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Mmf might support Portable Handheld System: GP32!!
News posted 15th March, 2005 by Rikus  
Wicked Studios had a talk with Jeff from clickteam. He told him that in the near future clickteam might consider releasing a program that can convert mmf files into .fxe files. Meaning they will be able to run on the portable GP32 system! The Game Park 32 system is a handheld gaming console with MP3 and optional movie-playing capabilities. And is several times more powerful than the GBA. Jeff say's that they should release it once mmf 2 is stable enough. That's certainly is good news folks! I can't wait to bring some click games with me for on the road!
Click here for more information on the GP32.

Posted by The Gonz 15th March, 2005

And in turn, GP32 .fxe files can be converted to run on the Dreamcast! :) :) :) :) :)
Posted by Radix 15th March, 2005

This is very awesome news.
Posted by Silveraura 15th March, 2005

He was telling me about this in AIM, but I doubt I'll be able to get the system anyway.
Posted by -Vinny- 15th March, 2005

word of advice, revise the layout of the handheld, the buttons and speakers should switch their respective places, because the positions that they are in at the moment will cause discomfort for sure the d-pad should be changed as well, instead of having that circle design, they should use sony's d-pad design as problems will arise when players have to predd the d-pad buttons quickly, will notice that it's not as nice pressing on a circle as it is pressing on 4 different d-pad buttons so anyone with connection to the GP32 developers please tell them about this, it will definitely make the hand held system much better to use, especially in the comfort area, and it will reduce problems in joints ------------------------------------------- other than that rant for a better layout w00t!!! finally! this is the first move i've seen where click products are integrating more with the larger gaming communities, this will definitely broaden clickteam's range for both publicity (as well as revenues? who knows) but this is a smart move, though it will be undoubtedly underestimated when compared to the glorified PSP but this is something we can all look forward to, hurray for integration! :D
Posted by -Vinny- 15th March, 2005

quick question, does anyone know how the system will run games? will they use cartridges? mini cds? or will they use a flash card or usb system? what about memory upgrades? the thing that surprised me was the note about overclocking, that struck me as amusing, since that's usually for computers, but it will alternatively improve the speed for the GP32 system aswell
Posted by Chrisbo 15th March, 2005

ehh...GP32 isn't really seems more like a programmer's game console rather than a general consumer electronics console. It will be cool to play your own games on a handheld but I doubt that it will create much buzz.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 15th March, 2005

I certainly couldn't make do with 4 buttons...
Posted by Chrisbo 15th March, 2005

yeah that too
Posted by Kirby Smith 16th March, 2005

I wonder if Clickteam could work a deal with Microsoft to make them work on the next XBox. Being based on PC components, I can't imagine it being that difficult to implement.
Posted by Radix 16th March, 2005

I somehow doubt there'd be much of a market for 2D klik games on an xbox. Handhelds are another matter.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 16th March, 2005

JD makes a pretty good point, all there is to work with is 4 buttons, it may limit some types of games but i guess for most it wouldnt make such a big deal for others, you could just work around it by doing combinations eg "UP+A". Its actually a pretty stylish handheld, what im wondering is what type of media would it be? if you want your games to have saving capabilities then i guess this would matter.
Posted by Radix 16th March, 2005

I count six buttons.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 16th March, 2005

I am more waiting forward for MMF 2 being able to make games for PDA, esp. Windows Mobile 2003 (I'm getting iPAQ 2210 in a couple of days :) ).
Posted by axel 16th March, 2005

cool:) does that mean that u can make like, own console games...on MMF(2)? :):):):):)
Posted by axel 16th March, 2005

hey, just imagine if u could play online games on it... like playing flannville 2 or super ken senshi on a gameboy. they didn't mention anything about that?
Posted by CYS 16th March, 2005

Woohoo! Playing my games on a handheld!!! Sigh...but i guess i can't afford to buy one.
Posted by The Chris Street 16th March, 2005

Bah this console is destined to fail. I've never even heard of it before until now.
Posted by Al 16th March, 2005

You can get GP32's for about 100, they use flash cards for storage.
Posted by Radix 16th March, 2005

It's a handheld, not a console.
Posted by -Vinny- 16th March, 2005

not really, maybe we can make it shine but yeah, i'd really like to see more than just 3 buttons for my right thumb, i'd rather have 4 buttons plus that menu button on the right side, maybe i'll post up a layout design later on
Posted by Ben Berntsen 16th March, 2005

Sounds like this system won't ever hit it big but it sounds cool... Being able to run emulators and click games on it... sounds cool if you got the cash.
Posted by axel 16th March, 2005

you're right, i've never heard of this thing before now, though it seems to have been on the market for a time. AND it's pretty expensive :(
Posted by Steve Harris 16th March, 2005

Does anyone know where to find the specs for MMF2?
Posted by axel 16th March, 2005

i wonder why it's so unpopular, if it's much better than GBA
Posted by Broomie 16th March, 2005

HOLY CRAP! I am getting this, no doubt about it. I mean it can play the Monkey Island classics. Yet can't you get more memory for MP3's? If not I could always convert my MP3's into OGG.
Posted by -Vinny- 16th March, 2005

easy, the pricing, and the publicity/fame of the developing company, it's not that it's unpopular, it's just one of the more unknown handheld console systems
Posted by RedHades 16th March, 2005

Well, they don't have the marketing power like Microsoft and sony have. They seem to be limited to Europe. Also, they might not mass produce the thing, so production cost per unit is higher. Even the Wonderswan, Neo-Geo pocket and Ngage are hand-held deadbeats. So I dont think that any development efforts for this backwater console is worth it. Looks more like a money pit to me. But hey, I'm sure some poeple might have fun with it though. So it's still a nice tech-toy.
Posted by hishnak 16th March, 2005

Yea, the controls are a little off. It looks like Your hand would be covering the speakers. I would rather have a GB-SD than this though.
Posted by Wicked Studios 16th March, 2005

DO I ROCK OR WHAT?!?! And yeah it can play wireless multiplayer with the use of a cell phone or perhaps ( Im not sure, but there might be,) bluetooth adapters for it like a usb thing or something. But with cell phones definetely.
Posted by Jenswa 16th March, 2005

I'll stick to my gba development.
Posted by axel 16th March, 2005

nice! just can't wait to get my hands on it...
Posted by X_Sheep 16th March, 2005

Holy Budweiser! I'll probably get one of these things when MMF2 comes out (not before that) even if it was just because I could take my games with me ;) I'm still hoping that MMF2 can port games to other systems too... We'll see how it turnss out.
Posted by 醤油の兵士 16th March, 2005

I'm surprised it's not popular, seems like lot's of people would want a dancing porno girl program...;)
Posted by danjo 16th March, 2005

it would be like letting kindergarten loose in parliment!
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th March, 2005

that really is quite amazing. a clicker i knew years ago turned to GP32 coding and said what a brilliant machine it was. good news day
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th March, 2005

ho hum, just had a thought. dont hold me to this but im sure the processor speed is 160mhz? id be suprised if this can run uber effect-hungry games
Posted by Tigerworks 16th March, 2005

Maybe not your games, Jay, but most games.
Posted by -Vinny- 16th March, 2005

jay, if you checked out the site, you've know that you could overcolck the system to some 255mhz or something
Posted by Xte Games 16th March, 2005

it sounds like a good idea but i hope someone will make a cca or gam converter to use on gba:)
Posted by DaVince 17th March, 2005

Hehe cool, Click games 'emulating'! Too bad I don't have a GP32...
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 17th March, 2005

Cool but it would be great if our games could be played on Nintendo DS or Gameboy Advance rather than a "unknown" handheld that can play mp3s/videos/games/applications/read ebooks/bake a cake etc etc etc. It cannot play everything perfect!!! I'm pretty sure that it has some serious problems!!! -It can be overclocked??? Come on!!!! >) I also believe that it would be better if Clickteam could make an extension that could transform our games in a format that is more common; eg. cellphones' games/ps2 games/ palmtop games etc. 8)
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 17th March, 2005

(ps: i bought a DS two days ago and it's perfect! the touchscreen is cooooooooooollllll! mario 64 ds is the best handheld game eveeeeeeeer!!)
Posted by axel 17th March, 2005

well that wouldn't make any great difference from playing them on a PC, on a handheld you can bring your games with you wherever you go :)
Posted by Assault Andy 17th March, 2005

I've heard of this console before, when I bought my GBA flashcart. I don't see much point to it, a GBA is a far better purchase as the GP32 runs PD games ONLY (or roms). If you buy a GBA flashcart then you can develop your own GBA games and have the same functionality as a GP32 in the way of downloading games.
Posted by Radix 17th March, 2005

Yeah, but only GBA games. As of today I've officially played every GBA game worth playing, and quite a few that weren't. I've been considering buying one of these once I have the cash. Being able to play SNES, Genesis, PC-Engine, MSX ect. emulators on a handheld would be great. Plus the other stuff. The GBA is great, but it can only do GBA stuff.
Posted by Mark 17th March, 2005

I write the GP32 Magazine ( and can honestly say this is FANTASTIC news.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 17th March, 2005

we can all agree flashcarts rock. Now back to Kuru kuru kurururin
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 17th March, 2005

To be correct: I said we would look into it and consider it. One of the main problems is this system is not sold in the vast majority of the world. Hopefully they expand out so a runtime would be valuable.
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 17th March, 2005

Well I was going to get one of these before already but now I'm convinced to definitely get one. Jeff. Don't consider it. DO IT. =P We'll all buy a GP32 for this.
Posted by AndyUK 17th March, 2005

ive heard of this console, it is advertised in retro gamer magazine loads. I was considering getting one for its emulation capabilities alone, but this news is even better. It's a shame i don't have mmf.
Posted by -Vinny- 17th March, 2005

lmao, jeff's age is '-99' XD anyways, i'm still not 100% for the GP32 at the moment, but i would get it possibly after a few more improvements on the system it may be handheld, but i barely play handheld games, the only thing that has my attention in terms of handheld products at the moment is the PSP, DS is very gey by my standards, but custom games is another story, so GP32 is my other interest at the moment, depending on the outcome, i probably will get one
Posted by Chrisbo 17th March, 2005

GBA DS is pretty advanced. It's like an N64. It's crazyness. BTW, PSP will blow all handhelds out of the water when it's released :p
Posted by IceTec Studios 17th March, 2005

@Aggggge March 16 2005 "i wonder why it's so unpopular, if it's much better than GBA " Marketing and Power. Philips, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, etc own the place. As soon as a good company becomes a treath they just buy the company if possible. The publisher of the GP32 doesnt have the money to afford big Marketing plans, so they will never reach the unreached.
Posted by Rikus 17th March, 2005

Thanks guys:) That's the last time i update the site before going to work and trying to hurry:)
Posted by Fah 18th March, 2005

damnit why did i sell my GP32 :(
Posted by axel 18th March, 2005

dammit why didn't you sell it to me! :( XD
Posted by Gamegeek 18th March, 2005

The GP32 has a 3.5" backlit TFT screen compared to the puny 2.8" GBA screen. The resolution is better at 320 x 240(Qvga)compared to the 240 x 160 GBA and 256 x 192 DS resolution. It has an ARM CPU capable of overclocking up to over 200Mhz sometimes but most go to 166 Mhz. It has built in stereo speakers, flashmedia storage, d-pad. It is an import only system ATM and is very big in the homebrew scene mostly in Europe, see Not only does it run much HB games but has fullspeed w/sound emulators of Genesis, SMS, GG, NES, Turbografx, MAME, GB, GBC, Colecovision, Atari 400/5200, C64, Lynx, Atari 2600, MSX, Spectrum, etc. It also has ports of Doom which can run commercial as well as HB WAD files from the PC. It is completely opensource, anyone can make anything, no annoying DRM or signing required. And Sensation, the buttons are fine as they are. It is the most comfortable handheld to play, much more so than the awful ergonomics of the GBA ans DS. Don't knock it unless you have tried it. It is quite a cool little portable kit.
Posted by axel 18th March, 2005

do you really want me to read all that? you could just say "it rocks!" that's enough for me!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th March, 2005

omfg!!! i have one of those!! :D now il be pissed if they dont finish this ;)
Posted by Radix 18th March, 2005

Christ. Gamegeek, and everyone else singing the praises of the GP32, you do realise it's possible to tell us how good it is without putting down the GBA, right? When you start talking about the "puny 2.8" GBA screen" or the "awful ergonomics of the GBA" (Nintendo happen to be masters of ergonomics BTW), all you do is alienate those of us who happen to like the GBA. I'm sure the GP32 is the fucking messiah, but you know what it can't do? Play GBA games. Not yet, anyway. And the GBA itself isn't a bad developer's console, either. Personally, I'd like to own both.
Posted by Gamegeek 18th March, 2005

@Radix, sorry if I was harsh. I do own a DS though and I for me it is very uncomfortable to play. I don't want a flame war though so if you like them that is fine. I do see alot of posts here slagging off and putting down the GP32 (even though they never tried one) in favour of the GBA like the below I guess that is why I was a bit defensive. "Assault Andy March 17 2005 .... I don't see much point to it, a GBA is a far better purchase as the GP32 runs PD games ONLY (or roms). If you buy a GBA flashcart then you can develop your own GBA games and have the same functionality as a GP32 in the way of downloading games." I see a point to it (GP32). as in my previous post. As a developement console GP32 is every bit as good and I would say better for developement. Flashcarts are much more expensive for the size that you get. You can get very good SDKs for GP32 for free as well. To the ones saying the GBA is better I would say try both and then make a decision. If you still like GBA better then fine to each his own. To say GBA is better, or there is no point to GP32, without trying both is unfair. I own GBA, GBA-SP, DS, and GP32, so I have some first hand experience. Yes having both would be the best solution. Then you get the better commercial games on the GBA and the better emus and homebrew on the GP32. The best of both worlds. Cheers
Posted by axel 19th March, 2005

the GP32 can't play GBA games, but, it can play your own twice as good klik games ;)
Posted by Radix 19th March, 2005

Why would I want to pay money to play my own games? Anyway...
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 19th March, 2005

Heh, I had an Idea like this a LONG time ago. This would definately give clicking a shot in the arm I think.
Posted by Bartman 19th March, 2005

Arent you people against stealing games and sprites from copyrighted games? Kind of silly that you people would turn around and support something like the GP32. Yes, it is more developer friendly than the GBA, but it doesnt offer any of the functionality the GBA does, like interact with Gamecube games and what not. Also, the library of games and availibility hurts the GP32 even moreso. As much as I'd like to have it, the GBA is pretty much my sole choice, until Nintendo gets to the next Game Boy. Also, I've already got about 50+ games for my GBA, rather silly to switch now.
Posted by Bartman 19th March, 2005

Also, I'd like to see Click games work on the Dreamcast moreso =)
Posted by X_Sheep 19th March, 2005

There's a problem with making games for the GBA if you don't have a license from Nintendo or something, is that you can't simply burn your games on a cartridge to take them with you :P Even tho I think there is stuff that lets you burn .gba files on a cartridge available, but I wouldn't know where to look :P
Posted by Wicked Studios 19th March, 2005

Actually Radix your wrong. It can play GBA games on it using an emulator that was released about a week or two ago. In YO FACE!!!!
Posted by axel 19th March, 2005

well the GP32 will have a almost unlimited<\B> game library when MMF2 is released if u know what i mean :D
Posted by axel 19th March, 2005

awww crap! i always do that!
Posted by axel 19th March, 2005

goddammit aww crap is not a html you #####!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 19th March, 2005

you guys obviously have no grasp of how much the big N charges for it's cartridges. The profit margin on a GBA game is about 4 to 5 bucks at full retail (29.99 US), that is profit for the publisher. GBA games cost about 20$ to make EACH. Mostly cause they are all made in Japan, then shipped out all over the world. There are bulk buying discounts though, but those deals are pretty shite to.
Posted by Radix 19th March, 2005

Wicked: If that's the first, I highly doubt it's fully functional. X_Sheep: Flash carts. Check out
Posted by Rikus 20th March, 2005

I had to make this comment number 80, i just had to:)
Posted by Wicked Studios 20th March, 2005

And i just had to make this comment 81!
Posted by Gamegeek 20th March, 2005

Bartman March 19 2005: "... Yes, it is more developer friendly than the GBA, but it doesnt offer any of the functionality the GBA does, like interact with Gamecube games and what not. Also, the library of games and availibility hurts the GP32 even moreso. As much as I'd like to have it, the GBA is pretty much my sole choice, until Nintendo gets to the next Game Boy. Also, I've already got about 50+ games for my GBA, rather silly to switch now. " Huh? So the gp32 is no good because you can't connect it to a Gamecube?!! That has GOT to be the lamest arguement for the GBA that I have ever heard! Who really connects a GBA to a GC anyway, not many! Also who said anything about switching? I didn't, I didn't read anyone saying "dump your GBA for a GP32" It would make sense to have both though. Please try to make some sense! Also the GP32 is NOT a competitor for the GBA, DS, etc. It isn't meant to be mainstream. Does it have to be? Don't we have enough commercial systems like the GBA, PSP to go around? What is wrong with having *one* hobbiest open dev system like the GP32 that is a bit "underground"? keep an open mind, instead of a just being big "N" fanboi.
Posted by Gamegeek 20th March, 2005

You may also want to look at to find out more if you wanted. Lots of info there.
Posted by Jamesbuc 21st March, 2005

the gp32x is quite good
Posted by Wicked Studios 22nd March, 2005

Gamegeek has a really good point there. The GP32 isnt made to contend with the PSP, and Nintendo DS, and no its not that mainstream, but thats what makes it cool... DO NOT CONFORM!!!


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