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New Music Cd: The Sound of Josh Whelchel
News posted 18th September, 2005 by Rikus  

Dc user Josh Whelchel has done something really cool with his own music he created his own cd! Check it out what he has to say:

Comments from the author: Here is some info about my latest CD, featuring the music from my many Klik soundtracks. It is currently on Pre-Order, but all preorders will be signed. It includes music from Spiderhead and Spirit Engine, but also some never before heard music from Spirit Engine II.
Click here to go Josh's website where you check the entire track list.

Posted by Assault Andy 18th September, 2005

Hey he's got a track from my upcoming game. (Track 2 - Lial the Leprechaun) :D
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 18th September, 2005

It's scary.
Posted by Rikus 18th September, 2005

Its his avatar:)
Posted by DaVince 19th September, 2005

Woo, fun!
Posted by Jason Orme 19th September, 2005

I've still never managed to download The Spirit Engine..
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 19th September, 2005 ?
Posted by Klikmaster 19th September, 2005

TSE wasn't that great anyway. And I wouldn't buy a CD with music from click games.
Posted by Willy C 19th September, 2005

I have to agree with that. not a fan of RPG's, and I really dont want to buy any midi music. ... I hate midi music...
Posted by axel 19th September, 2005

Posted by Chris Och 19th September, 2005

Where are the Crop Crusader tracks ;)?
Posted by Matt Boothman 19th September, 2005

That cat's from Poiripito or sommat innit?
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 19th September, 2005

@Willy Wanker: He don't do MIDIs, either he does MP3s or he does tracking (ITs, MODs, S3Ms, XMs etc.)
Posted by Justin 19th September, 2005

I would recommend trying to sell it at It's cheap to sign up to sell your cd. Put it in the electronic section or something. You'll get more noticed than you will trying to sell it here.
Posted by X_Sheep 19th September, 2005

He tracks them. In his own .WTF format :P
Posted by Josh Whelchel 26th April, 2006

I am actually an entirely mysterious person.
The TSE CD actually sold to about 10 people, most of whom reside in Italy, and one to Clickteam. (:

Other than that, I tracked my music in modplug, and converted it to WSF, which is mine, yes, although used by some other cool Klik guys, like Zerotau in Noitu Love.

Other than that, yeah, the new CD doesn't sell. I get a lot of guys asking for free copies to demo my material and then they hire me afterwards, so that works out too. (:

~ Josh


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