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News posted 2nd September, 2007 by The Chris Street  
Well, much like Christmas, it's been and gone, but the Convention will forever remain in our memories - most notably this year because of the announcements and demonstrations of hardware acceleration and Java runtime.

Video footage will appear at the Clickteam site at some point soon - I need to spend a while organising the order and editing the footage.

In the meantime however, please enjoy these three convention reports:

  • Joshtek: Click here!
  • Chris Street: Click here!
  • Paul Boland: Click here!

  • Posted by Ski 2nd September, 2007

    Wow, that was fast
    Posted by Tim 2nd September, 2007

    Posted by DaVince 2nd September, 2007

    Thanks for that. Will read this soon.
    Posted by Joe.H 2nd September, 2007

    What, no pictures?
    Posted by Rikus 2nd September, 2007

    MMF 3D!!! -drops to the floor-
    Posted by Hernan 2nd September, 2007

    Thanks for writing the reports
    Posted by Rikus 2nd September, 2007

    java runtime! - faints...
    Posted by The Chris Street 2nd September, 2007

    Give us a chance with the pictures... I wouldn't mind having a day in which I can totally relax and do nothing, sadly that day isn't going to come until Wednesday
    Posted by DaVince 3rd September, 2007

    Wait wait wait... They are making a Click-to-Java converter thingy? Man, this has got to boost MMF2's popularity!


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