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NEW GAME: Pete The Laid-Back Rabbit
News posted 26th August, 2007 by The Chris Street  
CsaR has picked up work on a game that was put aside for a year, but has now decided to release it after a bit of work. It's called Pete The Laid-Back Rabbit and is a small platformer.

Comments from the Author:This was intended as a really small project way back when I started it. Actually I was going to enter Defenestrators competition here in the forums but I never got around to finish it back then. The project has been more time consuming than I originally had intended but I feel like it is better to put some effort into it than to release something half-baked.

Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Posted by CsaR 26th August, 2007

Thanks for the front page mention. I guess I should start on a new game then and try to not have a one year break from it .
Posted by AndyUK 26th August, 2007


I played this yesterday. Good stuff Csar.
Posted by DaVince 27th August, 2007

I agree.

It's out!


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