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Avatar Compo Winner: Phizzy!
News posted 31st March, 2006 by Rikus  

So after much debate by the admins we found our winner. Give it up for Phizzy's MSD Line-up! Voted because of its originality and "laughing out loud" factor. Well done Phizzy! Mruqe's Ogre avatar and Jonathan's Music Box both tied into a second place. Thanks for entering folks! Until next time!

Posted by DaVince 31st March, 2006

How unexpected. Congratulations Phizzy!
Posted by Mruqe 31st March, 2006

Arrrgh!!! I hate when people spell my name wrong, don't you, Rikas? :E
Posted by Mruqe 31st March, 2006

Hey, congratulations Phizzy on your well deserved first place

Posted by Zapper 31st March, 2006

Congratulations Phizzy!
Posted by Mruqe 31st March, 2006

You're wellcome, Phizzy.
Posted by Yai7 31st March, 2006

Now I can get rid of the metal form avatar! Finally!
May the sun burn!!!
Posted by Stian B. 31st March, 2006

Was there only 3 avatars in the competition ?
Posted by Mruqe 31st March, 2006

Actually there were four. One got disqualified for using unmodified lib graphics
Posted by DaVince 31st March, 2006

Uh... I was in, too? And tons of other people...
Posted by Rikus 31st March, 2006

Sorry there Mruqe, my bad And congrats to all!
Posted by AndyUK 31st March, 2006

Well done Phizzy.
Posted by Nova Soft 31st March, 2006

Smell bun dizzy!
Posted by Keatontech! 1st April, 2006

Uhh, you spelled Phart wrong, it's P-H-A-R-T not P-H-I-Z-Z-Y, and the avatar link is wrong, so is the description. CHECK YOUR POSTS BEFOR THE POST.
Posted by Peblo 1st April, 2006

You're clever.
Posted by Bibin 1st April, 2006

I was there... but Phizzy's definetly deserved to win.
Posted by 1st April, 2006

i.. uh... yea... Elder Scrolls 4 is cool.
Posted by Bibin 2nd April, 2006

Yeah, this "contest" was really dumb. THere was no actual set due date for the avatars, and... yeah.
Posted by Rikus 3rd April, 2006

Bibin, the due date was set for sunday like it said in the original post And jonathan anyone who replied into the topic was entered, sorry for the confusion.
Posted by TatoGame 8th April, 2006

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