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Reminder About Submitting Downloads
News posted 17th January, 2007 by The Chris Street  
It's been mentioned before time and time again, but I checked the Submitted Downloads list and there are five games that linger there, waiting to be accepted.

The thing is though, they can't be accepted for various reasons. Either the screenshots don't appear to work, there are too few of them, or the description of the game is appalling.

If you have submitted a game, but are wondering why it hasn't been accepted, open up your profile and view that particular submitted game. The admins will usually leave a comment saying why it hasn't been accepted. If no changes have been made matching the admins requirements after a period of around three to five days, the download will be deleted.

There are occasions though when an admin is too busy to check the submitted download list, and your game might well meet the requirements. Please don't send us a message asking where it is - someone will get to it sooner or later.

THIS ARTICLE might also help you meet the requirements.

Posted by DeadmanDines 17th January, 2007

Yeah, I was kinda surprised that it seemed to take a while this last update, but I figured you guys were all probably busy.

Thanks very much for the hard work you do
Posted by Hill Gigas 17th January, 2007

You admins are all so mistreated. I think you all need a raise! Whatever you make now, just double that!
Posted by Flava 17th January, 2007

I'm currently doing exams at the moment - hence why I haven't been around much lately. My exams finish next week - so I should be back around then!
Posted by Tim 17th January, 2007

They don't make anything... do they? :\
Posted by PeterD 17th January, 2007

LOL! stupid wankers still don't get it!
Posted by Reno 17th January, 2007

Not this again. Every month.Is it that hard to meet the criteria?
Posted by Tim 17th January, 2007

*sigh* is there any hope?!
Posted by Hayo 17th January, 2007

Not really. Not as long as people make new people that is.
Posted by Del Duio 18th January, 2007

Not again, the future of humanity is bleak indeed!
Posted by Fanotherpg 18th January, 2007

But if I'll upload game e.g. tomorrow would it be added tomorrow or in next week (of course good desctiption, screenshoots etc.)
Posted by 18th January, 2007

Just curious. If an admin uploads a game, does he accept his own game or does another admin do that?
Posted by Joe.H 18th January, 2007

They accept their own.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th January, 2007

No, they don't usually. Another admin accepts it.
Posted by Radix 18th January, 2007

(Because they want it frontpaged, and they'd feel stupid doing that themselves.)
Posted by The Chris Street 18th January, 2007

Well yea, that too.



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