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GOTW #279: DomainFrame 1.0
News posted 26th April, 2008 by The Chris Street  
With a whopping... um, 12 votes, domain management software DomainFrame 1.0, created by Larasoft, is this weeks winner of the GOTW! Congratulations :)

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - Trade Wars 3 - West Moonlight, Super Smash Stars, Taxi!, Operation 420, Diamond Densetsu Gaiden, Jumping LAMB, and Zephni - Battle Engine.

Seems as though not much was really downloaded this week, hence the low GOTW voting turnout. Hopefully over the next week the situation will improve...

Posted by Del Duio 26th April, 2008

Psssst.. the GOTW link actually leads to Stickman Warrior and now Domainframe 1.0, just so you know
Posted by LaraSoft Software 26th April, 2008

Wow, thanks everyone for the GOTW award. It's very much appreciated.

Ahh yes... I've noticed the GOTW link goes to Stickman Warrior Image
Does this mean I now get one of those gold cup things in my profile? =
Comment edited by LaraSoft Software on 4/26/2008
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 26th April, 2008

Posted by The Chris Street 26th April, 2008

Whoops lol

Thanks Shab
Posted by Attan 27th April, 2008

Twelve votes and five downloads? It is a really nice logo, but still...
Posted by Ricky 28th April, 2008

I didn't feel like downloading anything last week.


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