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New Game: Rakker and the Sinking Cities
News posted 18th July, 2007 by Flava  
Rakker and the Sinking Cities Wahoo! A game just got submitted! This is a really nice platformer created by MitchHM, called Rakker and the Sinking Cities. It's a nice simple game, although I ended up dying a lot. Play it!

Comments from the author: One year ago, a bunny-rabbit got hit by a car. He died instantly. When in Hell, the rabbit was so angry, that he gathered an entire army of road-killed rabbits. Together they started digging holes beneith the cities, so that they sunk into the ground. They wouldn't stop till the whole world was destroyed. But there is one rabbit, that just couldn't let that happen...

Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by alastair john jack 18th July, 2007

Thanks for telling us about this new game Flava!!

Posted by Tim 18th July, 2007

OOOoooo, I remember seeing this before in the previews I think?

Posted by Ski 18th July, 2007

I thought the characters were teddy bears when I saw them the other day.
Posted by Tim 18th July, 2007

Its the ears
Posted by MitchHM 18th July, 2007

You can pretend they are teddybears if you want
Posted by LaraSoft Software 18th July, 2007

I thought it was a teddybear at first


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