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Community News: Hamish to leave Faind
News posted 27th April, 2005 by Rikus  

I wanted to post this yesterday and i'm sure some of you already heard this by now but the creator of Factor X 2 and member of Faind: Hamish Mcleod is leaving faind to join shareware company MoonPod. This is of course a big step and he will be creating the sequel to Factorx under a different name there. We wish him lots of luck at moonpod and i know he will do great things there. For the full goodbye msg of Hamish on the faind website you can click right here.

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th April, 2005

Well done, Hamish - impressive news.
Posted by guri-n ha 27th April, 2005

Posted by ChrisB 27th April, 2005

"It's not luck, it's skill"
Posted by Hamish M 27th April, 2005

Aw thanks Rikus. But I have to correct you, I didn't make Factor X, I think you should say "Creator or Factor X 2"
Posted by Rikus 27th April, 2005

No probs Hamish, and i changed the news there.
Posted by Jack Galilee 28th April, 2005

well, Ive been keeping my eye on this game for a while, Ill be sure to purchase it as soon as posible!
Posted by SlowMotionRiot 28th April, 2005

Moonpod's great, Hamish. Starscape is one of the most addictive games I've ever played...and Factor X is up there, too! Best of good fortune to you and your work with them in the future.
Posted by MakeGames 28th April, 2005

Excellant news! Well Done!
Posted by Muz 28th April, 2005

You'd probably get a nice profit and plenty of fans moving on. So, good luck, Hamish! :D


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