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Not Another Snivelly Whingy Post...
News posted 27th January, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Hello everyone, just thought I'd post a news update to remind you how to use the basics of The Daily Click, since some people are spectacularly inept at doing so. Nice long post follows...

How to get your downloads accepted:
Firstly, write a paragraph or two about the game. The first paragraph could be about the storyline, if there is one, or the overall objective. The second paragraph could be about the games features (i.e, does it have a Time Attack mode? A multiplayer mode? Online High Score Board features?). Then, you need to submit a correct working download link - and do NOT link to the c:/ drive on your computer. Depressingly, screenshots are not essential, but if you do include some, please don't make them bitmaps; they'll take ages to load and just annoy the heck out of everyone - especially admins. If you don't have any hosting for screenshots, upload them (courtesy of Flava) HERE. There really is no excuse for no screenshots with this feature. Finally, do not EVER submit games in the forms of continuous streaming demos. For example, a certain individual may make a game called Mr Stumps Dentures 2 and submit a demo as DEMO ONE... and then a week later release DEMO TWO as a new download. Don't do this! Instead, edit your original download and make any necessary modifications!

How to get your game on the front page:
Best way: Make sure your game has screenshots, a decent description, a working download link to a GOOD host. And even if your game does have these qualities, it does not automatically guarentee front page, or indeed GOTW contendership status. And make sure you do NOT ask the admins to put the game on the front page! Especially myself! We all have a lot of work to do, and have this little thing called a "life". When we return to our computers we don't want to sift through a sackful of requests. From now on, I personally will ignore any such requests, be it from klikkers who I don't know, or even klikkers who I get along with. And it won't be anything personal, I just have better things to do. I don't want to be portrayed as the Nasty, Cruel, Vicious Selfish Admin ;) Other admins may do things differently of course.

How to write a preview:
I've seen loads of recent previews that tell us what the author is planning to do. A pre-planning stage, if you will. And the majority of these previews will end up as nothing because the author will realise they are out of their depth. If you submit a preview, make sure it's at least 20% finished, with working screenshots. We don't want "concept art" either. Just get the job done or don't bother submitted the preview.

Submitting links:
Only submit links which are relevant to game making. Your own personal websites, unless they contain your own games, are not welcome and probably won't be visited. Slight variations, such as links to your own original MIDI collection or open source sprites are acceptable, but you should probably ask an admin about this first before submitting the link.

How to act in the forums:
With courtesy and pleasantness. Don't go around looking for arguments and trying to provoke reactions. Keep the peace.

Well, thats the end of the snivelly whingy post. These sorts of posts really shouldn't be as common as they are, and if you follow these guidelines, then your relationships with the admins and everyone else at TDC should run along smoothly.

Posted by Willy C 27th January, 2005

yes, we all ned to be reminded once in a while.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th January, 2005

Not all of us.
Posted by Stian B. 27th January, 2005

Haha,Circy.You dont have better things to do,your life is computer! :D
Posted by Joshua M. 27th January, 2005

Actually it shouldn't be needed to be reminded to this, are clickers stupid & lazy?
Posted by Tigerworks 27th January, 2005

Instead of whinging, TDC should automatically: - Enforce minimum description length for downloads - Check download links start with http://, ftp:// etc. and not C:, D: etc - Enforce at least one valid screenshot
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 27th January, 2005

Nice little venom-laced post, Circy. ;) This should discourage even the most obnoxious newbie. :)
Posted by ChrisB 27th January, 2005

TDC doesn't do enough to prevent idiots doing stupid things...
Posted by -Vinny- 27th January, 2005

which is why circy posted this, because he's actually STARTING to do something about it :P
Posted by The Chris Street 27th January, 2005

Hey I'm just an admin, a guy on the face of TDC. I don't have the abilities nor permission to access the deeper annals of the TDC database. This isn't a whinge, Tigerworks. I've tried to be pleasant with this news post without offending anyone. If thats whinging you need to get your head examined :P
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2005

But you said yourself it was a whinge! With any luck, Tigerworks' suggestions will be noted and used by the site coders when they update the site.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 27th January, 2005

or you just set up a page with this information on instead of posting it once in a while..
Posted by Silveraura 27th January, 2005

Well when I want my games to appear on the front page, I ask one of the admins if they could do it for me, & I never got yelled at about it, so the next time I release a game, I know what admin not to ask, but that doesnt mean someone like Rikus has a problem doing it, because he's yet to complain yet.
Posted by The Chris Street 27th January, 2005

Wong: Oh yeah, forgot that XD Wartagon: Its been suggested many times in the admin forums, but no-one does anything about it *sniffle* Brandon: Its nothing personal, but you wouldn't believe the number of front page requests we get in a week; after a while, it gets real annoying XD
Posted by Radix 27th January, 2005

For you maybe, because when someone asks how they canget their game on the front, they're told to DCMail you. Everybody bug Muz. He likes it.
Posted by mojofltr 27th January, 2005

There should be a guidelines page with this information on it. Not everyone is going to assume your expectations when they post their first game. You might even have this list annotated on the "Add Download" page. If you are going to have certain expectations, then you might want to spell things out. ie... Not everyone knows how to capture their screen for a screenshot. A link to an explanation of how to do this is nicer than a scolding afterwards for not having done so. Remember, everyone has to be a newbie at some point. What is "whinge"? It is some slang I haven't heard before?
Posted by Assault Andy 27th January, 2005

I noticed that in all of the downloads pending you had written comments asking to write better descriptions. I think it's a step up and a good thing.
Posted by Zimtower 27th January, 2005

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 27th January, 2005

There really should be a link that leads to a page like this on the My Daily Click panel to save having to say it again and again. It's never bad to remind the newer people how to act, though.
Posted by DaVince 28th January, 2005

Oops, my preview is 10% done... *whistles*
Posted by Yuhkaz 28th January, 2005

Tigerworks suggestion would be good.
Posted by AS Filipowski 29th January, 2005

Yeah, but it is harder to do that then it looks :p


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