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New Game: Depth Diver
News posted 15th September, 2004 by Knudde (Shab)  
Chris Och from the boys over at Natomic has released a new game, no it's not Super Stun and Run, it's a remake of an old Atari 2600 game that never made it to the production stage.

Comments from the author:
A high scoring game, loosely based on a never released prtotype Atari 2600 game called "Aquaventure". You are a diver, collecting the treasure from the deep, trying to avoid the sea creatures.

Click here to download Depth Diver

Also would like to add that Jannis Stoppe creator of Entrance Gate has also joined up with Natomic's Roster. Congrats!

Posted by Dr. James MD 16th September, 2004

"slowly but surely DC becomes another Natomicass kissing site" i read that in a book somewhere.
Posted by Rhys D 16th September, 2004

jay get over yourself please.
Posted by 16th September, 2004

Natomic stinks !!! with an big "S"
Posted by Radix 16th September, 2004

Natomic make some great stuff, although they tend to be somewhat arrogant. Not that I'm one to judge.
Posted by Chris Och 16th September, 2004

Thank you Dustin :). I try to be cool with everyone, because we're all just having fun making games. It's a hobby, and nothing too serious.
Posted by Radix 16th September, 2004

Hey, hey, I was clearly generalizing. I don't care how they act, I like them.
Posted by Solid 17th September, 2004

Natomic hate makes Andi cry. :[
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 17th September, 2004

Jay, that was uncalled for, should newklear make something and gain a new member then I'd make the post, but then maybe someone would say I'm kissing newklear's ass, so I should think twice about it, right?


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