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New Games: Puzzle Bubble Girl and Davey Crockett's Revenge
News posted 9th September, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Nasty Man has added Puzzle Bubble Girl, a Tetris like game, to our little site. You have to line up 3 of the same animal in a row to make them disappear, so normal puzzle game stuff here.

Dustin G has also added his game, Davey Crockett's Revenge, a game that he cooked up in just 5 hours; in direct response to Radix's Ball B**tard. Does this mean we'll be seeing more games like this?

Another Note: I have noticed that many people have been trying to use BMP's as screenshots on previews and downloads lately, to solve this problem, I point you in the direction of Clubsoft's BMP to PNG converter which will change those huge bitmaps, into small png's.

Click here to download Puzzle Bubble Girl. Click here to download Davey Crockett's Revenge.

Posted by Dr. James MD 9th September, 2004

i made Catalyst Sigma in the space of a few hours one night many months back


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