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News posted 25th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Well the people have spoken. The next feature to appear on the daily click will be: The Active Users page. So you all want to spy on each other ehhh? We will also try to convince clubsoft to make some editing functions around this site. Put your comments here and let us know on what you think what feature should be next.. or maybe you have a totally new feature in mind so let us know, and make clubsoft happy

Posted by Duncan 25th May, 2002

Active users?! XD
Posted by Aggressor 25th May, 2002

Articles plz ! :P
Posted by Stian B. 25th May, 2002

Do all the "coming soon" features finish first!And make the "edit" function able soon.All the games should been categorical arranged(Action,RGP,HYLC...)
Posted by Joshtek 25th May, 2002

alt articles, I need.
Posted by Joshtek 25th May, 2002

...I mean alt listings I need edit too :)
Posted by 25th May, 2002

How did you get that sarge guy on the poll? ;)
Posted by Bart 25th May, 2002

He edited in using Paint shop or something ?:P
Posted by ShadowCaster 25th May, 2002

Woohoo! Active Users was what I was voting for XD
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 25th May, 2002

Um. . .Active Users is about the most useless feature on that list. Why would anyone vote for that over Editing or the Forum?
Posted by Bart 25th May, 2002

I agree. Rikus showed exactly how much they needed editing on MSN, Here's the log.. 13:01] Rikus says: done with a nice news article for club;) [13:01] Rikus says: damn a typo [13:02] Rikus says: delete article, re-submit [13:02] Rikus says: done:) [13:02] Bart Bort Bert says: And that just proves why you need an edit function :P [13:02] Rikus says: crap another typo.. and i used spelling control:) [13:03] Bart Bort Bert says: Rofl [13:03] Rikus says: delete article, re-submit [13:03] Rikus says: done:) [13:03] Rikus says: *pick me: Editing [13:03] Rikus says: ;) [13:04] Clubsoft says: lolol
Posted by ShadowCaster 25th May, 2002

Hey, I only voted once so there are 186 other people who want it just as much. You cant argue with the majority :)
Posted by pixelscope 26th May, 2002

Uhm.. actually you can. That's what riots are for :)
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 26th May, 2002

...And that's not a majority.
Posted by ShadowCaster 26th May, 2002

/me gives Erik a *cookie*
Posted by pixelscope 27th May, 2002

hehe. No, it's not a majority. But most good things in human history is made by small groups fighting for justice. End of history lesson.


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