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Are You A Bum? Fancy A Job? Then Read On!
News posted 21st September, 2005 by The Chris Street  
Kisguri of Gamesare is looking for one person who is skilled in 3D graphic design, and someone who can code very well in MMF, to work on some projects. Both candidates will get paid based on a milestone scheme (payments will be made at certain points of development) and there is also the potential for bonuses too. As Kisguri states:

"Candidates will need to demonstrate skill in MMF with example work before receiving contract agreements. Candidates should be able to follow direction yet be able to communicate improvements or ideas, as well as meet deadlines."

Are you interested in this? Then you'll need to get into contact with either Kisguri or Sam Dillard - for more information, click here.

Posted by MasterM 21st September, 2005

"well Klik-Me seems to be down right now" 24/7
Posted by Hayo 22nd September, 2005

Hmm, I would try it but I am more of a pixel artist.
Posted by Radix 23rd September, 2005

Yeah, censoring every now and again because circy has a tantrum is tolerable, but it seems to be becoming a regular thing of late.
Posted by Kisguri 23rd September, 2005

Looks like we have three people we are going to bring on board (To get back on the subject)
Posted by Hamish M 23rd September, 2005

How much are you paying?
Posted by Rikus 23rd September, 2005

I was the one that deleted those comments because, they where not on topic at all (looks at both phizzy and Phredreeke) I'm all for a good discussion but provoking reply's that these 2 guys are doing that turns the main focus of the original news item in a different direction is not cool with me. And there where like 14 comments in there before i came in that continued "not" on the main subject but on the comments from these 2 guys. It's pretty annoying for me to see a normal topic converted in something silly and unnecessary that drives away focus from its original content.
Posted by Hayo 23rd September, 2005

Still this place is getting worse. Kisguri, did you get my examples?
Posted by Kisguri 23rd September, 2005

Hamish! - It's on a per contracted job basis, as little as $50 bucks to as much as $500 dollars, Mostly support work for Coding or GFX's , In other words prespective contractors will only be resposible for a portion of the game. Why need some work!? ;) Cocoonut Hayo - Yes I got your Pics, they look great, did you get my last E-mail?, I just need a basic resume from you, and then we can begin getting you to work.
Posted by Hayo 23rd September, 2005

Hmm no I didn't get your email...I think it was cencored :)
Posted by hishnak 23rd September, 2005

Dang! 50-500$! man, I would apply if I wasn't helping Shabadage.
Posted by Tauman 23rd September, 2005

*dies* WOOHOO! *does the dance of the no-longer-unemployed*
Posted by steve 23rd September, 2005

Posted by Sam Dillard 23rd September, 2005

Of course, if someone wants to help us for free, then that is also cool. That way, one could still be technically a bum! ;)
Posted by Hamish M 24th September, 2005

50-500$ to do what?
Posted by Hamish M 24th September, 2005

I mean, how much work would somebody have to do to get 50$, likewise for 500$.
Posted by Kisguri 25th September, 2005

Each Job is presented in a Bid Format. And the work is never full development of the game, Some cases we will need some assistance with Art while we Code in other cases the opposite!
Posted by Kisguri 25th September, 2005

Cocconut Hayo Please E-mail me at so I can get you started we have some work for you to Consider..


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