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Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX (v1.04)
Author: Ryan Bloom Submitted: 1st August, 2005 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 1124
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Edited By Ryan Bloom on 10/11/2005

Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX is a non-profit unofficial fangame based on the Mario universe. It combines elements from 3D Mario titles with classic, 2D gameplay, set in Halloween-themed levels. The original game, Super Mario: Blue Twilight (MarioWeen for short) was developed in the span of two short weeks and released on October 31st, 2003. MarioWeen DX was slated for an October 31st, 2004 release, but what was once a small upgrade (an extra level and an extra boss) quickly snowballed to a much larger game that pushes the clunky little game to it's limits. Features:

- Playable Luigi
- 7 levels, plus 4 hidden levels
- 4 bosses, plus 2 hidden bosses
- Concept Art, Scrapped Levels
- Text-based Director's Commentary
- Plenty of easter eggs
- Revised level designs over the original game
- Date activated secrets

October 11th: 1.04.1 patch released.

- Added 1x, 2x, and 3x resolution options to Option Bar. Press F8 to access them. (2x by default)
- Fixed the Springboard bug when playing as Luigi or using Bunny Ears.
- Fixed the game accidentally accusing you of cheating if you pressed F2 before the Game Over screen was finished.
- Made Luigi's Flutter Jump not QUITE as fluttery as it was.
- Fixed the September Bug
- Streamlined the introduction sequence a bit; combined two screens into one, meaning less button presses to get to the game itself.
- The Timer resets itself when playing The Lost Levels
- Fixed a bug involving the 9th of any month

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 (25.2mb )

Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2005

This looks kinda good... downloading.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2005

Not bad at all. I don't like the jumping however, a triple jump is very fiddly, especially in the haunted house on Level 3 where there are small platforms after you press a red button to make a door appear. That could do with some work. But yeah... this is definately one of the better fan games, but it doesn't quite feel like a Mario game.
Posted by Phredreeke 1st August, 2005

25 megabytes? O_O Downloading... (but why isn't this in the downloads section?)
Posted by hop 1st August, 2005

This has a very professional feel, good job. Fun too. Front-pagerize this!
Posted by Ryan Marcham 1st August, 2005

I guess the game was ok ;) A bit twitchy with a few control issues.
Posted by Fifth 1st August, 2005

I've only just finished the first boss, but... Wow, very impressive! A considerably solid engine, a very cohesive professional presentation, nice ideas and effects, gamepad support, AND - most extraordinarily - it runs smoothly on my computer! The jumping is a little weird, yes (particularly triple-jumping), but it's possible to get used to it. Definitely one of the better fangames I've played; you seem to know what you're doing.
Posted by Liquixcat 1st August, 2005

Nice, Professional. one thing: when clicking new game and the little pop up comes up suggesting to read the manual, it has a typo... I 'recommend(ed)' fixing it.
Posted by »xerus 1st August, 2005

Theres a lot of bugs. Two of the biggest noticable ones are: 1. When you jump and come in contact with a wall, you can wall jump any time between hitting the wall and landing, even when theres no wall currently next to you to jump off of. 2. When edging off of a platform, Mario's falling animation will play, then after a few seconds the "waahhhh!!" sound will play, and then if you fall like 5 pixels the game thinks you fell 20 stories. Besides those two bugs, its a very solid game.
Posted by Ryan Bloom 2nd August, 2005

Not so. If you kick a spring somewhere it's not supposed to go, walk away from it (about 2 screens worth, maybe 3). It'll reset itself. If you kick it off the bottom of the level, it'll reset itself then, too. Also, you didn't read the manual, did you? The problem with the bunnie ears and springs are fully explained in there (advanced moves).
Posted by Peblo 2nd August, 2005

Haha, Phizzy has explained problems!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 2nd August, 2005

Pretty good for a fangame. Sometimes though it doesn't let you wall jump.
Posted by Ryan Bloom 2nd August, 2005

The one place I can think of where that might happen, you can double jump up and catch the side of the wall so you can wall kick up the shaft anyway. Every other place in the level gives you enough room to reset the spring if need be.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd August, 2005

Crap...I was going to do text-based commentary. :( Ah well, looks great! Downloading...
Posted by Keh? 2nd August, 2005

Do you have to finish the game to play as Luigi or... ?
Posted by Ryan Bloom 2nd August, 2005

Yeah. Finish the game once. After the credits are over, it should tell you that you can play as Luigi.
Posted by Cybo Games 3rd August, 2005

WOW, looks good, taking ages to download though
Posted by DaVince 3rd August, 2005

It's VERY good, and there's a continuing playability option by downloading new levels, but the jumping's pretty annoying.
Posted by mikebt 3rd August, 2005

that power bar is too big... gets in the way sometimes other than that great job man
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 3rd August, 2005

Is there another hidden level you're supposed to beat? How do you get it?
Posted by Ryan Bloom 3rd August, 2005

All of the secret levels are activated via playing the game on a specific date (or fast forwarding your computer clock to said date, whichever you prefer). There are three dates that activate the different levels. That's all I'm going to say.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 3rd August, 2005

no one's gonna play the game each day to see if there's a secret level open.
Posted by Ryan Bloom 3rd August, 2005

"(or fast forwarding your computer clock to said date, whichever you prefer)." It's not like they're random dates. Start scanning through popular holidays and you'll find them easily enough.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 3rd August, 2005

I wonder if halloween is one of them
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 3rd August, 2005

I found and beat the halloween and christmas stages. What's the 3rd?
Posted by AndyUK 3rd August, 2005

my birthday of course.
Posted by Bear Cub 4th August, 2005

Awsome!! cool episodes and great movement of mario... voted up ofcourse
Posted by SToP GAP 4th August, 2005

What a cool game! Sure there are a few minor bugs but in comparison to the graphics, game play, music, sfx and indeed the engine itself these do not detract from the game at all! I certainly would not have thought it was made in MMF had I not downloaded it from TDC! Very well done indeed
Posted by gamerdudetom 4th August, 2005

Very Good. Jumping is a little complicated.
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 5th August, 2005

This game is really fun, it feels kind of like playing "Super Mario Bros." with a hint of "Sonic and Knuckles". It's hard to find unofficial charm nowadays without lack of quality, but this one is definitely a winner!
Posted by Bo Fu 5th August, 2005

I got the hang of it - triple jump just needs you to be moving, just like Mario 64. It was fun and very high quality. However, it was also a bit too hard for me, so I gave up. Still, a very fun game.
Posted by Windybeard Games 5th August, 2005

nice, good to see a fan thats of a decent standard. i likes! downloading!
Posted by timsoft 5th August, 2005

great game, flapping wall climbing a bit hard. pity game unexpectedly quits back to windows in the middle of playing (at different places each time) (on level 3). - probably something to do with MMF.
Posted by Spram 5th August, 2005

How do you make date-activated events?
Posted by Phredreeke 6th August, 2005

I played it now (FINALLY). It's good, it breaks out of the mold.
Posted by Killerjedi 7th August, 2005

This is a very cool and extremely well made game, definitely among the best fangames I've ever played and a very good game for MMF/TGF/whichever was used to make it. I also don't see why anyone had trouble triple jumping, you just need to be moving, such as in Mario 64. Anyway, great game and great job!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 7th August, 2005

tell us the 3rd holiday yes!
Posted by Ryan Bloom 8th August, 2005

Oh come on. The holidays are easy. ;) There's one in spring, one in fall, and one in winter. That should be be more than enough of a hint to give away all three.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 8th August, 2005

yay, found it.
Posted by Böðvar Pétur Þorgrímsson 9th August, 2005

Anyone remember when Halloween is? Nobody on Iceland celebrates it XD I know the other two holidays. By the way, there is a bug in the King Boo fight: I got a picture of it at And don't worry, I just use freewebs for images. Saves space on Sitesled.
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 9th August, 2005

October 31st
Posted by RopeDrink 10th August, 2005

Just finished a game or two of, and I have to say's it's very nicely done. As stated above, though, I found the triple jumps a bit fiddly but, like anything, you get used to that. Congratulations on a nice, solid game!
Posted by Qwertybub3 10th August, 2005

What spring holiday is it?
Posted by Ryan Bloom 14th August, 2005

Telling you would be cheating, now, wouldn't it?
Posted by Silveraura 19th August, 2005

Congrats on the Attack of the Show "review" if you will! Saw the game up on G4.
Posted by Ryan Bloom 20th August, 2005

Yeah. Caught me completely off guard, namely because they didn't even notify me, first. :P
Posted by Kai Proton 29th August, 2005

Great Game, Ive only got 2 small issues, scene change from pipe to pipe seems a little abrupt, when look at a nintendo Mario game, and I cant get it any bigger than the small box in the centre of the screen, otherwise what a great platform engine..
Posted by Anders Linder-Norén 16th October, 2005

Check out - your game is listed: "Super Mario Blue Twilight is actually pretty darn good. "
Posted by Mads Are 2nd December, 2005

I know im a bit late with a reply

Nice game, but I've spent quite some time trying to get past King Boo now, but i hardly found a solution yet of how to beat him, any tips? It's getting boring and i dont bother trying too much more as it fucks me up when i cant get it straight :x
Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd October, 2011
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Wow! 2005!

Didn't realize this game was so old! Geez!





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