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New Game - Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX
News posted 2nd August, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Ordinarily, as a rule, fan games don't tend to grace the front pages of TDC or are nominated for GOTW. This game - Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX - is good enough to break this rule. Created by Ryan Bloom, its of a pretty high quality. However, it's a bit of a monster download for 56k modems - the game is 25MB in size. Comments from the Author:
"Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX is a non-profit unofficial fangame based on the Mario universe. It combines elements from 3D Mario titles with classic, 2D gameplay, set in Halloween-themed levels."

Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by X_Sheep 2nd August, 2005

Rule? I thought this was only because nearly all fangames are too crappy for frontpage or GOTW.
Posted by -Vinny- 2nd August, 2005

yep, i think x_sheep is correct, there was that other game with amy from sonic which made it to the front page because it was well made, even better was the release of the source code :P that gave me some insight, anyways, this is a great game, and i agree with all the positive posts more or less in the dowhloads section :P
Posted by clwe 2nd August, 2005

I more-or-less agree with X sheep, though 'too crappy' for the frontpage or GOTW doesn't mean it's terrible. I'm guessing that fangames generally have to go the extra mile to impress, as the majority have ripped graphics which turn some people right off and leave others sceptical. There's also the general...well, 'fan-ish-ness' (I'm aware that's not a word =P) of them, that some people might not be able to push aside as they play. Then there are people who have pre-conceived notions of these games...that's not surprising, really; the majority of the 'efforts' a few years ago would probably make your spine shudder. Times are changing, though. So...taking all that into consideration, you don't have to be mad to make fangames but it does help =P
Posted by Bartman 2nd August, 2005

Just to post to claim myself as a beta tester of the game (The DX version) and to say congrats to Blaze for finishing this game, since hes been adimate to get it out and to have as much polish as it could.
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd August, 2005

I also remember a Sonic Fangame (a DEMO) getting frontpage and even winning GOTW because it has a nice engine. O_o
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd August, 2005

Posted by X_Sheep 3rd August, 2005

Posted by AndyUK 3rd August, 2005

I think the overall quality of fangames is going up, its good to see.
Posted by 卍 chicken14528 卍 3rd August, 2005

Sonic DIY was more than just a demo of a great engine, it was also a level designer. the fun was endless


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