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TDC Christmas Competition 2004!
News posted 15th November, 2004 by The Chris Street  

As you might be aware, Christmas is coming up. And, to get everyone into the festive spirit, The Daily Click is running a competition. The theme: Mario Style Platformers Starring Santa!

Basically, you must create a platform game. Santa Claus must be the main protagonist, and it must play as close to a Mario game as you can make it. The main prize up for grabs? 100 Daily Click Points PLUS either a copy of Multimedia Fusion 1.5 Standard, Install Creator Pro or Patch Maker. These prizes were donated to The Daily Click by the generous folk at Clickteam.

Click here for more information on the competition if you're interested, or head on over to this forum thread to take part and discuss plans or ideas. Good luck to all who enter!

As mentioned above, Clickteam supplied The Daily Click with the prizes. However, TDC wish to express that Clickteam have no control or influence over this competition, and are not endorsing it either.

UPDATE: Fastloops are now acceptable to use in the competition. But the other restrictions still apply. Make what use of them you can.

Posted by nev0` 15th November, 2004

Why not fastloop? The least you could have done was let me use the DMC object for half decent music. Now what am I going to do :(
Posted by vortex2 15th November, 2004

-The game must NOT have any save features -You may NOT use Fastloop! (or Fastloop features as included in MMF 1.5)...... and all of the "other" rules like the extensions you can use, the file size limit, the fact you can't use a group.... Honestly that is too many rules! Not being able to use fast loop or the extensions you want? What kind of nutcase rule is that? That is really stupid..
Posted by RapidFlash 15th November, 2004

I have to agree, the "Only objects you can use" rule is ridiculous. On a different topic, I liked last year's theme better, even if it was harder to do.
Posted by Galaxy613 15th November, 2004

You could see it as a challenge to work around it.. Though I don't see how you can work around something like DMC Object o.O
Posted by 醤油の兵士 15th November, 2004

can we use extension we develop ourselves:P
Posted by vortex2 15th November, 2004

Still, no save feature as well as no fast loop is really strict... shame, I wanted to enter :(.
Posted by Silveraura 15th November, 2004

Amnesiasoft-Nope, cant even do that, they give a list of the only extentions you are allowed to use. :-\, & I really dont think that you can convince them to let you add an extention you made to the list. X-D
Posted by nev0` 15th November, 2004

I didnt even READ the no save feature! I was planning to do a game with adventure elements, but now im am forced not to. Perhaps I will release a seperate version with half decent music and save features after the first version.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 16th November, 2004

no save feature is a stupid rule, what do you even acomplish by not allowing for saving? even original mario games have saving.
Posted by Buster 16th November, 2004

Who gives a shit? You dont need any extenstions to make a game like this.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 16th November, 2004

hmm..this competition sounds like fun! I haven't been very active in klikking lately, so I guess I'll try making a game for the compo. =)
Posted by Monkey Soft 16th November, 2004

The rules are too strict...
Posted by Tigerworks 16th November, 2004

Without allowing neither Fastloop nor the Platform object, how can we make a good platform engine without getting bored?
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th November, 2004

good rules
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 16th November, 2004

I made a platform engine in TGF once with no fastloop. Looks like I need to go and dig it up again... I'm okay with the fastloop rule, actually. It's an interesting coding challenge. The no save rule makes no sense though, and I can't see any possible reason for it (except that Circy had something to do with the rules, perhaps).
Posted by Binoz 16th November, 2004

Too many limitations.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 16th November, 2004

Wait a second: "-All graphics MUST not be ripped, and none must NOT be modelled on any Nintendo character." None must not? That means they all MUST be based on Nintendo characters!
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th November, 2004

wow, anyone read JD's winge at KM? jesus i thought my lil' brother was bad!
Posted by Tigerworks 16th November, 2004

If you want a minimalist competition, have one, and only allow active objects or something. But a half way only serves to be a difficulty.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 16th November, 2004

Curse you, school, curse you!
Posted by The Chris Street 16th November, 2004

A Mario style game means the features that it has. It does not mean ripping enemies or levels. You've all been spoilt by extentions. Why don't you bother to put effort in? This is a freaking competition, where you have to EARN the prize, not let it be handed to you. Still, I guess the fastloop rule is a little harsh since I know so many of you rely upon it so much. I'll lift the Fastloop ban, but the rest remains to your coding "skills". Jeez, I really don't know why I bother sometimes, I really don't.
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 16th November, 2004

You do it because you care.:P
Posted by The Chris Street 16th November, 2004

But why should I bother to care though? I spent ages organising and planning this... should have known everyone would complain. I also read JD's news post at Klik-Me, the contents of which were way out of line. And thats whats annoying me really. An editor calling another editor a complete and utter moron on the front page of a popular website is unprofessional and wrong.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 16th November, 2004

what about making our own extension for use with it, that's still our skills.
Posted by The Chris Street 16th November, 2004

Posted by Dr. James MD 16th November, 2004

...and very immature (editor bitching about another editor). its sad when people dont want to try
Posted by Pete Nattress 16th November, 2004

i have mixed feelings about the "no extensions" idea. restricting fastloop is just silly and it's good that circy's removed this rule. as for other extensions... well, what would you need to make a mario style platformer besides fastloop? i agree that extensions are there to help and i disagree with the sentiment that they "spoil" us (why have software without taking advantage of its extensibility?). but if all you're doing is an ostensibly basic platformer, what do you need? 3D Arrays? DirectShow? IsoGrid? why? i'm on the bench with this one.
Posted by 17th November, 2004

cool competition, I'll try to come up with a Christmas game. I have a really good engine made up which is marioish(:P). dunno whether it will be finished.
Posted by Fifth 17th November, 2004

Hmm... I've got a decent Yoshi's Island engine made, but it might be kinda weird having Santa swallow enemies and turn them into eggs. Plus it uses arrays, so bleh. ...Is it okay to use other extensions in the game's creation if they don't end up in the final file? Like, in an separate editor or something?
Posted by vortex2 17th November, 2004

- Active Object - Background Object - Background System Object - Display Properties Object - Window Control Object - Counter - Quick Backdrop - Clock Object - String Text - Formatted Text - Text Blitter - Fast Loop Do you see anything on there that would allow you to load external levels Anyway? So why would you need an editor?
Posted by 醤油の兵士 17th November, 2004 could use formatted text and the built in string parsing functions XD
Posted by Max 17th November, 2004

Meh. I could cope with the "no extensions" rule since I don't even use Fast Loop at all, but I've had enough with platformers for the while being. Would have been better if the compo wasn't catered toward only one game genre. Oh well. Maybe I'll do change my mind about that one.
Posted by Fifth 17th November, 2004

Strings'd work. You'd just take a three-dimensional array and mush it down in a really long one-dimensional array. That's what I was thinking, anyway.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 17th November, 2004

the idea is formatted text can load up external files, string object can't
Posted by Brad  18th November, 2004

no sav features? what do you want us to do, make another MSD?
Posted by The Chris Street 20th November, 2004

You can only use the objects listed. Anything else is a no-no. Clubsoft has updated the main competition page, so it's all relevant and everything. Passwords are acceptable, you know. So many platformers out there never had save features. Sonic 1, 2, James Pond: Robocod, etc. I think there were some early Mario games which didn't use save features either.
Posted by Airflow 22nd November, 2004

This theme is really easy. I'm fine with the object usage limit. Even the 'no save' features and I'm pleased that the fast loop is back in. But what's the point of the 320*240 res limit!!?? Larger graphics are easier on the eyes. With a better screen res choice such as the conventional 640 * 480 instead of a set 320*200, you make it easier for the testers to look at, as well as having the possibility of some decent graphics from the entries. Even if the games did use heaps of graphics, the game must be under 3 mb anyway. It would be a price to pay for the entrant to waist valuable K which could go towards levels and code. So what's the hu-bub? Anyone would be more eager to participate without stupid little limits such as that. (This makes me start again- I began on 520*416):P I already drew a Santa and had almost finished the engine) (sighs)- hey, I probably should have read the terms first. A couple if questions... When IS the dead line? Are you allowed to use MIDI's from the original Mario games?
Posted by Faithtoken 29th November, 2004

One simple question: which size should the included screenshot be?
Posted by Faithtoken 29th November, 2004

I meen, one could save in some kb's by making it really tiny ^.^


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