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Dragons Tail
Author: Rikus Submitted: 17th April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 362
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Edited By Rikus on 11/17/2008

Its Dragons Tail!! A game made by myself wayyy back in 1998! The game has been lost for a while and while i did not find the full game with all the intro's i did find this lite version that still has all the levels but not the intro's. Anyhow on to the story!

The Eggit planet is in danger because the catters want to take over there planet. The only way that they can control all the dragon's that live on that planet is that they take all the tails from all the dragons, and eggnap the golden egg. They already eggnaped the golden egg and now they only have to get all the tails. But 1 dino escapes!

Now you have to find the catters base and take back the golden egg before the catters find you. You are the only Dragon remaining with a tail! In dragons tail you have to solve allot of puzzles before you can reach the base of the catters.

Lol what a story!

If you like the eggit games then give this one a try, you can jump, shoot, solve puzzles in many levels. The graphics still work, the gameplay is still solid and you can hear my voice as "The skulls"! While there are still some programming bugs here and there i dont have the original .cca file anymore to edit the game. I still had fun while playing the game just now, so i hope you enjoy it.

Also to solve some of the puzzles you have to shoot at the skulls they then will then turn around and you can walk on there head to get a coin.

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Posted by DaVince 17th April, 2005

Looks pretty cool! Downloading...
Posted by DaVince 17th April, 2005

Wow, man! Though the coding is pretty bad, you should create a remake of this! It looks so darn good and original!
Posted by Rikus 17th April, 2005

Thanks Davince, yea looking at it now the coding could use some major updates, but for 1998 its still ok i think. Thanks for the comments, and maybe some day i could make a new dragons tail game who knows:)
Posted by Ski 17th April, 2005

lol he jumped through the second level on his own. magic. da vince is right, a remake would be cool.
Posted by Nathan H 18th April, 2005

ya it does get buggy and why does he jump on his own when he hits the red things and level 2 needs to be a bit easyer because its only level 2 it shouldn't be hard yet like that!!!:d
Posted by Nathan H 18th April, 2005

but it is a good game!!!:D:D:D:D
Posted by Tomssuli 18th April, 2005

Cant run the setup =( *snif* something wrong with my autoexec.nt.
Posted by clwe 24th April, 2005

"I know where you live" =P Ok...all things considered, this is enjoyable for a while, if pretty simplistic. That's good going for a seven year-old game.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 26th April, 2005

Tomssuli, there should be more than 1 on your pc, i beleave run a search for it and put it in the correct dir (it should say where in the error),C:\Windows\System32 (if u have XP or NT, DUH)
Posted by Windybeard Games 30th April, 2005

Not bad, like the speech, made me laugh. Good idea, progs a bit bugged. great story stills!





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