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GOTW #95 - Arena Survivor
News posted 5th July, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Spiderhead has once again won GOTW with his entry Arena Survivor. Pulling up in a very close second place we have Click Driver.

In this week's GOTW we have Caverns of Xin Xiao Xu, Sound Studio, Bombjack, Energy Blocker, OSD2, Velocity Dodgeball, and Diamonds.
Once again, it's been a busy week, so lets see if we can't keep this trend of good games going.

Eventful Moments of the Week

  • Umm, my account got hacked - Which was followed closely by a post in the forums about choosing a good password.
  • OSD2 Got abandoned, but at least we can play it now.
  • Rikus coming out of left field and posting all sorts of news on the frontpage, making the rest of us look lazy XD.
  • Circy's on vacation, so don't flood him with DC mail, and be thankful we aren't being subjected to his disgusting dentures avatar.

  • Posted by ChrisB 5th July, 2004

    Blue Imp Smurfs it up for 3 GOTW votes
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th July, 2004

    Sorry bout the late GOTW, I was a bit distracted yesterday. Not distacted anymore, just very, very, tired.
    Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2004

    There we go all better, shab i hope you wont mind me changing it for ya:) And thanks for updating this weeks gotw man, i'm sure its appreciated by everyone here, round of applause for the Shab man!:)
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th July, 2004

    Nope, don't mind at all. Looks WAY better than it used to. You true admins can do all the cool stuff. XD
    Posted by Jamesbuc 5th July, 2004

    lol. yes that dentures avatar is awful!
    Posted by Strife 5th July, 2004

    Oh dear. I see Google ads on the bottom of the page. Looks like there aren't enough donations going around... Oh well, I don't care about the ads. It's MUCH better than those annoying pop-ups. :P
    Posted by Strife 5th July, 2004

    I would donate, but I have to ask my dad first. He's the one with all the credit cards. ;)
    Posted by Jamesbuc 6th July, 2004

    I would donate too. If it wasnt for the fact ive got nowt.
    Posted by Steve Harris 6th July, 2004

    Well done to spiderhead :)
    Posted by ChrisB 6th July, 2004

    I don't think abandonware should win GOTW, nor should demos (unless it's an exceptional game) or apps because they're not games ;P
    Posted by Pete Nattress 6th July, 2004

    yeah chris, we tried that and had about 1 entrant per week. :(
    Posted by ChrisB 6th July, 2004

    Yeah, but we'd have 4 this week :P
    Posted by Blackstorm 6th July, 2004

    I think that the GOTW has been corrupt for quite awhile. What about that recent GOTW? There was only 1 real game, and it stunk! (The GOTW with the Gladiator Simulator. Look it up.)
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 6th July, 2004

    Just because there are no decent games to put in GOTW doesn't mean it's corrupt. Besides, all of you can vote on the winners anyway.
    Posted by awesomeanimator 13th July, 2004

    lol, dude you called the game arena runner on the picture
    Posted by awesomeanimator 16th July, 2004

    lol, dude you called the game arena runner on the picture


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