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GOTW #110 - RE: Get To Schol On Time
News posted 13th November, 2004 by The Chris Street  
RE: Get To Schol On Time has won GOTW this week. It's a totally screwed up game from three seemingly screwed up individuals under the name of Famicon XD

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Snowball Wars, and Neonworld. That's, uh... it. Always helps if people bother to include a decent description, host, working link and images. No-one really bothered this week. Henceforth your games didn't get onto GOTW. EDIT: It seems as though GameBiz is a non-klik product, so I removed it from GOTW. Please refrain from uploading non-klik games here in future.

Eventful Moments Of This Past Week:

  • Eh. Oh. Not MORE admins, surely? Just a better selection from around the world. BrandonC has posted an interesting topic which basically ponders an idea - because in some parts of the world admins are sleep, others are just getting up and can go on the internet and update TDC. Read more to see the post in full.
  • Here's an interesting topic: Where does your magic happen? This refers to a post by Jay White wondering what your bedroom / computer workspace looks like. Get those piccys in here!
  • Wong went to America for the week and was unable to be competent enough with a Mac to update anything.
  • There seems to be a distinct lack of stupidity this week, which is quite unusual ;) Of course, that's why this Eventful Moments do-lally is a bit bland right now. Please give me something interesting to write about next week ;)

  • Posted by X_Sheep 13th November, 2004

    2 games? That's all?
    Posted by The Chris Street 13th November, 2004

    Yup. Check out the games from the 7th November onwards in the dloads section. Only these two bothered to meet the criteria.
    Posted by Zimtower 13th November, 2004

    does gotw games have to be made from clickteam products?
    Posted by The Chris Street 13th November, 2004

    Posted by nev0` 13th November, 2004

    Uh.. wheres the rule on *that*? If non-klik games are allowed to be submitted, then it is foolish not to allow them to win GOTW. If something is made in C++ or BlitzBasic, it doesn't really mean it has an advantage.
    Posted by The Chris Street 13th November, 2004

    I personally will refuse any non klik games to TDC. Other admins seem to do what they want on the issue, but since I tend to run GOTW, I refuse acceptance on non-klik games and refuse them entry to GOTW. It's like submitting a Klik and Play game in a DarkBASIC community. Shouldn't be tolerated.
    Posted by Buster 13th November, 2004

    It's a game making community though.
    Posted by Tigerworks 13th November, 2004

    One for Clickteam games though. I would leave if this place suffered an influx of DarkBASICers.
    Posted by Zane 14th November, 2004

    Well that was a waste of a vote wasent it.
    Posted by The Chris Street 14th November, 2004

    See this is exactly why I refuse non-klik games to TDC, because they always cause problems and confusion.
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 14th November, 2004

    Probably time for another admin meeting again, I think. (I'm back on a computer that I can actually use now.)
    Posted by Jamesbuc 15th November, 2004

    It does no cause problems and confusion. :P
    Posted by Jamesbuc 15th November, 2004

    oops I mean it does NOT cause problems and confusion. XD
    Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 15th November, 2004

    Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 15th November, 2004

    Oh, no stupidity? Ah, come on people! Go and be stupid!


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