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New Update, Spiffy!
News posted 6th October, 2004 by Rikus  

I called in for some take-out food tonight (a Hollywood hot-sub-yum Yum!) and while waiting i visited the good old dc, but i noticed there where no updates for the past couple of days, maybe everyone is busy so i hope this update gets things rolling again. Enjoy and keep on clickin:) Ps. In the background me and club are making some changes to the dc for the new year, but that's all i can say right now, wooohoo:)

Posted by Zimtower 6th October, 2004

yay, dont make tdc ugly like it was before, and, did you guys find new admin yet?
Posted by Muz 7th October, 2004

Shab steals almost all my downloads, and the good ones I do find and decide to play first gets put on the front page by Circy before I get to. :/ Bah, I've got 4 weeks of end-semester break after my upcoming final exam in the next two weeks. I'll post more (good) crap on the front page than you two guys put together. XD
Posted by Muggus 7th October, 2004

I like the sound of this afore mentioned wooohoo:) Rikus. Although I think my idea of wooohoo may differ from the majority of the members here.
Posted by 7th October, 2004

Hey why don't you make it a flash site?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th October, 2004

Because flash sites are evil! Not really, but they'd be far more difficult to customise and use in the same way as TDC at the moment.
Posted by Tigerworks 7th October, 2004

Ugh, I feel dirty after using flash sites. That's possibly the worst thing anyone ever conceived of doing to TDC.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 7th October, 2004

Flash sites are indeed the devil's spawn. I hate how restrictive they are, and how it takes ages to load things that would take a second normally.
Posted by Simon Colmer 8th October, 2004

ye, and lots of the time you can make a site look better with HTML, PHP.... and also Flash can restrict people using public computers if they dont have flash compared to html which is globaly friendly!
Posted by Dr. James MD 8th October, 2004

using flash only would result in cutting out people without a broadband connection especially with a large site like this. but i think Flash looks better than HTML. as a designer its my duty to say that ;)
Posted by IceTec Studios 8th October, 2004

forget flash, i think the fact they use ASP is a bigger problem, Php and MySQL will speed up this website enourmous.
Posted by 8th October, 2004

what's that?
Posted by ChrisB 8th October, 2004

Jay: I couldn't agree more. Just look at for proof.
Posted by Tigerworks 8th October, 2004

Flash has ONE advantage over normal sites, and that is it often can look nicer. But that's ONE advantage over a plethora of disadvantages. Let us turn to the useit alertbox, bible of all web design: Lots of reasons. Plus flash is just so slow (on my 600mhz PC anyway, and a lot of web surfers are low end users). When I want to go to a website I want content, not tiny thin columns of text around massive, slow, antialiased images. Plus it obscures navagation, as I have to 'scrub' the page looking for mouseovers to go to the next section instead of just having a list of whats available so I can click on it. The link I just gave has about 50 other reasons. Don't make flash sites.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 8th October, 2004

Ok, then how about we vitalize the whole site so you need to download a patch everytime there's an update? ;P
Posted by Tigerworks 8th October, 2004

Vitalize, like Flash, has its uses, but these uses do not include web sites either.
Posted by Tigerworks 8th October, 2004

Weeeelll... maybe I made too much of a sweeping statement there actually, Vitalize websites are actually better than flash in some areas (they're always fast, easy to use, sometimes use seperate pages so 'Back' works etc). Like flash Vitalize can make nice banners and animated sections, integrated games etc. But the main problem with a Vitalize website is that, if aimed at the general population of the internet, you can't expect anyone to have Vitalize already installed.
Posted by Muggus 8th October, 2004

Man you guys are such geeks. You turned what could have been a cool news post into a post about Flash or whatever if is you're talking about, I have no idea. For shame! :(
Posted by Muz 12th October, 2004

Vitalize AND Flash suck. If this was some stupid corporate website, then they'd actually have a purpose... like showing off neat gfx skillz. But since this is more of a discussion/knowledge spreading/gathering site, navigation is the most important thing. And what I know is that navigation on most Flash/Vitalize sites are absolutely HORRIBLE. Only exception is the Homestar Runner site, but that's bout it.


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