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News posted 2nd May, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Which klik game features the best soundtrack?

This is the discussion for this weeks Talking Topic, courtesy of Mr James.

Your answer could be based on the atmosphere that the soundtrack creates, or maybe there's a klik game that you play solely to hear the music. Maybe your answer is based on originality, maybe it's not.

Please submit your opinions in the comments thread. Remember to keep things clean, and please respect the opinions of other individuals. And, if you have any ideas for the Talking Topic, feel free to mail them to me! Happy debating!

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Posted by Reno 2nd May, 2007

well most click games do in fact rip music. I have heard fantastic music in my time before and I really like the unsersides main menu music
Posted by citizen[Ac] 2nd May, 2007

Any game with music by Acoders TwiTerror (Josh Welchel)

The Spirit Engine
Posted by Tim 2nd May, 2007

Any game by Crobasoft's Johan Hargne

Tormishire has some cool music too!

I bet there's going to be a lot of mention of that stupid Knytt game _
Posted by Silveraura 2nd May, 2007

Personally, even though I made the game, I enjoy the sound track to Diamond: Revolution 2, I also like Eternal Daughters sound track.
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007

lol Johan is pretty awesome at making music .
Posted by axel 2nd May, 2007

Lyle in Cube Sector! Wonderful chip soundtrack. Yes, it was brutally ripped from Modarchive, but still, I love the music in that game.

Other notable mentions: Eternal Daughter, The Spirit Engine, Crystal Towers, The New SatanSam, Seek & Dread online, Within a Deep Forest, The Underside.
Posted by 2nd May, 2007

ED, definitely. TSE. Syndicate 61 (was it called so? It was done like 8, 9 years ago--the one you had to kill a dude in a danceclub's bathroom).
Posted by contra 2nd May, 2007

Tango Strike. Though I may not listen to the songs outside the game they fit the game perfectly and are very professional sounding.
Posted by renkin 2nd May, 2007

Within a Deep Forest has very fitting and atmospheric music. I think Darkside Adventures deserves a mention here, too. Mostly because of its great intro/theme song, but most of the other songs are nice, too.
Posted by TheoX 2nd May, 2007

Withtin a Deep Forest, Cave Story, Lyle in Cube Sector...
Those games have great soundtracks. I haven't played Eternal Daughter through (there's a terrible grpahical problem), so I can't say anything about that...
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd May, 2007

Anything from Wong. Crystal Towers is my fave klik soundtrack and if that fella released some kind of remix album I'd buy in an instant.
Posted by LIJI 2nd May, 2007

Posted by X_Sheep 2nd May, 2007

Lyle in Cube Sector didn't have original music, but it certainly fit the game.
Within a Deep Forest and Knytt (anything by Nifflas for that matter) have great music. Too bad the songs in Knytt were too short :|
Posted by jpSoul 2nd May, 2007

I've liked some game's musics, but most games have musics taken from somewhere, not original musics !
The New SatanSam have great original music; they are not very memorable because that's only ambient music, but really well maked
I actually work for Sub-Zero Conditions 2 soundtrack, I do the best I can, so I hope they will be liked ^^

Always in ambient musics, I like Withtin a Deep Forest too, it creates a very mysterious ambience
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007 FTW <3
Posted by axel 2nd May, 2007

I didn't know Wartagon was a klik game too?
Posted by Hayo 2nd May, 2007

Darkside adventures. Maybe also the BnH soundtrack apart from the tracks I did because I am humble and all.
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007

axel most of that music is for klik games -_-
Posted by DaVince 2nd May, 2007

Any game by Crobasoft's Johan Hargne
Eternal Daughter.
The Spirit Engine.
Posted by Hempuli 2nd May, 2007

hmmh. Eternal Daughter, Knytt and Wong's games.
Posted by nim 2nd May, 2007

Soccer Freak!
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007

Posted by hishnak 2nd May, 2007

Lyle In Cube Sector! For sure. Even if it wasn't original. That game over music was awesome (and heard it enough )
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007

That game is the most boring, over-rated game of all klik-time. I just played it again to make sure it wasnt just me going mad, seriously, Im not sure where the hype comes from?
Posted by axel 2nd May, 2007

What have you got against Lyle? I think it's great, it deserves all the hype.
Posted by X_Sheep 2nd May, 2007

You're dead to me now. DEAD.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd May, 2007

Lyle In Cube Sector
Zone Runner
Eternal Daughter
Super Ken Senshi
Seige (Options screen only)
Crystal Towers
Posted by DaVince 2nd May, 2007

Lyle was an ok game. Overall polished and fun. A game that could easily have fans.

So you don't like it, too bad. We know now.
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007

LOL, I havent exactly gone on about it. Noitu Love FTW <3
Posted by TheoX 2nd May, 2007

Ah! And I forgot Special Agent. That game had great music.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 2nd May, 2007

of course the best soundtracked games are MY games, only due to the fact that they have absolutely NO musci in them, making you open your Music player and select your favorite music, thus making the game far more enjoyable.
Posted by Ski 2nd May, 2007

Phox are you drunk? ?

"Take me drunk Im home"
Posted by ben mercer 2nd May, 2007

I'd say eternal daughter. The music did get repetitive (but then so was the game) and some of it was downright awful, but on balance I think its the best music i've heard in a finished click game.
Posted by Entropy Blaster 2nd May, 2007

1) Lyle In Cube Sector
2) Lyle In Cube Sector
3) Lyle In Cube Sector

Enjoyable chip tunes, awesome game... still hoping for a sequel...
Posted by AndyUK 2nd May, 2007

The spirit engine and Plastic pig street racer.
Also Spud's quest.

Why has no one mentioned Buzz the squirrel 2? I chose great music for that.
Posted by Superfunk 2nd May, 2007

Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys

I'm listening to it right now.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 2nd May, 2007

Anything by TwiTerror, Saulesco or Nifflas but since you asked for games and not composers I'll say Eternal Daughter, Diabolika (gets repetitive too soon though), Milber 2, Within a Deep Forest, Knytt
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd May, 2007

Lyle and Knytt. Also Super Gravity Balls (a real dj from sweden made the music for me )
Posted by Beau 3rd May, 2007

Destruction Carnival. It was motley crue of music, but by god, I still can remember every one of its random midis. Going through the game is like an acid flashback of melody
Posted by alastair john jack 3rd May, 2007

Clouds Kingdom 3, I love you Johan
Posted by danjo 3rd May, 2007

josh's stuff excels. and pulsecode is one of the most talented musicians never to release anything
Posted by danjo 3rd May, 2007

oh yeah - and Kold Kut - professional muso's who i must plug and wrote all the original music for pacz.
Posted by DaVince 3rd May, 2007

That sentence didn't make sense at all.
Posted by Hayo 3rd May, 2007

Haha, no surprise there
Posted by Chrisbo 3rd May, 2007

Kold Kut is good, never heard of pulsecode though..
Posted by TheoX 3rd May, 2007

Gah. I completely forgot Spuds Quest as well. I loved that music.
Posted by Midnight 3rd May, 2007

Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse (all three)

Come on, you've got Metallica, Angra, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Slayer...ah too much to name.
The sounds really add to the atmosphere and give it that
creepy, unsettling feeling.

The piano midi of Fade to Black in the first level is just beautiful and fits it perfectly.

Plus, the game got my into metal, lol so that is always a plus.
Posted by Tim 3rd May, 2007

If you say so LOL *runs away*
Posted by Paul_James 3rd May, 2007

wat about Secret Agent by David Wong
i thought it was very good although he did copy a lot of riffs from Rage Against the Machine
Posted by axel 4th May, 2007

Really? I didn't notice. Well, I never really played it that much. Only like past the first level or something
Posted by axel 4th May, 2007

Ah, yeah. = Bombtrack
Posted by Dr. James MD 4th May, 2007

I stole Chumbawamba's chord progression from "Mouthful of Shit" for Level Two's track in Tormishire.
Posted by axel 4th May, 2007


I don't like the chip version that he used in the demo release though
Posted by Dr. James MD 4th May, 2007

I like some music from the game, but not that. Sounds like them naff American TV show themes you'd get on Channel 4 in the morning.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th May, 2007

Wow. I promise you I'd never heard that song before, Paul James/axel - but the riff is almost note for note the same. That's really rather creepy.
Posted by The Chris Street 4th May, 2007

Kold Kut were going to make some music for MSD2, but I changed my mind after a while as I felt their stuff was a bit "hip-hoppy" for my (and the games) tastes.
Posted by Johnny Look 4th May, 2007

Spuds Quest.

Posted by AndyUK 4th May, 2007

And i love the music from Fishhead world tour.
Posted by Jakob37 5th May, 2007

The soundtrack from "The museum of Broken Memories" is really good.
Posted by Hayo 5th May, 2007

Haha, the fh world tour track was like a living room jam


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