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MMF 2 Press Pack Published!
News posted 31st August, 2004 by The Chris Street  
For those of you (including myself, unfortunately) who were unable to attend this years Click Convention in Paris, Jason Darby has put together a Press Pack which gives several details on MMF2!

Head on over here to take a look! There are two versions - a downloadable HTML format all zipped up, or a PDF file. The choice is yours!

Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 31st August, 2004

Some of the new features look awesome, but one thing that I really dislike is the new picture editor. It only has 8x zoom! :P
Posted by Dr. James MD 31st August, 2004

ive already bought an engagement ring for MMF2
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st August, 2004

yeah i agree, that picture editor looks yucky. cool info though.
Posted by ncsoftware 31st August, 2004

This reminds me too much of TGF, bad case for a MMF user. the editors look horrible, like you find in those cheap freeware applications. I thought MMF2 would have some more class, since CT is trying to target at the more proffesional user too. I also find the info bits released very little, would have expected some more about new features, hardly anything on that. It's mostly interface stuff and the interface doesn't seem to have improved much, on the contrary.
Posted by Zimtower 31st August, 2004

This is supposed to look like tgf and have more advanced options than tgf and it does!
Posted by Zimtower 31st August, 2004

The only mistake they made was removing the step through option.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 31st August, 2004

It's cos of all these people who couldn't be bothered to learn MMF's different but much more advanced interface that Clickteam have fucking taken a step back and devloved the interface.
Posted by Silveraura 31st August, 2004

Thats not TGF with more features, thats MMF made to be TGF because of nutballs saying that TGF was better. They basicly ruined MMF2 because of n00bs who refused to learn such an easy interface just because TGF was more "clean"!
Posted by Mr Icekirby 31st August, 2004

i read something about tgf 2, what the heck? i thought tgf was stopped?
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 31st August, 2004

I agree that it needs more zoom in the picture editor. I will be sure to ask Yves about it. Before you guys get too worked up about things you should wait for the beta or more information. I do think people will learn to love the picture editor, but there is room for changes if you have good ideas. Of course if your idea is just that it sucks that doesn't help much. Everyone keeps missing the debugger - This one thing is the coolest item new in MMF2 (IMHO) Its too bad no one at the convention asked to know more about MMF2 :( The internal sound engine got a huge amount of work and will be very cool to use. but it was impossible to go over everything in the 2 hours the convention spent exploring MMF2. Overall I think the interface will be 50% more productive and 75% more standard then MMF 1.5 Lets all remember the screen shots are all early-pre beta so things are subject to change as the alpha testing goes on and beta testing begins.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 31st August, 2004

TGF2 / MMF2 Their are 3 versions of MMF2 MMF2: The Games Factory 2 MMF2: Multimedia Fusion MMF2: Multimedia Fusion Pro Details about the prices and limitations of each version will be announced when it is decided. The prices will be in the same range as they are now.
Posted by Blackstorm 31st August, 2004

I only used step through until I figured out the event editor... Zim, you have been here for how long? After 2 months, people usually throw the step-through editor away, because they become advanced enough to use the event editors... Wow. Anyway, it looks alright, but I didn't see very much new stuff.
Posted by Radix 31st August, 2004

I don't care what it looks like, but from the pictures I can see it's a lot more streamlined. I'd personally prefer to use a less professional-feeling interface if it means I can work faster.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 31st August, 2004

Out of interest.... What new features do you expect or want? Alpha channel? Yes its here New sound control options? Yes its here Active Object rotate and resize? Yes its here Write your own sound filters for other formats? Yes Movement SDK for custom movements extensions? Yes Multiple movements for one object? Yes Hopefully you are not expecting some "make my game for my objects" those aren't coming. Rather we are making the tool to create the games more powerful and flexible - If you have an idea about what is needed let us know. If you don't tell us we might not guess what those are.
Posted by Radix 31st August, 2004

Duh, the make my game for me object is an extension.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 31st August, 2004

yes, definately more than 8x zoom. make sure linux/mac runtimes come with the release! Don't pull a Jama on us. The step through editor I found was good for finding any important events you might have overlooked like this one time I forgot to define the actios for this one button when I was amking this thing, skipped right over it:P If you do pull a Jama, I'll just have to apply some knowledge I heard from a friend whose friend knows something about Mac and Windows executables:P...inverted binaries or something like that. Maybe you could ore-release the SDK for some users to get aquanted with the changes and develop some extensions before MMF 2 really comes out. Like how the console companies release the SDK to their new console before release in order to have launch games.
Posted by Rubin Slater 1st September, 2004

It oddly seems like people here are not typical for other software titles and forums at all. This is almost pathological. Sounds like more bossy control trips than praise and notation of what's so good an important. Are you all stockholders in Clickteam and I missed something? No wonder I never post ... I am waiting for the winner's section for this software on the Net. Instead, I get the whining girl's, wrong color for my nail polish, where's my valium, group of: let's kill things before they get off the ground so we can stay really bummned because it feels so good and everyone should feel this pathos. "Boohoo, MMF2 is so dissapointing and don't have no x or y or z. Poo! Wahhh!" What the fuck is wrong with you losers? In what grade or stage did you decide to be arrested in? It sounds like you are some freekin' master programmers who OWN the people who made this software. After MMF2 comes outI am going to PRAY and wait for new the sites where people are not painting and mindlessly vomiting their personal and psychological problems on the software ... while calling it an opinion. I can't wait to get to something close to sane normalacy and watch it take off in a great new direction. MMF2 will deserve a flushing of the toilet in order to get its just rewards, judging by the crap-ass remarks made as speculations here. It is clear that MMF2 may then represent a great shakeout where the losers go off and whine in odd, very whacky ways, while the real, sane, users join together in triumph and joy over the power they have. The joy and celebratino just won't happen here, it seems. Sad! Short-sighted people who didn't pay anything are going to do what they can to bring it down so they wont' have to think about paying! Ah, shills have been paid to do that before, and they will be paid, (in software and money) to do that again. That's how the industry works. But that is just way beyond you all, so do the right thing and call it paranoid. Selfish + Shills, don't equal no community at'all. There are too many of both here. If the good, real users who paid don't stand up, then its a good idea to write off DC and wait for after MMF2, rather than argue, flame, and fight with paid and upaid fools.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 1st September, 2004

MMF2's interface looks so much better than that completely muddled MMF1 interface. It's alot cleaner, and I like it, that's my biggest thing while using MMF, the interface is painful to look at, and the animation editor is well, not very all. Now the real question will be, will I be able to bring MMF2 to it's knees like I do with TGF and Fusion?
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 1st September, 2004

personally i think mmf2 looks great... i don't look forward to having to spend a bucket load of money to get MMF2 though..
Posted by ncsoftware 1st September, 2004

What really get's me is this, why show off so much of the looks of MMF2 and gui, and hardly any new features. I've still got no clue of what MMF2 really is about, excepted for some screenshots I don't really like and a lot of editor improvement that hardly get me excited. I do really like to know about the new features of MMF2..... Is there really going to be a 3D object? What are the improvements in the AO's? Are we really going to have improved and new movements? New objects? Will MMF2 finally have a smaller file size? Speed improvements? Will MMF2 finally take advantage of new hardware features or will we still have to lack behind because it's geared at the 'slow' computers too. Those are the real questions on my mind, not some screenshots of the gui. After all I'm not going to buy MMF2 because of those improvements, MMF1.5 suits me fine. I'm going to get it because of the new features, those should be advertised!
Posted by Rubin Slater 1st September, 2004

You don't seem sound like a very deep, up-to-date, or regular user, Just Somebody. It should be clear that the current information is clearly great for MMF. That would be only for regular, knowledgable users of the software, of course. We are talking CORE, and basic news, right now. A taster? That's going to be very clear and important to the knowledgeable userbase. They may be the only ones who won't answer the answers with naive questions, right now. I say that becuase the quesions you have asked are obviously premature. The answers come way later ... maybe in the beta? Too bad you didn't see that. Your confusion is understanable because you have not kept yourself up-to-date on everything, like at the CT forums and all the suggestions and responses0. There is WAY to much going on for anyone to try to answer your questions, as premature as they may sound. Those questions are not related to what is going on, yet they sound more like idictments to clear power of MMF2 that many of us can clearly see. Give it time! Good things come to all those who wait.
Posted by JP 1st September, 2004

I LOVE IT it looks simpler, if I wanted hard I'd learn a code. Rubin, stfu, please. they are meerly telling jeff that when they shell out their $100 for MMF2 they dont want _______ in it. While i disagree and think it looks easy and handy, let them say what they want how they want.
Posted by Chrisbo 1st September, 2004

thank god for the redesigned picture editor, I hate the current one!
Posted by Chrisbo 1st September, 2004

thank god for the redesigned picture editor, I hate the current one!
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st September, 2004

MMF2 looks spank gorgeous to me. the new possibilites sounds bloody amazing... but when is it coming out?
Posted by Rubin Slater 1st September, 2004

JP stu yourself forever, amen! I totally support CT! I am nothing but thankful that they can make me a new product I have always wanted and need. I am glad that a small company like them has survived no matter how the pirates talk and abuse and demand from them. Pirates are shit to me! Pure shit. Shit that stinks and like cancer on a dead body. What the fuck do they know or matter? Did you KNOW that Jeff is not programming MMF2 at all? I have never seen anything that suggested he was anything more than help, support, and persistance for everyone who Clicks. If the critics can't afford to pay for MMF2, then it is obvious that they don't even have much of a vote or input in the future! They don't have to shell out nothing, and the shit they shell out has very zero value to serious users. Oh, but the freekin' pirates are going to spew out here about what they think and want and they are going to hate any concept that MMF2 is going to make them wait or, gasp, pay for the outcome. DC is way to full of pirates, based on what I said. REAL users of such a poweful product, going into its net version, just don't sound like total fools when they hear good news! It is way to obvious you know. Many of you leeches are in the process of KILLING CT and Clicking, so the good users who pay should not confuse that wiht any sort of helping anything.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st September, 2004

I'm greatly looking forward to MMF2. I don't care about a new interface. As with the transition from TGF to MMF, I'm prepared to LEARN how to use the interface. It's going to be a cool ride.
Posted by ChrisB 1st September, 2004

And so the circle of life continues. Out with 'MMF 1.5 is too hard for mes!111', in with 'MMF2 is for kids!!1 ppffftt!!!!!11'.
Posted by Radix 1st September, 2004

Well, anyone who doesn't like it can donate their copy to me.
Posted by Pete Nattress 1st September, 2004

Rubin, these people are just offering their opinions. calm down a bit. it's their money they're spending, and if CT didn't have the enormous community backing it does, god knows what it would be like today. they cant' afford to totally ignore us. so some comments may be a bit premature, but people aren't going to hold back until they get more information, clearly, they're going to say what they think based on what they can see. so obviously, come beta, these opinions will have probably changed.
Posted by Batchman 1st September, 2004

there won't be any beta, i don't know who tell you this, but at the CC François say there will be no beta because it's a lots of work
Posted by Radix 1st September, 2004

Fixing a million bugs after shipping is even more work. Of course there'll be a beta.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 1st September, 2004

There will be a beta versions. We are just not sure about how many testers we will be able to use. New features overlooked: Unlimited Global strings Unlimited Global values
Posted by Snakesoft 1st September, 2004

Jeff, what about the runtime engine? Will it be somehow smoothest than MMF1? I've heard something about the possibility to choose the framerate but I didn't find nothing about it in the press pack..
Posted by ChrisB 1st September, 2004

You'll be able to change the framerate (this was one of the questions), but we don't know how much better the runtime will be just yet. I expect it will run better than when it was clogged up with fixes and patches from Klik past ;)
Posted by Tiles 1st September, 2004

more betatesters = more catched bugs ;)
Posted by ChrisB 1st September, 2004

Although it works in reverse if you have too many. If you have a public beta of hundreds of people all sending in various bug reports, you're going to get the same bugs repeated hundreds of times. Can Y+F look through thousands of messages of the same stuff?
Posted by Silveraura 1st September, 2004

Ehh, according to what I hear is all added to MMF2, I think that a poor Image Editor will be forgotten. I never reliesed how much was actually added. Just wondering though, how much of a discount will MMF1.5 Standerd users get? I'm sure this is a question that alot of people might be wondering but not many people thought to ask. ^_^ (If prices arent thought of yet thats ok, I was just thinking of a nice solid #% off.) Anyway, what I would like to see in the Image Editor is the kind of zoom MMF has, thats basicly the most that disappointed me. That was one of the best things about the Image Editor IMO, just having 5 types of zooms isnt near enough. Other then that, MMF2 doesnt sound as disappointing now! :-D
Posted by Silveraura 1st September, 2004

BTW, another reasion you might not think about getting more beta testers insted of better ones (not saying the ones who beta tested MMF1 wernt good.), is that because if you have over 100 beta testers & you find a bug, you might find it useless to report it because you might just see it as you finding something 30 other people found & its useless to report it. Thats not the case, you should report it anyway just incase. Thats probley one of the biggest problems with beta testing. People thinking someone already reported it.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 1st September, 2004

this RULES!! tell me where to preorder! il buy this whatever cost! you earned it! i love the tab's system and i dont realy see any bad changes at all. if you have adjustable FPS, the only thing i could think of adding would be mac,linux support etc. but great job! *worships*
Posted by Zimtower 1st September, 2004

clickteam should have a fundraiser so they can buy a powerful mac to make MMF on mac.
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd September, 2004

Rubin, there is a complex relationship in the business world: there is the producer and the consumer. The producer creates a product or service to sell to the consumer. The consumer, if they want this product or service, purchases it. Now, if the product or service doesn't appeal to them, or say in our case, have the features they want, they probably won't buy it. This may be difficult to understand for you, but I think you can probably grow to understand it.
Posted by Rubin Slater 2nd September, 2004

Sorry for coming down hard. I use a lot of software and am not used to seeing a big, hard comedown on such good news. I will get over it! Thanks for the feedback on my strong comments. Now, on with the show. Things are looking really great and I want to know more. I guess we all want to know ... MORE. I would hope there will be a chance to preorder MMF2. My cash is ready to go.
Posted by Tiles 2nd September, 2004

@brandon/firemonkey : agreed, public beta testing may not be the best idea here . but that wasn´t my suggestion anyway . Should have explained it more clearly ... . I talked about Betatesters . Not Rookies playing around with the stuff , reporting a bug like : i cannot find the exit button ... ;) In fact more eyes reduces the chance to overlook something . For bringing all the betatesters and the programmers at one table: e- mail is ways too uncomfortable and too much work for that . A special hidden forum with restricted entry would be the best way here . In this way the Betatesters could discuss their results without having hundrets of mails going across , could confirm bugs, could share tips like how to reproduce, etc ... . And the chances that somebody doesn´t submit a bugreport because he thinks it is still reported is very small . A simple look into this Forum would tell the current tester if the bug is still there or not . That´s what i would do . Just a suggestion ... ;)
Posted by Steve Harris 2nd September, 2004

More testers = more system variations tested on
Posted by Snakesoft 2nd September, 2004

What about compatibility with .cca files from MMF1.5? Did they thell something about that?
Posted by Joshtek 2nd September, 2004

By the looks of the icon in the game they were opening a Click&Create game, which shows there is backwards compatibility.
Posted by ChrisB 2nd September, 2004

I believe that Solitaire game came with MMF 1.2/1.5, but they said that there should be backwards compatibility.
Posted by Snakesoft 2nd September, 2004

Thank you! :)
Posted by Tim 1st October, 2004

MMF2 - Is there a "Pinball" movement and "proper" platform movement? Sorry if I am repeating questions already asked! Glad Step Through Editor is gone. Its counter productive and not used you'll find.
Posted by -Vinny- 14th June, 2005

i can't be bothered to read through all of this, but i very much agree with radix, it's better to have the interface streamlined for ease of use, instead of having the program overflowing with buttons that i am going to use only a few times over the course of a games development, it's not about how professional it looks, but how fast people can become comfortable with the program, and if you think that mmf is being ruined by 'n00bs' you need to rethink your statement, because the whole line up of products developed by clickteam, is aimed at n00bs under that 'oh-so-easy' to use interface (don't quote me on this) lies those little things that you will hardly use often and just take up space on the screen, and a program isn't more professional just because of the complexity of it's interface, that just makes it a mess, imagine trying to memorize the floorplan of a jungle, and the floorplan of your house, which do you think you can memorize faster (now don't be an idiot) don't you see how much better it is on the user if they can spend more time actually making their game than fiding their way through all the buttons (which doesn't make it look more professional, just messy, and no i'm not assuming that you are referring to the amount of buttons as the reason for mmf looking professional, but that's the conclusion taht i came to, and i do not wish to explain it atm)


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