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120 something MiniRPG Entries
News posted 30th May, 2005 by Knudde (Shab)  
Well, the deadline has come and gone, and I'm happy to say that we got quite a few entries (maybe Circy will stop complaining about lack of games for GOTW), and I've uploaded all of them to my server so there won't be (hopefully) any issues with downloading.
Update: Ok, Arthur Smith is now working, and my blocking software at work is blocking Pc222's download, so there's a separate link. Sorry for all the problems guys.

Click here for the entries.
Click here for Pc222's entry

Posted by 卍 chicken14528 卍 30th May, 2005

doesnt look like 120 minirpgs to me
Posted by Klikmaster 30th May, 2005

ROFL @ Phizzys game xd
Posted by Jamesbuc 30th May, 2005

Me thinks snerlin should winny!. :D
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

Er...really, I want to know why ma entry isn't in the list. The link is at the page 10 of the thread. :( Maybe 4 Mb is too much...
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

i got mine done in time but i couldn't upload it {cry} BOOOHOOOOOO! :'(
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

Anyway, this compo was pretty fun. Making a RPG in 5 days was a good challenge. I hope there will be other compos like this one.
Posted by Zapper 30th May, 2005

Mine doesnt download properly, its actually 2.1 meg I've mailed shab so hopefully he will fix it soon I think it downloaded wrong for him because on some pcs freewebs is a blocked website on internet explorer. So its downloaded from these other two websites aswell: I hope mine gets fixed on the main page and pc222's does too
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

Here is the link to mine : The site where I uploaded it works well and has no problem.
Posted by Zapper 30th May, 2005

I'm downloading that now, sounds great!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 30th May, 2005

I liked pc222's game the best. I think the reason it didn't get in though is because the rules said the battle system had to be separate. The battle engine seemed fine and unconnected to the dungeon's gameplay to me. I think it's a bit disappointing it didn't get in.
Posted by Zapper 30th May, 2005

Hmm, but one of the games isnt like an RPG, it was more like an arcade game and that got in. But maybe thats why.
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

It may be this... The battle system isn't really disconnected, the system is like The Spirit Engine : you walk, and you have fights in the same frame...but the combats are turn-based.
Posted by Zapper 30th May, 2005

Maybe, its really good though. Ive just been playing it. Even though its the library graphics, its put together really well, im gonna have a good go at that and try and complete it later!
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

Thanks to Zapper and Snerlin :)
Posted by Zapper 30th May, 2005

I wonder how the voting is gonna be done, is it gonna be at the side of the website as the general poll or instead of the gotw or something like that?
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 30th May, 2005

Arthur smith was probably the funnest i played so far. Not a beauty to look at but the fighting was great.
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

it's a sign! :O THE END IS NIGH!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th May, 2005

I've just played them all. Seriously. Here's a kind of mini-reviewing thing for all of them. Only in your Memories - I played this one first to see why I was recording lines for Phizzy last night. Of course it was funny, and the graphics weren't bad at all. Not really a major milestone in game-play, and it was easy to finish, but the humour and bizarreness made it fun to play. Power Quest - Really poor graphics, the non textured grass means you can't see the screen scroll. Had Final Fantasy style randomly pop-up battles, which were even annoying in FF and no less so here, made worse by the boring battles that follow. The engine is pretty well coded though, and the interface easy to navigate. Super Businessman Plus - Nice idea with the businessmen, but it was boring. Really needs sound and animation. The FF-style randomly appearing battles have always been annoying, and here the battles are dull as dishwater. Stuff seemed to just not work at some points too. Ballstick Adventure - Was this an RPG at all?? Interesting concept, unfortunately I didn't know what the hell was going on at all. Kinda below average graphics. Randomness RPG - Argh! The random battles again. This time the rest of the game made up for it. Probably the best graphics out of the lot, and it had a well done engine and good interface. Also actually had stuff going on during the battles, like animated attacks and stuff. I'd say it's the best overall. Koinion - You control a scary little purple thing. In this game you can see the where fights will occur so you can avoid them if you want. When you do fight, there seems to be no way to avoid getting killed. Okay graphics and interface. It had a couple of minor bugs, but nothing major. Beanboy - Why oh why oh why with the random battles? Anyway, although the screen was tiny, the game had some really good graphics and a good interface. The game is very buggy though, through playing three times I encountered lots of bugs, some pretty major. After beating the first battle, nothing happened and I was stuck on the battle screen. I restarted and managed to bounce off the path and get stuck in the trees. Then I managed to walk off-screen. Later on, I went off the path and travelled on the grass, then when I backtracked I magically appeared back on the path again. This game probably had the most promise out of the lot, but the bugs really did spoil it. Shattered Lands - By this point I waS getting really pissed off at random unavoidable battles, so I wasn't best pleased when I was walking along and then 2 seconds later whisked into a battle I didn't want to fight. When I'd beaten that, 2 seconds later I was in another battle. After I couldn't get anywhere because I was fighting every 2 seconds, I gave up. This game had pretty good graphics, but needed sound, as it had none whatsoever. The interface and engine were well coded and the presentation was good. Arthur Smith - Probably the one I enjoyed playing the most. Sure, the graphics pretty much sucked, but the game was fun and made me laugh a lot. The (avoidable) fighting was pretty well done too, and the sound was great. Abandoned RPG - I didn't play this one, it wasn't built as a standalone and whe I loaded it in MMF it needed extensions I didn't have and couldn't be bothered to get. Should've been standalone. InsectInvasion - The zip was corrupt everytime I downloaded it. Might be why it didn't get entered.
Posted by Joshua M. 30th May, 2005

Cool, I'll try them all out.. tomorrow. I have some stuff to do now.
Posted by Zapper 30th May, 2005

Yey, thanks to the people who gave Arthur Smith positive feedback! Thanks! It's weird having the avator's on these pages. It makes the pages longer, im not sure if thats a good thing or not
Posted by Smeggy 30th May, 2005

Phizzy's was the best in my opinion.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th May, 2005

Ah, ok, all the entries are accounted for, and the links should be working, have fun guys.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th May, 2005

I like the avatar thing, it makes it quicker to recognise people, like in the forums.
Posted by Peblo 30th May, 2005

Oh no, you actually uploaded my pile of crap? I uploaded it to see if people could find what was wrong with it...
Posted by Phredreeke 30th May, 2005

People... I have a sad announcement to make... One Hand Writers got cheated out of this compo. One of the contestants here, whom I won't mention by name, hacked Aggggge's computer with viruses. It's fixed now, but not before the deadline for the compo would pass... Hackerboy, if you feel guilty, step forward and admit your treachery. You're not worth bothering to us anymore.
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

:'( it's true
Posted by Yai7 30th May, 2005

I can't lie!!! Dammit!!! I just can't!!! I wish I could save & protect this hackerboy...
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

every1 looks at phizzy
Posted by Yai7 30th May, 2005

(Hehe. Nice trick, so you won't suspect me!) I did it!!!
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

Posted by Beeb 30th May, 2005

For everyone who plays Koinion. You need to pick up the apple and then go into battle, that way you can heal yourself and not die. Z is the key to pick stuff up and the action key, X is the key to put stuff down with. Sorry for any errors or sloppy parts in the game..again, I was rushing, lol.
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

Thanks Shab ! :) The problem with my entry is very strange...:( AsparagusTrevor, you download it from Shab's page, or from my link?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th May, 2005

I downloaded it from yours. I've managed to do it now, the other four times I tried it was corrupt, but it seems okay now. I'll give a mini-review for yours too when I've played it.
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

Ok thanks a lot :) If someone else has problem while d/ling it, i'll try to upload it in another site.
Posted by Dark (DOE) 30th May, 2005

pc222, your game download continues to time out, perhaps a problem with your host?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th May, 2005

It was good, the graphics were great, I assume they're original? Anyway, the interface and presentation was good, the controls were a bit restrictive, i.e only left and right, and although it was nice to see when a fight was imminent it would've been nice to be able to walk around them. The professionalness (if that's a word) of it made it more enjoyable. Probably my third favourite of the lot.
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

The graphics aren't original at all ^^ Ok, I'll try to host it somewhere else. It worked yesterday...
Posted by Matt Boothman 30th May, 2005

@Asparagus: I realised there were some bugs, but I never realised you could get stuck on the battle screen (maybe you had musics turned off, which is probably why). Also, it's best to play the game whilst AVOIDING ANY BACKDROP OBJECTS. That way you can't get stuck. Sounds simple I know, but it works.
Posted by Radix 30th May, 2005

Holy fuck avatars.
Posted by DaVince 30th May, 2005

Phizzy's RPG is the best one. Joshua(TGFDomain) made one too, which is better than most of those, but it isn't here? :'(
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th May, 2005

he didn't post it in the thread, he just posted some screenies.
Posted by Pkeod 30th May, 2005

Shattered is the best o___o
Posted by Klikmaster 30th May, 2005

Arthur Smith rules, I love the battle style. Insect Invasion is cool too.
Posted by Zoglu 30th May, 2005

My preferred is Arthur Smith.
Posted by Derek_Reaves 31st May, 2005

"Also, it's best to play the game whilst AVOIDING ANY BACKDROP OBJECTS. That way you can't get stuck. Sounds simple I know, but it works." Or maybe the creator of the game could have taken a whole 5 minutes to make a custom engine to assure the player they couldnt get stuck . . .or not
Posted by Zapper 31st May, 2005

Thanks Klikmaster and pc222! :)
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 31st May, 2005

I'm gonna post the finished version of my game once the compo's over. It'll have more stuff and avoidable battles...kinda avoidable battles.
Posted by Zapper 31st May, 2005

Seems my avoidable battles went down well :)
Posted by Trusketch 31st May, 2005

Arthur Smith one was the only one I played through, the others were boring or frustrating.
Posted by Zapper 1st June, 2005

Thanks :)
Posted by Yai7 2nd June, 2005

NastyMan lied! Hang him up on a tree!
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 3rd June, 2005

i liked pc222's the most- it was very well made even though the graphics arent original snerlin's was ok too, i didnt finish it though so i cant really say too much more about it- very random however :)
Posted by Zoglu 3rd June, 2005

When does the vote starts?
Posted by Zoglu 3rd June, 2005

thanks Batel :)
Posted by Zapper 4th June, 2005

The voting is in the boards now! I almost didnt find it, tonnes of people who gave comments about games havent voted yet, probably because they havent found it


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