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New Game: Al's Home
News posted 29th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Take off your shoes because you are about to visit Al's home made by: Marc Heinz Comments from the Author: Al's Home is a combined Comic Sidedescroll Shooter with an action puzzle. Click here to download the game and read the reviews

Posted by DrJake 29th May, 2002

No offensive to the creator, but the gameplay was complete crap... yes nice feel of moving around but the game was boring
Posted by citizen[Ac] 29th May, 2002

I disagree with you jake. This game was cool, granted it's not Eternal Daughter, but it was fun. It is a simple concept that I found fun to play. Good Job Heinz, would love to see more from you.
Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2002

yea jake why be so negative, if you can do better why not make a game yourself?
Posted by DrJake 29th May, 2002

An orignal idea but the game lastailty is short, a game by clickpool, i would have expected more, the site done in flash and stuff, i was disapointed. look at that screen above,nice gfx, why wasn't that type of gfx in the game?! im sorry if im negative but its my opinion!
Posted by Poke & Gravy 30th May, 2002

I loved the game! I think its lastability is high for me because I want to play it everytime I look at my desktop!
Posted by Georgie 30th May, 2002

I was bored, even with new creatures each time it was the same thing. CLick on the moving things or bouncing thing on the screen if its lit up at the top. I got bored and even worse when I didnt even know how to do that bonus round since there are no real instructions on what I'm suppost to do. I did like it until the 3rd round when I discovered that I was seeing dejavu


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