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Alīs Home
Author: Marc Heinz Submitted: 29th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 168

Itīs our first Game soo...
Al's Home is a combined Comic Sidedescroll Shooter with an action puzzle.

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Posted by zork25 29th May, 2002

Looks kewl.. Gunna download it.
Posted by Spug 29th May, 2002

Yeah, looks cool, and would look EVEN cooler if we actually could view some in-game screenshots... Hint hint nudge nudge ;)
Posted by zork25 29th May, 2002

Wow, wht a cool game! Original idea? Well, i like the graphics, preddy odd but still, very good! Keep up the good work! :)
Posted by Poke & Gravy 29th May, 2002

I like it! Great goof-off game!
Posted by The Chris Street 29th May, 2002

I swear ive seen those title graphics before somewhere, but i cant put my finger on it
Posted by Poke & Gravy 29th May, 2002

I liked it so much I gave it a good review!
Posted by The Chris Street 29th May, 2002

..please dont kill me for giving another game a low score :(
Posted by HiredGun 29th May, 2002

I'm killing you an account of you gave that game a low score.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 29th May, 2002

Once again I see this CIRCY fellow gave a game a 4. I can understand opinions, everyone has a right to their own, but even the opinion he gives does not equal a four, and the original graphics and, yes, the fact that it is a finished game should bring it up to at least a 6!
Posted by danjo 29th May, 2002

this is a bloody good game
Posted by 30th May, 2002

niether does your score alex <:p... seriously you people at the daily click need to set higher standards! you can with easy create snes-quality games with the click-products. not many seem to realize that. i see you giving 10's and 9's to games that at highest deserve a 5 or 6 in score :p. i'd give this game a 6 due to its quite original idea and gfx but not much more.. its a nice game but nothing out of the ordinary. also the scrolling is a nice touch, but its still just a little playing with the X coordinate.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 30th May, 2002

Yeah I was generous but when it looks to me like a lot of effort was put into a game and I enjoy playing the game a lot, then to me it is a 10. Games shouldn't be rated on how much like an SNES game they are or anything.
Posted by The Chris Street 30th May, 2002

Actually, my review was based on my first impressions of the game...and if I could edit my review then I would; I didnt fully realise you had to get all the animals in the slot machine to increase your health, and I didnt realise it could scroll. So Ill increase the rating one notch to a 5. Happy?
Posted by Poke & Gravy 30th May, 2002

You don't have to answer to me, but I'm glad you found some of the better features of this game. Be kind when my games come out!
Posted by Rikus 30th May, 2002

There i deleted circy's review so he can re-write it if he wants;)
Posted by Rikus 30th May, 2002

Posted by DBack 30th May, 2002

Waitttttt a minute. A finished game does NOT automatically give it a 6. THAT is absolutely ridiculous. Just had to say that.
Posted by DBack 30th May, 2002

Never mind. Misread the comment :P
Posted by The Gonz 30th May, 2002

Cool game! See review for more comments...
Posted by Stacie 31st May, 2002

:( It looks too cutesy. I want death, destruction, mayhem! ::Pants::
Posted by The Chris Street 31st May, 2002

Oh time you're travelling in a car, look to your left or right. Surely the objects that are CLOSER move faster, rather than the objects in the distance...
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 29th October, 2002

I agree with the snes thing if the games on daily click were mostly 30-40mb files I would'nt even come here although I love SNES games and would like to see them in production again not all this new crap were gettin althogh I do like some new titles. Thats why I come to daily click cos o dat snes feeling. ------------------------------------------------------ "Skin-up Spark-up"





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