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News posted 14th March, 2007 by The Chris Street  
How did you discover Klik products and its associated online community?

This is the discussion for this weeks Talking Topic!

Maybe you typed in "Multimedia Fusion" in a search engine, or maybe you just went to the Clickteam website. Was there a demo that you saw in a magazine, or was the product recommended by a friend?

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Remember to keep things clean, and please respect the opinions of other individuals. And, if you have any ideas for the Talking Topic, feel free to mail them to me! Happy debating!

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Posted by RenatoDep 14th March, 2007

In Brasil, a gaming magazine had an add for Klik&Play in português, so I called Europress and ordered a copy and life was good since! Before my life was VB4
Posted by Joe.H 14th March, 2007

Boothman gave me a copy of K&P way back in the days of high school.
Posted by Del Duio 14th March, 2007

I did a search for a program called "Click and Create" for ha-ha's. I found out that it wasn't available anymore and with some more searching found this joint and here we are today!

The next best thing outta' google since porn.. And sorry it's a distant second, no offense
Posted by Ski 14th March, 2007

My dad had a PC magazine with a demo of TFG, I dont remember how I found TDC...
Posted by Blueberry 14th March, 2007

I found a demo of TGF on an old computer magazine CD. Then I ordered it from Europress. When I thought had "mastered" TGF I read about a more advanced version in the help file, CnC. I searched google and found Clickteam's website. I ordered MMF and then the Klik community appeared clearly.
Posted by Aptennap 14th March, 2007

My cousin gave me a version of K&P and TGF. Because he wanted to make money with him
Posted by Tim 14th March, 2007

Recommended by a friend, then I found TDC I think by randomly searching around all of the peoples' affiliate links that were on the clickteam website

Wow, that was a long time ago
Posted by steve 14th March, 2007

hmm back around 1997 I think I saw a TV games show and they were showcasing TGF. I knew I had to rush out and buy it - I think it was about £22 at the time. Went onto Fusion/Fusion2 as they came out.

Way back in the Amiga era I also dabbled with AMOS although I guess that wasnt really click product but made by the same people, right?
Posted by Lukas Hägg 14th March, 2007

My dad had a subscription for a computer magazine. A demo of TGF came with one number and I was hooked. I saved up money to buy a full version. I asked a store owner to order it for me, bad move. It took an awful time for it to arrive and I suspect I paid more than it actually cost. But I had it anyway. Stupid thing is I had found a retail version of MMF in a store in Stockholm earlier, but I didn't know that it was TGF's successor so I didn't buy it
Posted by Steve Harris 14th March, 2007

Whilst I was 'working' in an office a game was passed around by email called South Park Super Mario (or something like that) which had a TGF splash screen after the game had finished. Looked it up and i've been hooked since!
Posted by Deathbringer 14th March, 2007

When i first got the internet i wanted to make animated gifs, but didnt know what they where called. So i asked my friend how i could make "animations to put on my website" (that fact that i didnt know how to make a website didnt cross my mind). He suggested either "Shockwave or Klik & Play". Later me and my brother found a South Park website that had tons and tons of downloadable games (some where HUGE 4 meg ones that took an hour to download, watch that phone bill rocket!) and got several. Most of which had the Klik & Play splash screen when you closed them. I decided to try and get it, but my parents where too scared about ordering stuff off the internet at the time, so i unsucessfully looked for it in shops. Also later i found TGF in a shop, but also some Game Boy final fantasy games, so got one of those instead (the one with the most infuriating puzzle ever!). Anyway, eventually i decided to make some games based on my webcomics, so (ahem) "got" TGF, without paying for it After playing about with it and creating some pretty rubbish games i saw adverts for the Mode 7 extension for MMF 1.5, so got that (by paying for it this time!). My dreams of creating a mode-7 based "Super Felney Kart" fell through, because i had little idea how it worked and it was really slow, but i made a few other bits and bobs. And then i ordered MMF2 on release day, and havent actually made anything with it yet...
Posted by DaVince 14th March, 2007

I looked around for KnP as soon as we had internet, because I found some cool games a few months before that.

"Because he wanted to make money with him "
Umm, make money with who?
Posted by Tim 14th March, 2007

Lol he wanted to make money by himself, clealy
Posted by Hayo 14th March, 2007

KnP was on a warez cd in 1995. Bought a proper version a year or so later.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 14th March, 2007

I first saw K&P on Bad Influence (remember it?), and got it for what I think was my eleventh birthday or so.

As for the community, you summoned me with your Teletext article in late 2002.
Posted by blanco 14th March, 2007

Although my klik origins are shrouded in mystery, I do remember owning KnP for at least a year before TGF came out.

I'm fairly sure I obtained the (KnP) demo originally from a PC Gamer Magazine. Does anyone one remember their mascot, Coconut Monkey?

I also lurked the AOL Keyword:Maxis boards for a while until Maxis stopped hosting them.
Posted by Tim 14th March, 2007

Coconut Monkey = Sonic the Hedgehog
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 14th March, 2007

My memory's too short for questions such as this. Probably somehow ended up to Silky's site sometime in the beginning of 1998 (?) before it was gone for good. Downloaded many games from there, too bad I never got store them anywhere. It would be nice to try them out now

Finally got my copy of TGF in June 1998, very hard to obtain in the age no-friend-with-a-credit-card-to-pay-my-order. Later on got MMF 1.0, skipped over 1.5. Then got fed up with the community and its general attitude, something that still bothers me at times. Got fooled into ordering MMF 2 last year and now I'm trying to learn to use it so to ease my world domination plans, mwahahaha.
Posted by Aptennap 14th March, 2007

Whoops, i mean he wanted me to create games he could sell, although i still haven't finished a game since then (except for Bob the Hobbit ).
Posted by falkon 14th March, 2007

when i was younger i took a game design class at s.m.u. for like 300$ the only reason is was worth it was because i learned about mmf but the demo taught me more than the class did.
Posted by Matt Mallas (Flying Apemonkey Software) 14th March, 2007

Way back when I was in sixth grade (1997?)I decided to try out a demo of Klik n' Play that was on some Maxis game's CD. I remember thinking in my head that from the name it sounded like a little children's game, so I figured that I'd glance at it for a minute and then never touch it again. After playing around with it for a bit, I realized that I couldn't be further from the truth. I downloaded tons of games that people made with it from AOL and couldn't wait to make my own full games. I asked for it for Christmas, but was disappointed that my parents couldn't find it anywhere. Soon afterwards, though, I rejoiced as I saw Klik n' Play in my school's monthly book ordering catalog. I convinced my parents to purchase it for me and spent the next month waiting for it to arrive. When I finally got it, I spent all of my free time making games (most of which I never finished).

Some point after it arrived I stumbled upon Silky's among many other sites related to Click products. I eventually purchased TGF (after MMF had already been released) and finally upgraded to MMF 1.5 about two years ago when someone was selling their used copy online.
Posted by Jon Lambert 14th March, 2007

i wanted to know how to make games, so i searched it and found TGF. my dad bought it for me because i told him i wouldn't have to buy as many games if i made my own. then i looked for games made with TGF and found this.
Posted by blanco 14th March, 2007

Coconut Monkey appears in the pages of the magazine, and ... He has also starred in simple games included on the disc, and in fan-created games available on the internet. His greatly anticipated game Gravy Trader has been advertised by him for years, but has yet to be released, being a parody of vaporware... He comes from the Pacific Isle of Azul Libro and promises not to pull hair or eat babies.

His 'simple games' were made with KnP at some point.
Posted by X_Sheep 14th March, 2007

I had been using other programming languages for a while and didn't like the fact that most of them couldn't be compiled to exe's. Later on I discovered a TGF game on a CD that came with our PC Magazine. After having seen the splash screen I eventually found my way to Clickteam and the such and such suchy such suchness.
Posted by Green Gnome 14th March, 2007

A friend of a friend of my friend made a game using 'Klik and Play' long ago. So of course I wanted it. A few years later I managed to get my hands on a copy of it (on a diskette!) So it just fell into my hands.

Later I came across with Gunner 3 on a CD of the local computer magazine and ended up to KNPmaster's website. From there I ended up here and.. here I am.
Posted by Bibin 14th March, 2007

I played this crappy Pac-Man game with this pink thing with giant eyes, and two skulls. It had the KNP logo, bam.
Posted by TheoX 14th March, 2007

I found out about this website through Spuds Quest - for which I needed help very severely. That game was recommended to me by Nifflas (creator of WaDF) on his forum, who suggested to me to come here (I was asking for help a lot there, and not getting much responses).
Posted by CsaR 14th March, 2007

My friend had KnP (I think his dad bought it to him in hopes that he would become more creative) and we wanted to make a Lode Runner clone. At first we gave up since we didn't understand it. But eventually we learned how to use the step by step function.
After a while we noticed how ineffiecient it was and we got around using the event editor. I continued using Games Factory but my friend stopped using it but he still enjoyed playing my games alot .

Posted by Superfunk 14th March, 2007

Long ago, we got a game called SimTower. On the CD was a demo of Klik & Play. I knew of it and like, played the sample games, but I didn't know of it's purpose of making games until a few years later. Eventually I got obsessed with the demo, longing for the actual thing. Eventually, I finally got it.

A long time later, I was jumping around from website to website. Eventually, I ran into the Clickteam website, and found the Games Factory. A little longer later, I found Multimedia Fusion on the site. I bought the Games Factory, used it for a while, then switched over to Multimedia Fusion.

Also, I do believe this specific topic was discussed in the forums and that specific topic was posted on the front page.
Posted by Plooscva 14th March, 2007

My cousin was using TGF in his school for a lesson and he showed me the game he made. I didn't have internet back then and couldn't get my hands on it. When I got internet I felt an urge to type in The Games Factory on . I found some Polish websites about TGF, managed to download a demo of TGF and here I go. That was about a year ago.
Posted by JohnsProgram 14th March, 2007

I first noticed Matrix's Klik & Play when I played a KnP game on c-net. It was a Mario & Pac-man mix-up that was very poorly done, but that was way back to 1999. I saw the message that the game was made by Klik & Play as I quit the game.
Then, I searched the program, and actually found a freeware Klik & Play and tried it out. It was very buggy and outdated, heh. Then I moved on to TGF, and then MMF1.5.
Posted by Taofeld 14th March, 2007

A Coconut Monkey game named "Frozen Apes" got me with its K&P splash screen.
Posted by ncsoftware 14th March, 2007

It's been almost 10 years when I started to use my first CT application, so I really don't recall how I came across it. All I remember I started out with K&P, moved to C&C (Click&Create) quickly and then got MMF. None of them were ordered directly from Clickteam, but through their various distributors like Corel and Imsi.
Posted by Neuro 14th March, 2007

Got TGF when I was 8 or something. Messed around not achieving anything for a few years theeeen recently I've gotten back into it. It's mega cool. Found this place from the clickteam site I think...
Posted by Joshtek 14th March, 2007

I went to a friends house on the around the 7th of April 1998 (I was 11) and he had The Games Factory on his PC. After showing me some of his games, we worked together to create and odd platformer called "Death Castle". I was sold on the Klik concept and used TGF before moving up to MMF 1.0 (which was my main birthday present for '98 and bought direct from IMSI). I currently own KNP, TGF Pro, MMF 1.0 standard, MMF 1.5 Pro and MMF2 Developer.

As far as the Klik community is concerned, I frequented all the main haunts of the time such as Silky's, the Rikus Kras Page, Click Cafe, TGF Zone, Code-It, AP-Zone and The Daily Click. I think I found a majority of these sites thanks to Altavista, cross-linking and Click web-rings.
Posted by Mephistex 14th March, 2007

I got a demo of klik & play on the cover of some PC magazine then a while later spotted it on sale for a fiver. Bargainous.
Posted by DingDong 14th March, 2007

Found TGF1 in the co-op in a basket! Immediatlly had to buy it! (and I still got the disc in front of me now! And it hasn't moved for a few years!)
Posted by Billybobjoe198 14th March, 2007

Amnesia, Nuklear, and I always were coming up with these awesome(at the time) Video game ideas! Then one day when I noticed that amnesia always used the CPU he got KNP and WIN ZIP he made a cool program about money management and my 6 year old brain was hooked. I've been happy with it ever since. And I found out about the DC because Amnesia being Mister CPU joined it and wanted to show me a game but he had to log on to download it (That was a while back) so he did then he's like "Why not you make an account because I can't have you always logged in as me" So I did... and now.... I just sit around typing story's that no one will read... I read about 12 of them though.
Posted by Ricky 14th March, 2007

Around 1998 I got sim city classicon CD. Of course, sim city could not fill up a whole cd, so Maxis packed it with demos. I played the click and play demo which did not allow you to use the event editer or save. It took me a bit of searching but I finally found klick teams website.
I downloaded the games factory and used a serial code, something i regrett. Feeling bad for what i had done, i bought TGF2 and uninstalled games factory1.6.
Myspace had a tgf group, and one guy on their told us about TDC.
Posted by ClownLove 14th March, 2007

Friend from school gave me a cd with a tgf demo, then went on to buy mmf 1.0 from ebay for 10 bucks...yeah!
Posted by ClownLove 14th March, 2007

'In the day of evil 486s

Posted by AndyUK 14th March, 2007

After playing some (crap) freeware games i noticed the splash screen and eventually got the The games factory 30 day trial.
Unfortunately i didn't realise it was a trial, so i decided to download klik and play for schools.

Shortly after messing around with it i found a warez version of click and play.

Then by sheer coiincedence i noticed TGF in a shop for £10 and quickly bought it.

I had already finished Buzz the squirrel 1 in Klik and play but compiled it with TGF just in time to discover The daily click in a google search for 'The games factory'.
Posted by bigpoo4 14th March, 2007

Way back in the day I was searching around for a "game maker". After sifting through all of the text based game editors I stumbled upon KNP and download the demo. After messing around with the demo, I ordered it. I still have the disks and big manual laying around somewhere."Take that Romeo!"
Posted by Radix 15th March, 2007

A friend gave me KnP and later TGF. I don't remember how I found the community, just that it took me a while to do so.
Posted by Phredreeke 15th March, 2007

I got Klik n Play for my birthday when I was a wee little boy. A friend showed me TDC, then he went insane.
Posted by Assault Andy 15th March, 2007

I bought Klik and Play from the top floor of the Myer electrical department when I was like 10 for $11. It was awesome. Then I eventually got MMF 1.5 when I was a bit later, and I bought MMF2 Pro when it came out. I've been hanging around these forums since I got MMF1.5.
Posted by MJK 15th March, 2007

I saw a review of Klik & Play at one PC-magazine in 1994-1995. There it began.
Posted by Reno 15th March, 2007

I was searching on the internet for game creators and found clickteam and KnP. Then afterwards after buyign TGF I was searching for TGF files and found this community^^

...Then came Phizzy....
Posted by Tim 15th March, 2007

and then went Phizzy.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th March, 2007

Funkbrat: It might have appeared on the front page in the past, I can't remember, but it certainly hasn't been mentioned in the Talking Topics so far.
Posted by axel 15th March, 2007

I got KNP as a christmas present back in '96 or '97, after that I've upgraded to TGF, then MMF and now MMF2 Dev. I think I found TDC while searching the net for MMF games. That was only two years ago. Don't ask me why I didn't do it earlier.
Posted by Beau 15th March, 2007

Ran into KnP games on AOL private pages some how. Then I just did some searching on the internet, and found the KnP free demo with the skateboarder where you couldn't save anything. Gave him a cigarette and made him explode and was hooked.
Posted by Dave S. 15th March, 2007

I've no idea!
Posted by Hempuli 15th March, 2007

My friend showed me Game maker, and I used it for some years. But then I saw games made with TGF, and there it began!
Posted by Ando 15th March, 2007

Actually, I downloaded a game that was made with The Games Factory. I saw the "Made With Games Factory" stuff and thought, "Shoot! You can make your own GAMES with this!" I Googled it, found Clickteam's site, and from there it was a great times.

I found The Daily Click through Clickteam's site. HOORAY FOR TDC.
Posted by ben mercer 15th March, 2007

A weirdo friend of a friend showed me TGF. I then moved on to MMF about a year or so later.
Posted by DaVince 15th March, 2007

"...Then came Phizzy.... "

Hmm? No, he was here before you, and what the hell does it have to do with anything?
Posted by s-m-r 15th March, 2007

I first heard about these game-making programs back in '95, when I first acquired an AOL account and was downloading as many free games as I could find. Over ten years later, I'm finally making my own games...And loving every minute of it.
Posted by Peblo 16th March, 2007

Anyone heard of Yoshi Combat? That's how I heard of KNP.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 16th March, 2007

Nine years ago, when I was fourteen, my brother found this really... um... basic, Starzinger game. We played it a while and got interested when we saw the splashscreen, "WOW! A PERSON made this... not a game developer!". So we got knp for schools I think. A year later my brother bought this PC magazine which contained the fullversion of TGF. My brother demanded I switched to TGF, but I was afraid of this big, new, complicated program. After some convincing from his part I tried it out and loved it, it was about that time I noticed you could rightclick conditions and insert more of them. Suddenly, the possibilities were endless! I learned as much as I could about it and started downloading click games from the internet via Altavista. I noticed that all good games were made with something called MMF, so I headed over to clickteam's site and purchased MMF1.2, I didn't use it for quite a while though since it showed me only hatred and bugs. But eventually I came to grips with it. Wanted to upgrade to MMF1.5 but never had the money. Downloaded the MMF2 Demo and am currently saving up the money, MMF2 rocks!

So, E_E to alls of yous!
Posted by Simon Colmer 16th March, 2007

around 1999 my mate was like "i can make games and stuff" and we planned on making a pokemon game (the latest fad at the time ) and since then he has given up and well i love it and still use click products all the time!
TGF - MMF and now MMF2 (pro)
Posted by Muz 20th March, 2007

I found out about KNP from a demo on a maxis CD. Bought the pirated thing, then bought the pirated version of MMF 1 and 1.5, though I then got the full version of 1.5 when someone hired me to make computer games (then forgot that they hired me ). Now using the full version of MMF 2 which I paid from my own pocket, but I still kinda feel that it's not worth it.

Found out about the community when I started downloading games from and found someone who could actually make a fun game with one, even though it was pretty crappy and used library graphics. But back then, I learned a lot from ripping apart the source code and looking at the bits .

Finally went into the community when I became a fan of Blackeye Software, later on becoming active in Click Cafe and #k&p. I found TDC about a few years after CC went down and ChrisD kept whining about TDC . Heh, TDC used to be one of those sites that you'd never thought would get anywhere, but look at it now. Well, it's not really somewhere, but in the barren click community landscape, it sticks out like a motel in the middle of a desert.
Posted by BJ Turner 23rd March, 2007

Well, It was back in 1997, when I was in the seventh grade, a friend of mine was learning C++, and he said someday he was gonna make a game with it. I thought, "Cool" and decided to find a C compiler on the internet. A google search for "C programming" came up with a result that said, "no C/Java programming required" and I thought that sounded good. It ended up being TGF on Clickteam's site. I downloaded the demo and loved it. Later I found, in my frantic search to find someone else who used this incredible program, a guy who had a Clik and Create full version on his website, I downloaded it and used it till current day, (cause I was too cheap to buy TGF or MMF) eventually my computer died and I was forced to buy MMF. Although I haven't made anything worthwhile with it yet.

I found TDC about the same time I found C&C. I found Pete Natress's old site (I believe it was him) and a link to TDC.


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