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Author: MIG2 Submitted: 6th March, 2005 Favourites:3
Genre: Action Downloads: 2036
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By MIG2 on 01/05/2006

Cadash/Wonder boy II style

You are a lonely warrior. You have reached Anster Land and your objective is ????? (secret).

Get gold to buy the equipments you need .
- Boots : They changes your speed and your jump level
- Swords : They increase your strenght
- Armors : They increase your defensive power
- Shields : They block projectiles

Main features

- Original GFX --no ripped--
- Joypad or keyboard game
- Parallax scrollings
- Your equipment visually changes when you get news parts.
- 12 areas
- A lot of items and subweapons

!!!!!!! COMING NEXT : DOUBLE DRAGON " The fist " !!!!!!

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Posted by Leric 9th March, 2005

I love all your games so I'm sure I'll love this one too.
Posted by Leo Nieves 10th March, 2005

looks nice and hey what program do you use to make the graphics
Posted by Astral_86 10th March, 2005

I came to stage 12, the last stage, and that was so... SO hard! :O Miguel, I know you're kinda' busy, but this is a great game as always! I found a very very irritating bug... you should set an event so the enemies' animation "Stopped" is activated after the animation where they attack is over. It happened once, but one archers animation froze, so it shot a never ending wall of arrows. This game was really fun and in the same time extremely frustrating, I hit the computertable many times. :P I might play this game another time, as I said I came to stage 12 and that took me aroung 3-4 hours. >_< Take care!
Posted by Harvy 10th March, 2005

I beat the game in "99 Credits" mode, and supposedly something (I won't spoil it) was unlocked. However, nothing was unlocked in the Options screen. Excellent game overall, though as with all of MIG's games that I have played, you have to play essentially a "perfect" game AND be lucky to win. One quirk in the gameplay: The whole not-going-backward thing is OK and kind of interesting, and when you die your stats are reset. However, I think that if your gold / exp etc. are reset, your items and magic should be set to what they were as well. It's really annoying that the first time you play a level, you have a mega-advantage compared to every other time (and you start out with 1/2 life after dying, as well!) The strategy involved in finding the optimal path (which items to buy, which areas to avoid, and in the last level, the order you do things) is interesting. However, the game is so difficult that it frequently becomes frustrating. Obviously that didn't stop me from playing it long enough to beat it.
Posted by Spram 10th March, 2005

Man, I got to level 10, the mountains, and I died. It's difficult as all hell. Are there any cheats?? BTW: Is there a way to play it full screen? Also, I would to love to know that Mig is making a Lost Valley 2 with this engine and new graphics, but that's kinda hard. I wish I could work on games like Mig2, if that was the case, I would have Blimpo Warrior finished. :(
Posted by Eric Lehto 10th March, 2005

The gameplay is fun! Have to admit it and possibily on 99 credits are you able to win the game, but come on, those bat in Deven Falls don't need the projitles which kill you in two turns.
Posted by Astral_86 10th March, 2005

Fullscreen = Alt + Enter. It is explained in the beginning of the game. :)
Posted by Eric Lehto 10th March, 2005

Spram, Do you have $99 dollar, about hundred to buy Multimedia Fusion? It'll be a few year due to busy things, books, jobs and church, But I have to make a Castlevania SOTN type video which is named Spiritual Warrior, The Spirit Realm. Since I can't afford the MMF to make games, I turn to other brand, RPG Maker 2003, or Game Maker 6. These have great gaming abilities, and you don't have to do RPG Game on RPG Maker, the different is the maps and background on the page would be used...So there two other choices. Game Maker is simple and easy if you have time and energy and money to do so.
Posted by damik 11th March, 2005

Ohh.. old good times !!! Great game. Graphic is excelent. Good job. Sorry for mistake - I'm from Poland.
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 11th March, 2005

Looks awesome. Just about to download. I'm gonna enjoy playing this!
Posted by c-jayf 11th March, 2005

This game 100 percent roxxes my soxxes
Posted by Jason Orme 11th March, 2005

I'd love to see this game made like lost valley, using the same idea. Its such a good idea, and so damn addictive.
Posted by Harvy 12th March, 2005

I've beat it with 5 credits now, and still *nothing is unlocked*, even though the end screen says it should be! This is, perhaps, one of the most annoying possible bugs...
Posted by MIG2 12th March, 2005

Hello everyone I actually have internet failures so i cant be very ACTIVE forgive me Harvy I fixed that bug , the game is re-uploaded .Thanks for the bug report Some peoles speak about the game difficulty. The game may appear to be difficult, but if you have a good "buying strategy" it will become piece of cake. For exemple : Buy the Comfortable boots ( blues ) at the begining of stage 4-1 . So you will be able to reach the items shop in the same level. In that shop buy the Angel Wing . If you keep the wing you will be able to reach the platform in level 4-2 then you will get an item wich give you 5000 exp . Don't forget to look for hidden doors . Keep subweapons for the bosses you don't like .wisely used they are very very efficient . The Rock can fastly destroy a lot of bosses . (This is a secret you must normally buy in a tavern : THE G-SCORPION HATES FIRE ) Other exemple : The Manticore in Stage 8-2 . There is an items shop just before the boss . Buy 9 ices in that shop ,then that horrible boss will be sent to heaven within 3 secondes .
Posted by Liquixcat 12th March, 2005

downloaded. hated. deleted. enjoyed.
Posted by Joshua M. 13th March, 2005

I like this game! Though, the guy really holds his sword in a strange way. Hmm, oh well. :p great game
Posted by The Chris Street 13th March, 2005

Should have been called "Wandering Pinhead Fighter" ;)
Posted by quefuk 13th March, 2005

Great game! Nice graphics, music and concept. It's really fun to play and addictive too. My only improvement would be to include a way to kill yourself: I just had to restart the whole game because I got stuck in a rut in Denven Falls (only had leather boots because I was saving up for the Geta Boots) and since there was nothing around to kill me, I couldn't use up a continue and go back to the beginning of the area :(
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 13th March, 2005

This is a pretty cool game, with a nice retro feel and great graphics. There's a few issues already mentioned, but I reckon this is a GOTW winner.
Posted by Joshua M. 15th March, 2005

The character is divided into three pieces, right?
Posted by Jason Orme 15th March, 2005

thats what I thought
Posted by MIG2 16th March, 2005

No ;) 4 parts : body,legs,sword,shield Quefuk Ohhhh that is strange, i tough the game was possible with LEATHER BOOTS until stage 11 ( even if it's very difficult) . I was wrong,thanks for the report
Posted by Radix 16th March, 2005

Very awesome game, MIG. But fucking impossible. I gave up after 9-3 made my eyes bleed.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 18th March, 2005

This game got 51 votes, but the next one, Kinesis only got 20. This game is definitely gonna win:)
Posted by Radix 18th March, 2005

Colin Lok: You mean that face on the wall in the castle? Once you get close enough you'll hit a button on the floor and it will disappear.
Posted by Quadralien 19th March, 2005

Colin Lok: If it's those things with the rapid-firing crossbows you were talking about, if you can't get past them by using your sword, just blast them with a magic subweapon - you don't lower your guard while casting, as far as I know.
Posted by Radix 19th March, 2005

WTF? You just walk up to them and hit them with your sword. Yeah, really tricky.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th March, 2005

I deleted your review, Colin Lok, because it was crap.
Posted by John Keyes 19th March, 2005

-Sorry Circy i tried my best. -Quadralien, thanks now im ill try that -MiG2, WOOHOO!!!! GOTW
Posted by Harvy 19th March, 2005

Haha, I beat it on "hard" mode (now 2 continues) a few days ago. The tricks are: 1. Buy the right stuff 2. Find ALL of the secrets, including tiny coins... it's really annoying to be 3G short of buying the ultimate weapon 3. Never mess up... you can keep angel wing and strength band indefinitely if you do not get hit :) The band doubles magic power as well, and ice / cyclone already have 2x power. So when you get the Vedic Blade and the arm band your cyclone does 46 damage to all enemies on the screen, including the final boss. yes!!!!!!!
Posted by mrpectate 19th March, 2005

Congratulations on the GOTW! It's very easy to see why it won. I am having so much fun with it! I keep dying, but I keep trying, and I can't wait to get that "little bit farther" to see what's next. I think that's about the best user rating any game could hope for. Most of all, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us. It's a real inspiration.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th March, 2005

Well I deleted it because you wasted most of the character space with meaningless random keypresses ;)
Posted by renkin 20th March, 2005
Rated :

Grats to GOTW. I wrote a review. I forgot to add in it that even though I find the game a bit flawed, it's really one of the best and most entertaining klik-games I've played in a very long time. So thumbs up, definitely.
Posted by Radix 21st March, 2005

Good, because your review sounds really bitchy.
Posted by renkin 21st March, 2005
Rated :

I guess it sounded a bit bitchy. I kinda forgot to mention the good things. I actually remade it now, and even raised the score with one star. Thinking of it, the unpolished nature of some things doesn't stop it from being really fun. On a klik-scale, it deserves 8/10.
Posted by renkin 21st March, 2005
Rated :

There really should be a way to edit your reviews.
Posted by RedHades 21st March, 2005

Nice game. Lenghty and not to difficult. Reminds me of Wonderboy in monster world. I'm confused though on how the world map works.
Posted by SlowMotionRiot 22nd March, 2005

I've posted a review..Thanks again, MiG2, for a great game. You definitely earned the GOTW spot (one of the best of this year, I'd venture to say). It is INCREDIBLY addictive! Keep up the nice work!
Posted by Xordien 24th March, 2005

Awesome. It's great.
Posted by Andromeda No Shun 13th May, 2005

Hey, I just encoutered a very annoying bug... I reached the something ruins by some miracle... And was all happy, thinking I would finish the game... I went down, on a ladder and suddenly, my character fell of the ladder, and crouched... And I couldnt do anything anymore, the hero just sat here... So I thought "bummer, well, at least the monsters are going to kill me" but I was out of reach, the lobo was shooting at me, but my shield stopped all his attacks... :( I had to alt+F4 the game
Posted by oddis 17th May, 2005

cheating on this game is very easy. 9999 gold, 99999 exp & last level & max hp (80). everything is kept in buffers 255 255 255 255 and when something increases, 255 decreases.. addictive game :)
Posted by aznul 7th June, 2005

I have problem IN 9-3 stace, in cave, i dont know how play???? i have only comfortables boots
Posted by MIG2 12th June, 2005

Aznul,What is the exact problem ?
Posted by AndyUK 8th August, 2005

wow how did i miss this?
Posted by Del Duio 5th December, 2005

I just downloaded this yesterday and I have a couple of observations: First, and this was obvious and I tried to ignore it, but the music is ripped! Ack! But at least it's from good games like Guardian Legend and Crystalis, so I'll forgive you a bit. Your original graphics are really good, I don't see why you'd use ripped graphics for so many of your games when you can draw like this. I like how you made the lengthy tutorial in the beginning. The fighter moves a wee bit too slow at the start, but that's no biggie. You have a lot of talent, so you get my thumbs up! Good work!
Posted by gorble torr 20th July, 2006

why is it when you jump and attack you can see the guys butt?
Posted by renkin 18th March, 2007
Rated :

I'm playing this again. Really fun and challenging.
Posted by vini 2nd July, 2008

hey guys this game have any cheat????
i discovered the cheat of the next stage
Posted by Harvy 11th August, 2008

I remember this game... haven't played it in a while... I'm tempted, but it's SO ***@#%**@#$%*@$% HARD and totally unforgiving. Getting through it generally requires perfect play (not ever getting hit). I know I beat it before, but it must have been before the author fixed it, because nothing is unlocked on my computer.
Posted by renkin 27th December, 2008
Rated :

I still haven't beaten this. Last time I got to the final boss, though. This must be the Klik game I've played the most (counting hours).






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