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GOTW #131 - One Girl Army
News posted 23rd April, 2005 by The Chris Street  
After a pretty dead fortnight, the GOTW is back on! This weeks winner is Clwe with his game One Girl Army. Oh, and there was only one point between this GOTW winner and Fire Fight by Smeby, so bad luck there.

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Invasion Of The Bucket-Heads, Dragon's Tail, Address It!, A Simple Treasure Hunt, and Typing Teacher. A fair selection then - but let us hope that we won't be going through such a bad drought again...

Posted by Flava 23rd April, 2005

What about Velocity Dodgeball? :P
Posted by Silveraura 23rd April, 2005

Guess this proves that even games with ripped graphics can win GOTW. Knew it could happen, this proves it I guess.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd April, 2005

I know why Circy didn't include it, from the download itself the screenshots looked like they didn't work. I let him know tha they, in fact do work, but will leave the final decision up to him, due to the less than stellar host.
Posted by Silveraura 23rd April, 2005

& infulence world peace by using it on yourself... X-D (just a joke phizzy, dont get on the offence)
Posted by Hayo 23rd April, 2005

Such a sad day for gfx artists. Tho it's nothing new, just look at the top 10 downloads.
Posted by Chrisbo 23rd April, 2005

I don't see what the big deal about ripped graphics is. The game is good for what it is. Clipart, original, ripped graphics, whatever. Give it a rest. btw Dragon's Tail has my vote. ahh..memories
Posted by ChrisB 23rd April, 2005

Hey Brandon, remember 'Lost Valley'? Anyway graphics is only one part - I'd rather play a decent game with ripped graphics than something like Myst. Or the one that came after that. Or the one that came after THAT.
Posted by Hill Gigas 23rd April, 2005

Congrats to "One Girl Army", but Phizzy is right, if the GOTW were done on time, or even within several days after, "Fire Fight" would have won.
Posted by Hayo 23rd April, 2005

Man: Mr cop! That guy stole my car! arrest him! Cop: Arrest him? I don't see the big deal, that car does suit his house!
Posted by ChrisB 23rd April, 2005

nice one ;)
Posted by ChrisB 23rd April, 2005

although it's more like cloning the car, both guys can use it and everyone is reasonably happy (though the original owner is annoyed now)
Posted by clwe 23rd April, 2005

Hayo - All I'll say is, what's a sad day for some is nice for others =P Still...yes, Fire Fight would have won if the GOTW wasn't extended. It was bad luck for Smeby, but I wont labour the point.
Posted by Silveraura 24th April, 2005

If I can recall, everyone jumped on me or any other person using ripped graphics in there game, because they were just that, ripped graphics, that or Lib graphics. Now you all againced that theory because one won gotw? nice...
Posted by Marine Paloesha 24th April, 2005

I couldn't care less about ripped graphics, just most games with ripped graphics can't be better, or they can'r score much higher, than most games with their own made graphics.
Posted by Joshua M. 24th April, 2005

Posted by Chrisbo 24th April, 2005

yeah brandon, we're all on you about it. it's all about you. :rolleyes:
Posted by ChrisB 24th April, 2005

Posted by ChrisB 24th April, 2005

does not work as well as @_@
Posted by Hayo 24th April, 2005

clwe don't get me wrong, It's not like I hate this game, its good actually. I just totally hate ripped gfx.
Posted by Mr. Esch 24th April, 2005

The votes were cheated anyway so I don't see why anyone takes any notice of this GOTW, I can see why ripped graphics annoy people, they annoy me because it cuts out a lot of work for the creator meaning they can focus on gameplay. I know we all want good gameplay but it is unfair for 1 person or a small number of people to take the credit for something that should be shared with a bunch of professional people. I don't think we have many professionals in this community and it is unfair to rip off hard working clickers by what I would consider "cheating". i.e. having an unfair advantage Meh~ that's just my opinion though
Posted by clwe 24th April, 2005

Hayo - Yeah, I could see that was what bugged you. We have quite different views. But yes, using ripped graphics is a form of stealing and is illegal no matter how you look at it. There's also the fact that the ripped graphics help to promote the game, when I didn't make them (is that what you wanted to say?). You could say the same about game music in midi format and sounds, though - which a fair number of people do. Well, at least I am a criminal who owns up to his crimes. If that means anything =P Wait a minute...wouldn't that just make me stupid?
Posted by ChrisB 24th April, 2005

If you were stupid, you'd let everyone know without intending to.
Posted by The Chris Street 24th April, 2005

Accusing of vote rigging probably isn't a smart thing to do... I'll get Rikus to look into it. And for once you can't blame me for this GOTW winner, cos I haven't been doing it for the last month! Blame Shab! XD
Posted by ChrisB 24th April, 2005

If you WERE doing it then it would've been on time! It's all your fault!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 24th April, 2005

If it had been done on time only invasion of the bucket heads would have been on GOTW
Posted by vortex2 24th April, 2005

I can only see one solution to this... Circy and Shab have to FIGHT TO THE DEATH! :P
Posted by vortex2 24th April, 2005

oh btw I wonder if this works...


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