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New Game: Bernard And Hank - Springtime Again
News posted 5th April, 2007 by The Chris Street  
The Peasants have released their next game in the Bernard and Hank series - Bernard And Hank: Springtime Again. Interestingly, they also state that the game isn't a sequel to the original controversial classic.

Comments from the Author:Hank makes some pocket money by selling eggs, and plans to win the yearly egg contest with a huge egg. NationalLiberal, on the prowl for revenge, steals the big eggs and sends out his minions to paint and hide the rest of the eggs. Bernard and Hank have to go through 25 levels to get the bigg egg back and collect as many eggs as possible.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by Del Duio 5th April, 2007

Controversial? How?

I predict a slam-dunk GOTW winner right here. I'm so glad I didn't release anything now!!
Posted by The Chris Street 5th April, 2007

The first game was controversial in that many hated the platform engine, so it was modified. Many also hated the level design.

I wasn't one of those people though.
Posted by Ski 5th April, 2007

Haha this is awesome game
Posted by Hayo 5th April, 2007

BnH1 probably had the worst platform engine ever, I coded it.
Posted by Tim 5th April, 2007

Adam, stop doing this
Posted by DaVince 6th April, 2007

Salt does all the time.

Cool, it's out.
Posted by Ski 6th April, 2007

It's all good
Posted by AndyUK 6th April, 2007

Anyone with any sense at all would have noticed it's a solid engine and the old game had good if not brilliant level deisgn.

My only complaint was that is got a little boring after a few levels of the same baddies and obstacles.

This is similar but that also means it's a great game.

Better taken in small doses imo.
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th April, 2007

I can literally vote for anything and B&H will win


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