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Its A Girl!!!
News posted 13th July, 2007 by Rikus  
Has it already been more then 2 years since the first one?

Today i'm happy to announce that on July 12th at 9:00AM in the morning my new baby girl (Anneliese)was born. Both mom and baby are doing great and everything went smoothly. You can say some congrats to both mom, baby and her sister Julia on the comments below. Thanks guys!

Click here for another picture of me and the baby.

Posted by Tim 13th July, 2007


Posted by Matt Boothman 13th July, 2007

Looks like Ray Winstone.
Posted by Ski 13th July, 2007

Posted by Ski 13th July, 2007

(She has a lot of hair already O__O)
Posted by Stian B. 13th July, 2007

Congratulation! Anneliese sounds like Norwegian girl name (Anne Lise)
Posted by LIJI 13th July, 2007

Happy New Girl!
P.s. Does she put gel on her hair? :|
Posted by Ski 13th July, 2007

Lol, It does actually look long enough to style
Posted by Marlene P. 13th July, 2007

Posted by Flava 13th July, 2007

Posted by -Liam- 13th July, 2007

Congratulations! My little 'un had about that much hair... He needs to go to the hair dressers all the time...! ^_-;;
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 13th July, 2007

Hey congrats on baby #2!
Posted by ben mercer 13th July, 2007

Hey... this was all a carefully engineered PR stunt so that you could win the "Favourite Admin" poll

Posted by Phredreeke 13th July, 2007


Rikus Kras - babymaking machine!
Posted by Reno 13th July, 2007

Hey good for you! I myself would LOVE to have a family FULL of children ^^

Posted by Phredreeke 13th July, 2007

Posted by Del Duio 13th July, 2007

The other picture of you in the hospital made me uneasy because it reminded me of that whole awful week of having to go there. I'm not saying the BABY is awful, mind you, just that week all everybody wants is for mom & baby to be home and they can't yet. You dads out there know what I'm talking about!

And, look at the size of that hospital applesauce- Holy crap!
Posted by Silveraura 13th July, 2007

Woah... 2 years? I know how you feel. Congrats!
Posted by AndyUK 13th July, 2007

Congratulations Rikus.
Posted by Fanotherpg 13th July, 2007

Congratulations Rikus. Second dauther Like my friend, he also have got 2 dauthers
Posted by Gobushi San 13th July, 2007

Posted by Noyb 13th July, 2007

Posted by Jason Orme 13th July, 2007

Congrats, i've been working on a kid of my own for around 6 months now, no luck so far, but we keep trying.
Posted by Joshua M. 13th July, 2007

Wow has it been more than two years already? Time sure flies.

Congratulations, man She sure has a lot of hair already! Cool!
Posted by Green Gnome 13th July, 2007

Aww, she looks adorable. Congratulations to you three! ^^

I take it you guys are used to blonde babies.
Posted by Ski 13th July, 2007 ewspage.asp?id=2080
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th July, 2007

Posted by Ricky 13th July, 2007

Posted by Jake G 13th July, 2007

Tim, were you waiting for a new post to appear just so you could get in 1st? Anyways CONGRATS!!!!!!!
Posted by DaVince 13th July, 2007

I've said this before, but... Congratulations with your daughter. May she become a good game creator, lol.
Posted by Teapot 13th July, 2007

Wow, I can't believe it's 2 years since Julia was born! Congrats, you utter rabbit.
Posted by alastair john jack 13th July, 2007

Wow, awesome! Shes looking quite hot!
Posted by markno2 13th July, 2007

Congrats .
Posted by viva/volt 14th July, 2007


Rikus is sure to win now
Posted by Willy C 14th July, 2007

Yay. Congrats. Next time, focus real hard and make a boy!

Posted by chrilley 14th July, 2007

I said it some day ago and I say it again: Rikus is the man!
Posted by Hempuli 14th July, 2007

eh.. Well done?
Posted by Peblo 14th July, 2007

Congrats to all!
Posted by Charlesincharge666 15th July, 2007

Posted by AfterStar 16th July, 2007

Congratulations Rikus!
Ready for round 3 ?
Posted by MasterM 16th July, 2007

you live in canada but give your daughter a dutch name. how will people pronounce it once she goes to kindergarten and later school?
Posted by Attan 16th July, 2007

Here engine seems kinda laggy, but the graphics are ok. Is she bug tested yet?
Keep up the good work!

No, seriously, Congratulations!
Posted by Windybeard Games 16th July, 2007

congrats to you and your family.
Posted by Snakesoft 17th July, 2007

Posted by JohnsProgram 18th July, 2007

Posted by Codemonkey 18th August, 2008



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