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Pete the Laid-Back Rabbit
Author: CsaR Submitted: 26th August, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 331

Edited By CsaR on 7/31/2010

This was intended as a really small project way back when I started it. Actually I was going to enter Defenestrators competition here in the forums but I never got around to finish it back then. The project has been more time consuming than I originally had intended but I feel like it is better to put some effort into it than to release something half-baked.

I'm not that satisfied with how the gameplay turned out but I guess that's what happens when you resume a project one year later when you have gotten better at everything related to gamemaking. Also it was quite some time since I last released something and the game was to far along to be abandoned .

The story is as follows:
Suddenly a timevortex appears in Pete's livingroom when he is watching tv. The mysterious vortex swallows Pete's remote control. The thought of having to actually go to the tv to change the channel proves unbearable for Pete so he takes his sword and jumps into the vortex determined to get the controller back. Now lost in time Pete searches...

There are:
*3 Worlds
*Short Cutscenes
*1 Minigame
*Small comic strips

The gameplay is pretty self explanatory if you view the screenshots. There's faq txt file which should answer most of your questions.
There is only one save slot and it saves automatically at every comic strip. There's a settings file for you guys who wants to play the game in window mode.

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Posted by Dr. James MD 26th August, 2007

About friggin time!
Posted by Ski 26th August, 2007

I like the speed...
Posted by Ski 26th August, 2007

The colours used in the title screen and menu are real drab though
Posted by Mkingy 26th August, 2007

Pretty cool :]

Had a couple of bugs but nothing that took away from the game.
Posted by Tim 26th August, 2007

Yeah about time this came out! *downloads* Sword looks like Cloud's Buster Sword
Posted by CsaR 26th August, 2007

@Adam: Yeah some colors may not have been the best choice. I'm not that good at picking and sticking to a certain palette.
@Tim: That's where I got my inspiration for it. FFVII is one of my favourite games of all times
Posted by Hempuli 26th August, 2007

I remember this!
Posted by Johnny Look 26th August, 2007

neat !
Posted by DaVince 27th August, 2007

Funny how I see only positive comments, but two thumbs down.
Posted by Introversity 27th August, 2007

It's a bit short, really easy and had strange jumping. Otherwise it was fun, the drumming was good (I've been playing Stepmania for a while, so I nearly perfected the whole thing). Nice ending.
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th August, 2007

I wasn't too keen. The movement engine was a big buggy and erratic. It's too short, and that minigame didn't really make any sense or compliment the main game (switching from controller to keyboard broke it too).
The enemies were all too similar.
Posted by PixelRebirth 27th August, 2007

The movement needs some work, doesn't seem smooth at all. The graphics are the strongest part of the game imo... liked the sword
Posted by bhlaab 27th August, 2007

Movement (specifically jumping and springs) was a little bit 'off', the drumming bit was just annoying and out of place, and the enemy AI was clumsy. The huge sword swipe made things a little bit too easy-going... The game sets you back a couple pixels everytime you swipe as an attempt to balance the huge attack area but it just sort of ruins the "flow". The graphics and cutscenes are strong, the level design is pretty good with lots of nice platforms (not completely flat like a lot of MMF sidescrollers) The game has a nice outside, but it needs some work under the hood.
Posted by Zethell 27th August, 2007

I thought everyone knew how to make proper gravity now days.

This movement engine needs some serious updates.
Posted by CsaR 27th August, 2007

Thanks for your comments. They are very helpful and I certainly agree on alot of your critique and will improve things in my next games .
Posted by Zethell 27th August, 2007

The drum level ruined the entire game v_v; thumbs down.
Posted by Zethell 27th August, 2007

- "The drum level ruined the entire game v_v; thumbs down. "

And i'v played Stepmania/o2kore/o2jam/djmax for a LONG time.

Sorry for double post, but thats what you get for not including 'edit'!
Posted by DaVince 27th August, 2007

It's just a minigame inside the game, but it's easy enough to not ruin it. At least that's what I think.
Posted by Ski 27th August, 2007

I mean, this is an ectoprods game, why couldn't any of the rest of the team help you out with coding?
Posted by AndyUK 27th August, 2007

CsaR didn't ask for any help. Usually we just do our games completely alone.

Except me, because i suck.

Anyway CsaR was going to abandon this until i asked him to finish it.
Posted by DaVince 27th August, 2007

I helped by finding bugs, but he didn't bother to fix some of them... besides, it was old. He wanted to just get it finished.
Posted by Hayo 27th August, 2007

This shows exactly why we have to get rid of those retarded thumbs. I liked this, it's a fun little game and the gfx are cool.
Posted by DaVince 27th August, 2007

Well, thumbs show general opinion. However, it's not refined enough, it should be a 1 to 5 stars thing (IF PEOPLE DON'T ABUSE THAT, EITHER).
Posted by Hayo 27th August, 2007

People will, they will give 1 star and not say anything because they are shy little envious bastards.
Posted by bhlaab 28th August, 2007

davince-> its a minigame inside the game where if you lose you get shot back to the title screen. It's a problem that this minigame is not very good.
Posted by bhlaab 28th August, 2007

I don't think it's worth a thumbs down, though. The game as a whole: thumbs sideways?
Posted by DaVince 28th August, 2007

bhlaab: just pick "load" and retry?
Posted by steve 28th August, 2007

well, people have complained about the movement and gravity (for obvious reasons) but it was the lack of any consequence to collisions, animations or otherwise that put me off most.

The whole combat system, both engaging enemies and being hit yourself felt very badly made to me.

The story is fairly amusing though
Posted by Zethell 28th August, 2007

Retard thumb? why i can tell you mister, that my thumb is perfectly fine!

I decided to give this game a thumb down because i find no .. Real effort put down in it, it's like something scrambled together in an hour from old scrap projects.

No offense, it was a cool game, but it lacked the things i want to be able to give you a thumbs up.

Good story thou.

If there was a 1-10 system i would of given you a 5.
anything above 5 gets a thumb up.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 28th August, 2007

A sweet novice attempt. Quite short and unchallenging game, but still sweet. It's a sort of game you won't be proud of in a year or two, but nothing seriously wrong with it. It just needs loads of more polish and many improvements to get thumbs up from me. Most people mentioned the flaws. I'm not that impressed with the story and graphics either. It kinda falls in the mediocre feel of the rest of the game.

I compliment you on getting some many comments and downloads. I'm failing to find the key to get people attention, obviously. My last game, Mighty Line really bombed out. It doesn’t seem anyone disliked it, but only one legit comment?!?

Posted by DaVince 28th August, 2007

50 downloads and 50%, lol.

Well, Lachie, apparently you'll need some luck when it comes to downloads. Also, having your game on the front page helps, as well as being a familiar face. I don't really know who you are.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 28th August, 2007

Well, I'm visiting Daily Click for quite some time. Even had one GOTW. I try my best to find time to download and comment other people games. Still, I tend to disregard Daily Click for periods of a month or two. And I don't visit the forums at all. Maybe that's it.
Posted by CsaR 29th August, 2007

Wow, quite a ruckus my little game created. I totally agree that it isn't that good and I never expected it to be received as such. Especially since I have higher expectations on myself and I know I can do better and I believe others think I can do better aswell and for that I am grateful .

Though I still think I made the right decision in finishing and releasing it since it was so far along and only needed some additional touches. I didn't think people would think it was that bad .
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th August, 2007

Oh yea you made the right choice, whilst it's not excellent it's not crap either. It's playable and has it's faults. I was hoping for a big final boss too but considering you tied up loose ends and released it then it's cool.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 30th August, 2007

Posted by AndyUK 1st September, 2007

"Though I still think I made the right decision in finishing and releasing it"

But i made that decision or you, lol.





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