessons. The way it works is very simple, you are given words and their meanings and then tested to see if you can remember them.

After this a list is displayed to show what you got right, so you could even use this for phisics to remember formulars and so on. If you want to send me some other languages files you have made please send them ziped to my email (

You can also download this with another program bunndled with it called 'Link Symbol Advance' which can help you learn Hiragana, it can also teach you Katakana but I havent been able to find any Katakana symbols. Anyway the link I will place below, in 'Link Word Advance' you can acess this via the globe simble with an 'S'.

Let me know what you think!

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Posted by Willy C 8th June, 2004

this looks prettey nice. Im learning spanish at the moment, maybe Il download it next time I have a test.
Posted by Bill 8th June, 2004

thanks, if anyone else ads other languages as I have done with Japanese then please send me zipped. I would love to add more suport for other languages, anyway that enougth of me repeating my self.
Posted by Willy C 8th June, 2004

anyone wants to learn norwegain?
Posted by Bruce Juice 9th June, 2004

I want French. Maybe I'll make French. I have a Dictionary at home.
Posted by Bill 10th June, 2004

Yeah go for it!
Posted by Bruce Juice 10th June, 2004

though, I dont know any of the grammer...but what the heck.
Posted by Bill 10th June, 2004

Yeah I mean you will have to find online tutorials or take up lessons for any of the languages grammar, but this will help you learn the words which will make learning the grammar easyer too. If you search google it returns some good free results!





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