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GOTW #127 - Wandering Fighter
News posted 19th March, 2005 by The Chris Street  
MIG2 has won yet another GOTW award - this time for the very brilliant Wandering Fighter - a Wonderboy clone. It's a great game well worthy of the award, so congratulations!

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Square Runner, Bernard & Hank, SMB 'em up, and Total Space. It's probably not difficult to predict who will win this week, but you never know... shocks have happened in the past!

Posted by axel 19th March, 2005

this is not fair, i'm up against bernard & hank! it's already reached 29th place!! i don't stand a chance! :( well winning isn't everything...
Posted by axel 19th March, 2005

*18th :'(
Posted by Pete Nattress 19th March, 2005

"shocks have happened in the past!" No they haven't.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 19th March, 2005

I have stocks in shocks. And tasers too!
Posted by The Chris Street 20th March, 2005

Your game looks too weird to be nominated. People who actually put in loads of effort are more likely to get into GOTW. Not every game here will be nominated :P You're not being ignored and its nothing personal :)
Posted by The Chris Street 20th March, 2005

Grr. Ok, just this ONCE then.
Posted by Radix 20th March, 2005

Posted by axel 21st March, 2005

i made SquareRunner in a week. looks like hayo's been workin' on B&H for ages, i think he deserves GOTW for that one :P... 8 vs 63 votes in two days, i don't stand a chance :P


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